Kearney, Carney, ó Cearnaigh A Gaelic surname meaning descendant of Cearnach meaning ‘victorious’. A sept of Uí Fiachrach, who formerly held extensive possessions in the parishes of Moynulla and Balla in Mayo. A sept of the Dál Cais who migrated to Cashel. A sept who were erenaghs (airchinnigh) of Derry. In its anglicised form difficult to distinguish from ó Ceithearnaigh. In 1890 Kearney was principally found in Dublin, Cork and Antrim, and the estimated number of bearers was 6,585 (including variants); with respect to Carney there were twenty-one births in Mayo, eight in Ulster and seven in Leinster. The estimated number of bearers was 2,195. In the United States Kearney is the 1,750th most numerous surname with an estimated 19,250 bearers.
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