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Query from Myself

William Quin married Mary Houston on 21st December 1865

All the Quin's were landless labourers who worked as scutchers of flax.

James was born on 27th December 1866, in Gobnascale, near Convoy, Co. Donegal, Ireland. He subsequently married Elizabeth McFadden.

They were my Great Grandparents.

Anne was born 20th November 1868. I was told that she went to the United States and never came back. Any information???

Daniel was born July 1870. He went to Scotland, Clydebank Singers ???

William was born 15th June 1874. Any Information???

John was born 8th January 1877. Motherwell ???

I would like to hear from the descendants of James's brothers and sisters, and there must have been siblings other than those mentioned above.


My Grandfather David John McCready married Margaret Quinn at Crumlin Road Methodist Church in Belfast on July 26, 1909. Present at the marriage were My Great Grandfather John Quinn, his daughter Mary & My Great Grandfather Samuel McCready. Nowhere on the registration of their marriage do I see any reference to the Wives of Samuel McCready or John Quinn.

One of the Children of that union was My Father David John McCready born in Belfast on July 23, 1915.

Other children were:

Samuel McCready probably born within a year after they were married.

Aunt Iney

Any suggestions as to where on the internet I could go to find Information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looking for Quinn's that had sons, James, Charles, Hugh and Daniel that Migrated to U.S. in late 1890's. Father was Charles and mother was Ellen Ellery of Parish Drumkeene?

Please contact me at shaprice1@yahoo.com or shaprice1@donegal.net

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