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The Ballina in Tipperary is across the Shannon from Killaloe in County Clare over an ancient bridge.  There is an old Church of Ireland Church by the river in Killaloe and a relatively new Catholic Church up the hill.  

There is a townland called Gortlassabrien about 2 miles east of the village of Ballina. The townland is about 990 acres, very hilly and had almost 30 families in residence in 1842.  

The church records for Ballina start in 1832.  The parish is in the diocese of Cashel and Emly and the bishop of that diocese closed the records of all the parishes about 4 or 5 years ago.  Only the Tipperary Heritage Unit (THU) in the town of Tipperary has access to them.  They have copied and indexed them and for a fee will check them for you. . The parish records are on microfilm at the National Library in Dublin too but technically they aren't available to read.

Born Timothy RYAN was born about 1791 in Ireland. 
Born JOHANNA (Judy) O'Brien  was born about 1799 in Ireland. She died after 1882
Tithe Defaulters form 1832.  
These are people who declined to pay the tax that supported the Church of Ireland, i.e. the Anglican Church. 
A Timothy Ryan listed in Gortlassabrien about 2 miles east of the village of Ballina.
Poor Law Union of Nenagh  January, 1842   A Timothy Ryan listed in the first valuation in the townland in January, 1842.  He was occupying land of the size of 9 acres, 2 rods and 35 perches.  
There are also a John Ryan and a Peter Ryan living in the townland.

For the valuations done in November 1843 and January 1846, the name of the person occupying that parcel of land is not given - they simply note that the landlord is responsible for paying the tax (since it was under 2 pounds). There was an amended valuation,  with no date, that appears in the book between 1846 and 1847.  The property is then listed as ebing occupied by a Larry Mullins.  Peter Ryan is still in the townland and instead of John Ryan, it says the widow of John Ryan.  But Timothy is gone by 1847. 



Born ca 1824

Anne RYAN died 8 Jan 1897 sp 18 Jan 1848 Mathew DORSEY

Born ca 1825

Johanne RYAN died 28 Jan 1896
Spouse: Thomas CURTIN ca 1825- 10 May 1913 

Born ca 1826

Mary RYAN  
sp: 11 Feb 1850 John McCarron (1801- 13 Jan 1862) born Co Cavan Ireland
sp: Mulroy

Born ca 1831 Ireland

James RYAN   died 22 Jan 1890
Probate 1901?? 
" must check"
1901 James Ryan 4043 Mckillop 17(45)139

Born ca Jan 1833 Tipperary Ireland 

Catherine RYAN  - died 24 Oct 1909 age 76 yrs 10 mths native of Tipperary
Catherine RYAN married St Columban 21 June 1857 / /  married to John Malone Father: Timothy Mother Johanna O'Brien
John MALONE  ca Dec 1830 - 1 Aug 1914 age 83 yrs 9 mths

Born Bap: August 31,1837  Ballina Tipp. Ireland

Timothy RYAN died 26 Jan 1923 84 yrs
Timothy RYAN married St Columban 12 Feb 1866 / / Father: Timothy Mother Johanna O'Brien approx. born 1840 age 26 place of birth/native of Ireland living at McKillop. married to Margaret RYAN born 1846. Father: John Mother Catherine Kennedy age 20 place of birth/native of Canada living at Hibbert

Born ca 1841 Michael  RYAN   Ontario Canada
Probate: 1870???
1870 Ryan Michael # 75/83 (14 May 1869) Letter of admin. to Mary Ryan  He signed a will in 1880.  must check
  1880 Ryan Michael # 896/15 (31 Dec 1880) will & admin. J Atkinsen & Montgomery
not mentioned in his fathers will in 1878
Immigration Balina Tipperary 1846 to Toronto then Irishtown
Sept 16 1847 in McKillop twsp Ontario Canada. Canada Co. B-3, vol 30 p 319 #1588
Timothy Ryan leased Lot 16 con. 3 McKillop Sept 16 1847
Payments to 1856 & 1858
Converted to sale,  S1/2 Jan 7 1857, N1/2, Jan 1858 

Canada Company Land Records (file ref CC B3 30/319

Census 1851 in McKillop twsp Ontario Canada  Shanty
Timothy Ryan Ireland 61
Johanna         Ireland 55
James Ireland 20
Catherine Ireland 18
Timothy Canada 14
Michael " 10
(Timothy is born Ireland if info from Ann Ryan married Dorsey is correct they came in 1846 to Toronto which would mean Michael is also born in Ireland)) 
Census 1861 in McKillop twsp Ontario Canada Timothy Ryan Ire RC 70  m  m
Johanna      Ire RC 70 F
Census 1861  McKillop twsp Ontario Canada.  Agriculture Census 50 Timothy Ryan
Concession or Range 3 s 1/2
Lot or part of lot 16
Total held by family 50
Cultivated 20
Crops 14
Pasture 6
Orchards/garden 1
wood/wild 30
cash value $ 800
cash value equipment $40 
Census 1871 in McKillop twsp Ontario Canada. Timothy Ryan Ireland RC 80
Johanna Ireland RC 70
James Ireland RC 35
Timothy Ireland RC 29 (1851 census says born Canada)
Margaret Ont RC 25 his wife
James Ont RC 4
Joseph Ont RC 2
Catherine Ont RC 1 
Will 10th day of November 1874 County of Huron Township of McKillop
In the name of ... I Timothy Ryan of Sound mind Min ??? and understanding blessed by the almighty god for? Same make this my last will and Testement, ---
I will my Soul to god and my Body to be buried in Irishtown in a christian like manner and my Funeral expenses to be paid by my Sons James Ryan & Timothy Ryan Share and Share alike and Twenty Dollars to be paid by my Son James Ryan for for masses(?) for the Repose of my favor(?) Soul & my beloved wife Johana Ryan, ---
I Bequeath to my Son Timothy Ryan my Land Estate which is now in his possession less one Acre and the ??? of a cow wet an dry yearly to be Reserved for my wife Johana Ryan and Son James Ryan during their lives or which ever lives the longer. This Said Acre to be my Son Timothy Ryans property after the above mentioned demise,
 I will and Bequeath my personal property which consists of Horses, Waggons, Shigs (?) Cattle Sheep and pigs which is value for about $ 850 Dollars of which Sum I Bequeath to my Beloved wife Johana Ryan the Sum of
Eighty Dollars I also will and bequeath to my Son James Ryan the Sum of Seven Hundred Dollars also to my Daughter Ann Dorsey Ten Dollars and to my Daughter Catherine Malone 20 Dollars and to my Daughter Johana Curtin Ten Dollars and to my daughter Mary Mulroy Ten Dollars
[page 2]
This Said personal property being in my Son Timothy Ryans possession and Reserved for me to Dispose of Given under my hand and Seal this 10th day of November 1874
 Appoint my Executors to be Rev James Murphy p (?) priest of Irishtown
and John Malone of McKillop
Joseph Walsh    his
Thomas x Conway   mark
Timothy Ryan [very unsteady hand]
Died 1 May 1878 Timothy Ryan McKillop twsp Ontario Canada. 
Probate 6 Jun 1882  He had an estate probated on 6 Jun 1882 in McKillop twsp Ontario Canada.  Timothy Ryan's will. Probate started 6th of June 1882. James Murphy of McKillop and John Malone [could be Molone] of Mckillop are petitioning for probate of the will. State that Timothy Ryan of the township of McKillop died May 1st, 1878, at his place of abode at McKillop.
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