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In hunting for WILLIAM BEZER alias BRASHUR (BRADSHAWE) who left records of Worcester County, Easten Shore, Maryland before 1640, I have found the following records. This includes a WILLIAM and SARAH BRAZIER transferring land of "Bradshaw Purchase"in 1761, in Worcester County Maryland. The BRADSHAW alias BRASHUR original land grants of Accomack County VA and Worcester County Maryland [eastern shore],

1640-1761: ... Documents records of an eldest son named WILLIAM BRAZEER for several generations. An heir JAMES MUMFORD BRAZIER then is mentioned in the will of Richard Wharton his step father, grandson of William and Ann (Mumford) Brazier. (Link to BRADSHAW PURCHASE)

Those BRAZIERS who came to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake, appear to have descendants, with many of the SURNAMES that we associate with the SPARTENBURG South Carolina, clan, 1769-1783, viz: WHITE, STEVENS, CONNERS, TEAGUE; COX, VAUGHAN, COLLINS, GIBSON, WISDOM, HARDIN and HOGG, PYLE, PRATHER and others.

Has anyone wondered who's name sake MERIDITH BRESHEARS was? Merideth Breshears is the Clayton connection perhaps name sake for his ancestor Thomas or John Merideth. The name JESSE HARDIN BRESHEARS is a descendant of Henry Alexander Breshears Jr. Henry Hardin BRESHEARS is a descendant of John BRESHEARS B 1793/5 of Polk Co., Missouri brother of Henry Alexander BRESHEARS JR.


1621 ... A map in Accommac County VA (pre-Maryland) , gives a land Plat as granted to one ANDREW BASHA (BASHAW)", GILES BASHAW and WILLIAM BASHAW. We know a Giles BRADSHAWE" who died 1622 near Beverly's Plantation about 60 miles from James City, had sons Giles and William who took the father's land belatedly about 1640. (William Claibourn colony)

In 1666... WM BRADSHAW and his wife Ann Mumford [alias BRAZIER], a descendant, had land named "BRADSHAWS PURCHASE. This is the same William Bezer (Brasur) who appears with John Beser in Chester Co, PA, 1681, and held Liberty Town Lots in the town of Philadelphia and estates in Chester County PA, at the same time. REF: The Martin History of Delaware County PA], indicates William removed toward Brandywine River.

Did he continued down the shore to SWANN (SWAIN?) Creek then finally on into the North Gunpowder area ? The modern map of Gunpowder area, shows a town called Bradshaw and a road named Bradshaw. (Link South Carolina Report under Lineage Charts) His descendants appear to be the same family from whom John Besor and William Besor of "Fort Redstone", Pennsylvania area descend. That was the colony from New Jersey relocated by John PENN.

DELAWARE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA Delaware County Pennsylvania was carved out of Chester County Pennsylvania. Chichester, lies close to the line between the three states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. By 1751, all the collaterals who moved via Cumberland County North Carolina, to Spartenburg County South Carolina , by 1783, are situated there. They were part of the "Welsh Colony" relocated by William Penn upon his arrival. The families of Clayton, Martin, Pyle, Cox, Hardin, Wharton, Mumford, White, Wright and Richard, John, Edward and William Bezer (more), were located at Chichester or Merion in the "Welsh Track."

John Bezer's land was in Marcus Hooke (previously strong hold for Bluebeard's Pirates), later called Chichester. William's was on the southern line, which may account for his settlement on the Gunpowder River. The William of Gunpowder Hundred MD, whose family are registered in St. George Parish and who left his will in Baltimore MD, appears to be the same person who lived in Worcester County MD, renamed after separation from Accommac County VA in 1640. (Worcester County before 1640 had been the area of eastern Delaware, then Pennsylvania) , later divided into Essex Co., Delaware)

William Brasur (11), was made Vestryman over St. George Parish, Maryland (Eastern Shore). His step father Richard Wharton, was a foremost merchant of Philadelphia. (It is to be remembered that the early claimants to land (1682ish) had town lots in Philadelphia and estates in Chester County or across the bay on east shore of the Delaware River.

This William BRAZER (Served at Fort Pitt) appears to be the "Other Wm Breashear", (Wm Bratchy of Lancaster County 1700ish) who along with his step relatives the Whortons, and neighbors Shivelys, Pyles, Blacks, Cox, Whites, Stevens and others, were removed through Lancaster County PA (Tax Lists) to the Fort Redstone area near "Fort Pitt", from New Jersey about mid 1750s. (Link to Shively Memoirs) .


1640..."The History of Kent County MD", pg 29, Cpt 3, GS # ________ gives us a good picture of the settlers who re-registered when Lord Baltimore was granted the "Easter Shore of the Cheasapeake Bay". That area of Virginia that became Maryland.

QUOTE: "The Isle of Kent, the proud but beautiful Virgin Queen of the Chesapeake, was joined in the bonds of holywedlock with Maryland changing her state, she also changed her name, and, together with all her possessions, will hereafter be known as "Kent County MD", until irreverent hands carved away with invisible lines her ancient domains; and herself, sole relic of the olden time, deprived of her marriage crown, was given a dowry to the daughter of her eldest sister.

"Governor Calvert, the 8th day of April, 1647, comniissioned Robert VAUGHAN (possible forefather of Jesse Brashear's wife who married into the Vaughn family), to be chief captain and commander of all theMilitia of Isle of Kent, and invested him with the power of martial law. He further authorized Robert Vaughan to award all process necessary; according to the law and custom of this province. etc; and he also authorized the said Robert VAUGHAN, WM COX (who's descendants travel with the Breshears into Spartenburg SC) , THO BRADNOX, ED COMINS, PHILLIP CONNORS AND FRA. BROOKE (BOURCHER?), or the major part of them, where of the said ROBERT VAUGHN to be always one, to hear, try and judge, according to the laws of this province, all actions and causes civil, except where the freehold of anyone shall come into question, providing that it shall be lawful to any man, at any time before execution served, to appeal unto the provincial court; and the also invested them with criminal jurisdiction, except when the life of members of any one person shall come in question.

He also authorized Captain VAUGHAN by commission dated 31 May, to collect, demand and receive, for the use of the Lord Proprietary, all customs, confiscations, forfeitures and escheats, by any means and at any time, due to his Lordship upon the Island, and also by two other commissions to FRA BROOKE, he was required to take into his custody all neat cattle belonging to his Lordship in the said island, and particularly all the estate of JN ABBOTT, (see Jn Abbott of Wiltshire Co., England-relative of Edward, William & John Burcher of Amesbury), late of said island.

These were the last acts of Governor Leonard Calvert. A few days afterward, on the 9th day of June, 1647, he died, after having appointed THO. GREENE (a family of Greenes were of Wiltshire also) as his successor. The first parliament of Maryland assembled in April, 1649, at ST. Mary's, fifteen years after the landing of the PILGRIMS under Lord Calvert.

Kent was the only other county within the limits of the principality. Captain NICHOLAS MARTIN (Martins were relative to the Bezers) represented the County in the parliament and was paid twenty-six pounds of tobacco each day ($1.56).

In 1650-60 arrived the families of BURGESS, (BROSHER?) RINGGOLD, HYNSON, JONES, WICKES, SMYTH, LEEDS, PACA, CHASE, PEARCE, CHAMBERS, TELGHMAN, THONTSON, FRISBY, WROTH (Routh) and other well known names whose descendants figure prominently in KENT.

The county was named after the English Shire from whence came most of the early settlers, who saw in it's smiling landscape a replica of the fairest county of England - KENT.


Old land plats of Worcester County MD, show the first land was surveyed for one Andrew BARSHAW in Atkinson's Dist. and close by a BASHAM (Basha). In adjacent Somerset Co., (Later Worcester) MD. Wills indexs list wills for THOMAS BASHAW, GILES BASHAW and ANDREW BASHAW. The proven sons of William Bashaw, son of Giles (1). This was land they received from their Aunt who married Rd. GARRETT. Where is William BASHAW ?, He had removed across the bay to Northumberland County. The "Old Rappahannack" County records reflect the family who now began to colonize up that River.(Ref: Northern Neck Warrants, Fredrick Co., VA-1747-1780, Vol 2)

In the Quaker Colony that went to settle the Monacacy River, Old Fredrick County, (1725) in western Maryland that came from the Eastern Shore, is evidence that the Basha Creek, as tributary of Monacacy River, may be named after this family. The foremost Quaker Leader was James Wright of Monacacy Meeting House. It is likely that our William Brashure is the "Brashure" who was relocated from New Jersey with the Shively Colony to Fort Redstone about 1755. That colony was from New Jersey or those who had previously settled the east of the Delaware River estates. Shivelys migrated into Lancaster Co., PA by mid 1750s.You may question the records as I have connected them. However I feel we are getting close to proof that we descend from "Sir" John (Bourchier and Elizabeth Daubney) William Bezer son of Edward Bezer

William Bezer, born about 1677 (of Chichester PA), formerly of Bishop Canning, Wiltshire, England, is our connection. The Wiltshire County, Quaker Records list him as the son of Edward Bezer.

Why Bourchier Descendants?

(16161-1623... Some of those sent under the Company Land Charters (Merchants of London) to Virginia were: Richard BIGGS; Thomas CHAPMAN; John HALL; John JOHNSON; Elizabeth JONES; CiceLy JORDAN; Francis MASON; William MORGAN- William PIERCE- John POWELL- James ROBESON; Walter SCOTT; Joan & John SMITH; William SPENCER; John TAYLOR; Henry TAYLOR andJOHN BOUCHIER, (Bezer?) . John Bourchier being (by 1623) annexed to a List of share holders in the "VIRGINA COMPANY". A List of 72 patents were granted to as many persons, all having partners whose names and shares are not known. Others mentioned were: Symon ; John CROW and Edward BENNETT. (Areas in Bold are on the Humphries/Eytchison pedigree charts)

1616-1623 ... On May 21 1619-July 1621 the following were included on a List of Patentees: Master John PIERCE (I 1); John WARD (I 3); Richard WORSLEY (20); John LEAK; Thomas OWENS; John CROW; Richard & Robert BENNETT and Thomas AYRES. [ID30221.

1624... Sir William JONES & c, (of Denbigh Co., Wales ?) to examine into the State of Virginia, before the date of this commission, the KING determined to deprive the Virginia Company of it's Land charter. The real purpose, like that which sent HARVEY and others to Virginia, was to obtain plausible reason for the act he had made in the distillation of the company

. . ."JAMES (King), by the grace of God of England & Scotland, France and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith &c. To our trusty and well beloved SIR WILLIAM JONES Knt, one of the Court of Common Pleas, Sir NichoLas FORTESCUE, Sir Francis GOSTON Kn't-, Richard SUTTON Kn't-, Sir William PITT, SIR HENRY BEURTHIER; (spelled Brouchier/Bourgehier other places) , and Sir Henry SPELLER Kn't-greetings [ID3262]

1624-1625 ... Lord Commissioners named: Sir William JONES; Sir Nicholas Fortescue; Sir Francis Goston; Sir Richard Sutton; Sir William Pitt; SIR WILLLAM BOUCHIER: Sir Henry Spiller. (comment: Here we have William Bouchier (BURCHER)) in the place of JOHN & HENRY BOURCHIER. Would this have been after the ship wreck that, supposedly John & Henry were lost from /in (Wm & Mary Qtrly) ? John was rescued and returned to the Carolinas. Henry was rescued and taken to Pennsylvania. Each supposed the other had drowned until the families discovered each other 100 years Later. I wonder if these are the three brothers that owned the ship "THE THREE BROTHERS", that arrived in New York?

1640... Sir Arthur Brouchier (Arthur Brasser) conveyed headrights to John BROACH (ER?) in York County VA.


">1641-1645 ... The City of Dublin, Ireland's French Colony: The historian "Smiles", describes the Huguenots in Dublin as the largest, most diversified in interests and doubtless the wealthiest and most influential in Ireland. ...Many refugees arrived in Dublin before the rebellion (1635ish - Cromwell's War) however, the most prominent settlers arrived beginning 1661 and decreased by 1682. Most are not represented in the French Church registers after 1668. Included in the List of French settlers after 1661 along with biographical and genealogical information is the name BOUCHER. . Mr. Smiles (Historian) gives the "Refugees" and their descendants who threw away the French spelling (Brasseur), of their names, and adopted English translations of the name. These are found in the EngLish and Irish French Church R e g i s t e r s : BOUCHER became BUTCHER; (also seen as Butcher in the "Canterbury Wills" of England. BRASSEUR became BRESSIE.(Bressie being cross referenced in the early Virginia records as Brasseur, Brasher & Bressie also)

1622-1771 ... The name of Burcher (Basher) in the Isle of Wight Virginia colonies near James River, was transmuted to Bashaw, Bradshawe, Bratcher, Brasur, Bezer and BRAZIER in the Eastern Shore of Virginia colonies. The Peter Bashaw family history gives the Bashaws as Huguenots. (Papers in possession of GH, from various records researched by the BASHAWS ).


1612...Genealogists researching the Waterford Massachesetts settlers documented the MAYHEW lineages (GH linkage Mayhew). The research was done in England. As a side comment in the Mayhew family history, we find reference to John & Edward Burcher, as witness to one Matthew Mayhew's will. The author then comments that the "Burchers (Brazier, Brasier-his notation), were of Tisbury, County Wiltshire which was about 25 miles from Southampton (Southampton being in Hampshire Co England.). From a note I took at a SLC genealogical conferrence, there is something we need to consider here. There was a colony from BOSTON MASS.,who settled:

So ...the big question ? Is our ancestor Edward BEZER, a son of one of the colonists who came first to the Boston area ? (see lineage of George Bourchier alias Burcher alias Bunker alias Burchard, of Watertown & Charlestown Mass - REF: Savage A-C. Pg 300). An early record in Wiltshire (insert ref-1998 research :) ) indicates it was an Edward who first came to the Amesbury, Wiltshire, England area. 1400-1500ish, Wiltshire, England (I will fill this reference and date later) I am getting more and more reflections back to Denbigh Wales as a possible area we originated from.

Those people were sons of Sir. John Bourchier, Earl of Bath. The Countess of Denbigh had married into their family as had the St. Johns from Wales. Son George Bourchier left records in that area. George spelling his name BURCHER, left records in the early Isle of Wight Virginia Colony before going north to Mass., however he was not Quaker.

The Edward, descendant of George Brucher, left the Boston area about 1642ish. The question is: Did he remove to New Jersey or the Carolina area ? The Quaker records of Wiltshire, unlike the County records, were often recorded in the nearest Quaker meeting place (being Somerset). The Quaker records which give the family name as "Bezer" were recompiled in London, the compiler not having first hand knowledge of Wiltshire's spelling of the name. It might be necessary to search adjacent meeting places such as Southampton to more fully understand this family.(Wiltshire England Notes & Queries pg ?)


The Wiltshire Co., England records for this family begin with Sir John BOURGHCHIER, de FITZ WARREN, Knight, who received land in BISHOP CANNINGS (Insert Wiltshire Notes and Inqueries). This John BURCHYER (sic- note spelling here!) was married to Ciciley Daubney of Devonshire. Her father being Sir Giles Daubeney of Daubeney, Knight and her mother Elizabeth Arundell daughter of John Arundell, Knight (Arundell estates in Amesbury with heirs names BURCHER GS Film # insert). Have you noticed the Bashaw & Basham families carry the Name GILES probably after GILES DAUBENY? They also carry the name CICILEY, probably after Ciciley DAUBNEY dau of Giles?

The title, Fitz Warren, reverted to Sir John Burchyer's heir who became also Sir John BOURCHIER Earl of Bath. (This lineage is on the Ancestral File under Sir John Bourchier who married Ciciley Daubney-the same persons). (dated 18-24 Henry V11)

We find Bourchiers (sic) living at Melksham, Rowde, Bishop Cannings Tisbury and Amsbury, all towns of which were recorded under "Parish of Bishop Cannings". Amesbury, Tisbury and Rowde records are full of William, John and Edward Burchers, from 1623-1850ish. It is to be noted as far as I can determine this clan is descended from one John Borshier (sic BURCHYERS), who took a living (Lease) for 99 years in the year 1699-1700 .

Those estates were under the Stewarship of one WILLIAM BURCHERwho adm the affairs of the estate, in Wiltshire Co. I have found one William BURCHER, "Stewart of Lands" of Cirencester, near Barnstable. Gloucester, England. This is very close to the Welsh Border. This may be the person WILLIAM BRADSHAW (BURCHER) D ABT 1634, who left legal records as steward to the settlers of the Eastern Shore.

I Found there also a family of Brounker, Brunker, Bronker, Brouncker (Bourchiers also), pre 1640, who were descendants of the same early ancestor and decendanats of a Sir Henry Brounker (BOURCHIER). Their first forefather to the area was one Robert Bourchier.

The Book "Wiltshire Notes & Inquiries", then give John BURCHYER'S descendants spelled variously as BIRCHER, BURCHER, BUCHER, BEEKER, BECKER, BURCHER etc. This is phonetically consistant with the original spelling of the grant. A William BOUCHER is seen as BUTCHER (1592). It is from him the FAMILY BUTCHERS alias BOUCHER recorded doubly in "The WILLS of Canterbury" decend.

WHY THE BARBADO ISLANDS 1527...Sir John Bourghchier, Knight, (state papers of Henry V111), had descendants who supported Oliver Cromwell, (another Bourchier son-in-law, who married Elizabeth BOURCHIR), and along with son in law John Bradshaw, were exciled to the Barbadoes for their involvement with the Cromwellian movement.

PENN GRANTS TO BEZER FAMILY OF CHESTER CO PA 1681 ... Book "Board of Property of the Province of PA, by EGLE":

JOHN BEZER (Brazier?) William Penn appointed as his commissioners, under his first cousin WM MARKHAM, at London, 25 Oct 1681 his friends, WILLIAM CRISPIN, WILLIAM HAIGE [HOGG?]; JOHN BEZER [Beazier/Bouchier?]; and NATHANIEL ALLEN. William CRISPIN died on his way to America and was repaced by THOMAS HOLMS, Audrey Marino's ancestor.

Early Pennsylvania Land Grants

1686...QUOTE: " So far as known to me (Egles?), these four men were still in office when on 21 11th month 1686, at WORMINGHURST (England), PENN gave a new commission to WM MARKHAM, THOMAS ELLIS [Humphries forefather].- and JOHN GOODSON, (Bezer associate) stating that the unnamed (Bezer) former commissioners had served long enough.

1702... Joseph CLOUD [see CLAYTON connection to William Bezer, brother of John Bezer], Sr., requested a Vacant piece of LandLeft by Chest'r County Line out of the Manor of Rocklands, joyning on NATHAN'LL NEWELL'S 200 acres and HENRY GUNSTON, the same is granted for 45 pounds, to be pd in 30 days. The above Jo. CLOUD having proved himself to have come into the country as SERVANT toJOHN BEZER, (relative) with the first settlers. Ordered a war't for his 50 acres of head Land. [E pg 361 BK "G"].

>1703 ... 11mo, : An affid'y is produced under a Justice's hand, NATHANIEL NEWLIN, made by NATH'L PARKS and JOHN SANGER, that RICD FARR (KARR?) and MARY his wife, both came as Servants to JOHN BEZER in year 1681, ... claim head rights... Their Land granted to JOSEPH CLOUD. [ pg 41 1, BK "GI"]

">1683... JOHN HARDING [sic HARDIN, Georgene's ancestor, who came to Wiltshire with the french Huguenots] of CHICESTER, YEOMAN, by instrument dated 26, 3mo, 1683: In consideration of L26 15s ... Old SNEEDS LAND between MIDDLE NECK and HARWICK RUN, being 2 parcells lyeing between the said NATHANIEL EVANS & MORTON CORNUTES' land, the other between the s'd MORTON and JOHN JOHNSON'S land with the Marsh and all the APP'RES thereunto belonging to JOHN BEZER, of CHICESTER, aforesaid, YEOMAN,his heirs and assigns forever. ALBERT HENDRICKSON by Instrum't dat. 30, 6mo., '83, grant' Certain piece of Marsh in HARWICK, to the said JNO. BEZER, his heirs, &c., JNO HENDRICKSON, of PhiLad'a, Shipwright, and FRANCIS his wife, daughter of the s'd JOHN BEZER, [deceased bef Dec 1704], in consid'n of 30 pounds, granted the s'd parcells of land, Meadow, Marsh and Swamp, reputed to contain 100 acres to JOHN CHILD, of the County of Chichester, Yeoman, his heirs, &c. as by deed POLL, dat. the Last of Sep '94, appears all which parcells of Land [except the Parcell Lyeing between Jno. JOHNSON & MOTYON's Land] were resurveyed as they are continguous, and found to contain 240 acres, being the same quantity the said parcells were hereunto found to contain in the first ressurvey of them made by CHARLES ANSCOME, patent granted. Epg 448-9 1.

1705... Certificate presented by ISAAC TAYLOR [surveyor] to confirm servants of JOHN BREZER VIZ: MARY HICKMAN now wife of JOS. EDWARDS came 1682. [pg 4701

1685... WILLIAM CLAYTON married ELIZABETH BEAZER, (dau of John Bezer?) of Chichester Chester Co., PA. ( A descendant, 1783ish ...WILLIAM CLAYTON (Jr.?) Lived on WARRIOR CREEK in SPARTENBURG CO., SC., near ARTHUR BRATCHEY.)

1783 . . . William CLAYTON of old Dist. 96th , South Carolina, also had land adj WILLIAM AND SARAH BRADSHAW [alias BRACHER & BRATCHER who IS PROVEN TO BE WILLIAM BRAZIER son in Law of WILLIAM COX who is the Wm COX of Eastern Shore settlers].

1712... EDWARD BEZER granted 500 acres dated I & 2 Aug '81. appurit to which EDWARD BEZER son & heir of first mentioned EDWARD BEZER, deeded I May 1708 granted to JOHN WILLIS.(relative of Worcester Co., MD) Epg 526, bk "H"]. Edward Bezer (111). was brother to John and William Bezer (insert - Chester Co., Wills).

1714... JOHN BEZER brought ELIZABETH CLAYTON as servant in the year 1682, 50 acres head Land.

1714... JOHN WISDOM & WM BRYANT [Lease & ReLease 1681 ], both of County of BERKS, in Great Britian 500acres. (See pedigree charts for Eytchison/Wisdoms). Lawerenceburg TN, land transferred to Breshears by William Wisdom.
Same meeting EDWARD GUY 250 acres [Phelps Maternal side? ROBERT JONES, of County of CHOTSBURY in Great Britian, deceased, 500 acres to JOS WELSH JR. [more- pg 589 of Engles].

1715... John CLAYTON paid rent in Kent County PA. (Eastern Shore?)

1716... WILLIAM BEZER of the County of Chester (PA) Original purchaser of 250 acres in Libertys (Philadelphia) transfered to WILLIAM CLOUD. WILLIAM GIBSON [GH Lineage] of London, Haberdasher 500 acres in province, WILLIAM GIBSON, son of afore mentioned of London, Merchant, convieghed to John WRIGHT. By 1735 this Wright family were on the Monacasy River in the Quaker Colony there.
Anthony PRETTER sic PRATHER?, of East Jersey, 300 Acres in Conestoga.(Lancaster Co., PA) [pg 607].

1716... Nichols PILE certified JAMES HAYWARD servant to EDWARD BEZER [pg 610-634].

Chichester - located

After a very long search for CHICHESTER , Pennsylvania, I finally discovered that it was devided out and now was in DELAWARE CO., Pennsylvania. Our family tradition (John Breshears b 1793-5) said that there was a division of land that cut part of the family away from the rest, in MD. It appears this may be the case here. You will notice that Lower Chichester is right on the "Wheel", that ran around the top of Delaware. The early maps actually show this area as being part of Maryland. This is where the headwaters of the St. Martin River start. (Named after the Martins of Chichester), who record the Bezers as relatives in the Delaware Co., PA, History. (LINK TO MAP OF ST. MARTINS)

William BRASHER, Pew # 15 in the St. Martins Chapel (of Ease) with John Mumford; Armwell Showell; Benjamin Lockwood; Walter Evans & Rebecker Harrison.

Pg 85: Vestry made choice of WILLIAM BRAZHER, for Warding at Prince Georges Chappel, May ye 1 day 1764, "The following Vestrymen present --and there appeared Kindal Collier & Henry HUDSON (Note : See the HUDSON connection to Aquilla Brasher of Greenville Co., SC) to qualify as Vestrymen. WILLIAM BRAZHER to qualify as Warding."

Note: Worcester Parish was erected out of Parish of Snowhill by act of assembly 1744 (Cpt 24) St. Martin's is the name of the Parish Church.

1652, William BROSHEAR:

Signed: Mar 25 ...Stephen Horsey (who was guardian to WilliamBashaw, orphan of Giles BRADSHAWE, of Berkley's Plantation near Isle of Wight, Virginia) was granted headright to a patent for land granted to Obedience ROBINS.(Note: See ROBINS connection in Greenville Co., SC index) Robins is on the list of 116 persons who signed the "Engagement tendered to ye Inhabitants of Northampton County" where they promised to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it was then established with out KING or House of Lords (CROMWELLIANS ). William BROSHEAR signed also. (REF: Old Somerset On The Eastern Shore" (LDS-GS #F 187.D6 Jf)

1692: SNOWHILL, Later All Hallowes Parish, established in 1692 (consisting of Bogernorthon and MATTAPONY Hundreds IN Worcester Co., MD , Eastern Shore).

Pg 416: " Note that SnowHill (Town) in old Somerset Co., was subdivided into New, Worchester Co., (1742) The original land was from the BISHOP FAMILY (Note: See Bishop connection in Greenville SC) . It was here that Col. Robert & Edward Martin, two brothers from Scotland, merchants, purchased lands adjoining and lots within the Town. Their cousin James MARTIN, who married Robert Martins widow (Mrs. Mary [Downes] Martin). Robert Martin's lands passed to his son John MARTIN (mother Mary) in 1725. Others mentioned in ref to this Will: John MURRY (mentioned as colLateral to William BRESSIE of Isle of Wight); John BISHOP: Henry MORGAN; Rev. James ROBERTSON; John KING; John WEBB.

pg 419: Col. William STEVENS (pg 416-foot note gives his will, names wife Elizabeth (pro s-i-law of Wm BRADSHAW alias Brazier ???); Foot note John Cropper.(COOPER) (Note: See STEVENS connection to Dist. 96 SC.)

"The Chapel of Ease "

Pg 183: "It is to be noted that distinction is made in the above court order between "Churches" and " " Meeting Houses", the term Church referred to buildings erected for worship by a parish of the Established Church of England, in Maryland.

Meeting house (or chapel of EASE) was the term used to designate a house of worship erected by 'DISSENTERS". On pg 418-designated Presbyterians. ST. MARTIN'S CHAPEL: Martins Chapel: Reference was made to "The Chapel of Ease " near St. Martin's River" in the will of one Roger THOMAS, (1703).

Pg 206: Ref: A chapel in Worcester Parish (Prince George's Chapel in Sussex Co., DELAWARE) The government of the Province of Maryland laid claim to territory which extended some miles north of the Maryland-Delaware boundary, as it was then determined and as we know it today. An extensive area in the south-eastern part of Sussex Co., DELAWARE was at that date considered Worcester Parish, Worcester County, MARYLAND. In 1755, inhabitants petitioned the Maryland Assembly to purchase the land and erect a chapel ( of EASE) there on. (By reason of remoteness of residence). This Chapel of Ease in Worcester Parish was given the name of "Prince George's Chapel," and was erected on the eastern side of Pepper Creek. (Which issues into the south side of the Indian River) in Sussex Co., Delaware. It's location was demed by authorities to be in Worcester Parish, Worcester Co., Maryland. (It stands just east of Daggsboro in Sussex Co., DELAWARE, a priceless possession of the Diocese of Delaware. (First of land of Walter EVANS). This built under charge of St. Martin's Parish, Snowhill Maryland. So we have the MARTIN CONNECTION on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

THE MUMFORD CONNECTION TO BRAZIER:On 4 Sep 1753, the vestry of Worcester Co., made choice of the place for the place where the chapel then stood to build a new church on. In Aug 1756, the Vestry bought two acres where the St. Martin's Chapel" stood from James MUMFORD. On which to build the new church.

1756: The following abstract of deed for the land on which the Worcester Parish Church was erected is of interest. JAMES MUMFORD conveyed to the Vestry, 2 acres from a tract called "Vermin Drane". (Description follows).

The Vermin Drane is described in deed , as located on the south side of St. Martin's River and as devised to THOMAS MUMFORD in his will to his sonJAMES MUMFORD. Thomas Mumford having purchased from George Layfield and wife Elizabeth. Relic and executrix of COL. WILLIAM STEVENS. (Worcester Court, Deed Liber D. Pg 79) The deed of Layfield to Thomas MUMFORD calls the tract Vernum Deane" made to Thomas Mumford and his wife Sarah, who was dau of Robert Richardson. (Somerset Court Deed Liber ) 7, pg 215) (More pg 206)

SO ...We have the same people of old Worcester County who were of Chichester , Chester (Delaware Co., ) Pennsylvania. All relatives of WILLIAM BEZER who married Elizabeth Clayton.


Meanwhile back in the records of Wiltshire, England we find the births of the children of Edward and Ann (Fry) Bezer.

(Wiltshire Notes & Queries, pg 228 "QUAKERISM IN WILTSHIRE", cont from pg 164)

Liberties (Town Lotts) of Philadelphia
[Book "Early Pennsylvania Land Records by Egle]

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1718... WILLIAM BEZER 4acres, RICHARD JORDAN 4 acres, portion of 120 acres conveyed to THOMAS SHUTE from Northern Liberties of Philadelphia. Others on List. [pg 640].

The following family names can be traced from old Chester Co., PA to OldSpartenburg Co., SC and on west as the clan removed together to Tennessee, Missouri and the southern states. Viz: Brashears, Pyles, Hardins, Collins, Wilson, Nathaniel Wooton, Jones, Taylor, Shively, Mays, Hogg, Wisdom, Bryant, Gibson, Collins & etc.

1703-4 . . .John BEZER of Chester conveyed to JOHN WARDER, in trust for PETER RAZILION, land near BRANDYWINE CREEK, the area thaat ended up as Maryland after the Mason Dixon Line was run. in CALN TWP; Lott on Nth side of Mulb. street, between 6th & 7th from Delaware. Names in same minutes: GEORGE HOGG [see with BasiL BRASHEARS' WILL of SW PA], Richard SENNETT, & JOHN RICHARDSON.

1716... Minute BK "I'': Mentions NICK. PILE, JAMES HAYWARD again with JOHN BEZER, WILLIAM BRAKIN [sic BEZER - other land found in Sussex Co., Delaware.] requests a grant at Fishing Creek near SUSQUEHANNAH, desired as soon as possible. WILLIAM JONES [see BRASHEARS conn?], granted from WILLIAM BILES [ sic PILES] ?

Brazier Migration Observations

Observations: Beginning in 1750s, a JOHN BRAISER sic, appears in the militia Lists, 8th Regiment, for South West PA. [Recorded in the PA. Archives publications-Series Books by Egles].

John Beasor had land in Fredrick Co., later old DUNMORE CO. VA.{Northern Neck Records}that became hampshire Co., W VA. This area, the colony at OPECKON CREEK (finally Shannandoah County) is where Thomas Brasher who died at Foreman's Defeat lived-1777.
"JOHN BOSSHER decd bef 1748 mintioned by Polk FLETCHER 19 Jun 1766: deed to be issued to his son John Fletcher for the tract whereon Richard Fletcher lived adj. JOHN BOSSHER, Sur by Wm Baylis surv. 27 Apr 1753, 150 acres on drs of Mill Cr. A branch of OPECKON; adj. John Bozioth, James Anderson, John Wadson (Watson?), CC - Jn. Cheneworth, James Anderson Sur Wm Baylis.[Northern Neck Warrants Fredrick Co., VA 1747-1780 Vol 2]
SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Thomas Brasher of Hampshire Co., 1777, is possible son of John Beasor of old Dunmore County, who is reflected briefly in the Annals of SW PA by Chalkley.


1777... A WILLIAM BRAZER sic served at Fort PITT, from Ohio Co., PA/VA. under the Capt. Benjamin Biggs (see Georgene's Biggs lineage). Benjamin BIGGS family went on into Ohio Territory and was instumental in land allocations. (See Federal Land Series ) .With Wm Brazer is one John Hull. The court records of Lawrenceburg Tennessee mention the BRESHEARS WITH Col. John HULL.

In considering the Richard Whorton connection to Ann Mumford Brasur (Bradshaw) of Worcester Co., MD). It would appear that the great merchant house of the Whorton's would have provided for Richard's step children. Since the Whorton descendants (step brothers) of the Braziers were in Fayette Co., PA, then might the "Old William Brazier" be a child of Ann Mumford (Widow Brazier) Wharton.

[see documentation in lineage charts notes}