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  1. Dingle Co Kerry Genealogy

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  3. The O'Byrne Files©:
    Guide on how to Speak English in Dublin©

  4. Welcome to the Irish American Social Club of Sacramento, California

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Dún Laoghaire gets it's name from the Irish Translation, Fort (Dún) of Laoghaire. King Laoghaire was the ancient High King of Ireland before the Vikings arrived. When the English came they renamed the town Dunlary (Dunleary) to suit the English tongue. In 1821 it was renamed Kingstown by King George IV of England to honour his visit to the town that year. It remained Kingstown through Victorian times until in 1921, one year before independence, the town council voted to change the name back to the ancient Irish name Dún Laoghaire. The person most responsible for this was the Irish Martyr John Moran who was commemorated with the naming of Moran Park.

Information on the Irish State Welcome to the Government of Ireland website.

This web site contains links to the civil and public service. These can be accessed from the Alphabetical and Functional indices.

Select Bibliography of John O'DonovanAlso Biographical notices of O'Donovan
LAWS IN IRELAND FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF POPERY (commonly known as the PENAL LAWS)From the consolidation of English power in 1691 until well into the nineteenth century, religion was the gulf which divided the colonial rulers of Ireland from the native majority. This sectarian division resulted from deliberate government policy. It reached into political, economic, and personal life, through a series of statutes known as the Penal Laws. This site contains the texts of these laws.
History 200: An Gorta Mor (The Great Irish Famine)Dept. of History, University of Wisconsin Site.
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IRELAND, County Galway. Roman Catholic Church Baptismal Records; Parish of Ballymacward and Gurteen 1889, 1891, 1893, 1894 64 records; Eileen Connolly

IRELAND, Counties Tipperary and Limerick. Baptismal Records, Diocese of Cashel and Emly; 1,765 records; Tony Riordan

IRELAND, Counties Tipperary and Limerick. Marriage Records, Diocese of Cashel and Emly; 1,070 records; Tony Riordan:



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Reference to Australia day and the first three fleets is timely. I believe a book is to be released on February 8 about the "Lady Julian," a shipload of mainly women convicts who were sent to Port Jackson blatantly as "breeding stock" in the early days of the new colony. The book is THE FLOATING BROTHEL, by Sian Rees. It might be a useful genealogical source for those searching back that far.

On the subject of Australia Day, growing numbers of Australians are coming to respect the celebration of this day as "Survival Day" by Australia's indigenous peoples. I raise this not to be controversial, but as an admission that sometimes, when we rummage among our ancestors, we find things we prefer not to know about. My wife had a female ancestor on the "Lady Julian" (that tickles her enormously!) but has also discovered a participant in the Myall Creek massacre, a dark event in our history. There is a sense of needing to know about this so that the past can be "put right" by how we live today. To that extent, this isn't just a "hobby."

Ray Brindle, Central Victoria, Australia

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