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"On the Road to Peace"


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About This Section

The very first thing to note is that this page is considered a special section to the Ireland List History Section.

The Situation in Ireland today, and through out the past, is something which deeply concerns many of those descended from Irish Stock all over the World. If not for our Irish Ancestors, we would not be here.... or, at least, we wouldn't be as we are today. Some of us Irish Descendents still have family in Ireland, as well.

The intent of this section is not for the purpose of widening the problems between England and Ireland, although some will probably see it in this manner. It's purpose is to view events in Irish History in as fair and accurate a manner as possible! A "Lasting Peace" has never been built on the hiding facts, nor can it be built upon the covering up of past. A "Lasting Peace" can only come from an honest change for the better of all concerned.

"A generation which ignores history has no past - and no future."
-- Robert A. Heinlein

The view of "What is past is past" should be kept in mind when reading the articles posted here, but that doesn't mean we should "Sweep the truth under the Rug" because it embarasses a few people, nor should these events be forgotten or rewritten for the sake of being politically correct. The only way people learn from the past, in order to change for the better of all concerned, is to know what mistakes happened in the past and then to keep an ever watchful eye out so that those mistakes do not happen in the Future.

In summary, the articles presented here are for informational value and they should be taken as such. :) It should be realized that the English and the Irish have made great strides towards peace over the years, but they also sufferred set backs. A "Lasting Peace" is never fast or easy to accomplish.

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