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Why is an Ireland List Message
Center needed for an Email List?
The Idea of a Message Board and Chat Room being used to enhance the Mail List was an idea brought up by the List Mom.

The Message board would make a great place for Topics which are best not left on the list. The Chat Room is a good Idea for things like Classes concerning the computer and topics related to Ireland and the Irish.

Chatroom and Bulletin Board Guidelines

A word of warning should go out to all who wish to enter the Chat Room and Message Areas.

"The Chatroom and Message Areas are open to everyone who
happens onto the Ireland List Web Site. All the posters on the
Bulletin Board or the Participants in the Chat Room are not
necessarily Members of the RootsWeb Ireland List."

The above comment is easy enough to understand, but it's implications are not always understood by everyone. The main implication is that some of the people in these areas are not familiar with how the Members of the Ireland List act. They may not even be sure of the purpose of the Ireland Mail List (However they should have a feel for the Mail List if they went through this site).

So this disclaimer needs to be read and understood before proceeding to the Message Forum or Chatroom:

"By posting a message to the Message Forum, or by entering the Chat Room, the Person agrees that he or she understands they are entering a Genealogy Forum specifically set up for the Members of the Rootsweb Ireland Mail List."

To enhance the comment above, a Few simple Rules (or Guidelines) are required for all to know, before they enter these areas:

  1. Cussing and Foul Language is not allowed. The Moderator will decide what words constitute cussing and foul language.
  2. Flames and Threats towards the other Users of these forums will not be tolerated. The one being flamed and the Moderator will decide what constitutes a Flame and a personal threat.
  3. Flaming or Bashing Nationalities are not permitted. The Moderator will decide what constitutes Nationality Bashing.
  4. Trolling is not allowed. If you wish to pick up, or hit on someone, then please go to a place set up for that purpose
  5. Illegal Activities are not allowed. Libel, slander, harassment, etc. are all punishable in many states and countries by law. In addition, the posting of cracks and serialz sites are illegal to post here as well.
  6. Excessively Annoying Behaviour is not welcomed here. This is my personal favorite and an item which the Moderator alone can judge. It is sort of a rule which says "If I can't boot you because of the other rules, then I can boot you because of this one." :) It comes in quite handy to use on people who's only intent is to enter a forum to annoy others to the point of disrupting the forum.

The vast majority of those who come into these message areas will never have to worry about violating the above mentioned rules, for any indiscretions they do are purely accidental. However everyone should read these rules and abide by them, by conforming to the rules and allowing those who have the authority to handle the problems do their jobs will make the forum more enjoyable to all.

In most cases, the occassional, mild cuss word will be overlooked by the other Users of the Forum.. therefore it will (most likely) be over looked by the moderator. People who get annoying will often be overlooked, until their actions begin causing a major disruption in the forum. However, we must remember the rules are in place for all to know because there are times when the forum will be unmoderated and the people need a way to control the Chat Room themselves.

Please read this whole page before signing into the Message Areas, and feel free to make notes on the things which you feel you may need or want to know later.

The Ireland List Bulletin Board.

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The Ireland List Chat Room

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Class Schedule
Class Name:Instructor
Chatroom No.:Remarks:
BADTRANSjohnt42Friday - June 1st, 2001
Chat Room 1Discussion
BADTRANSjohnt42Sunday - June 3rd, 2001
Noon PDT
Chat Room 2Discussion

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