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The Ireland List Message Rules Page


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The Ireland List Bulletin Board.

The Ireland List Bulletin Board is an area set up where notices can be posted and discussion which are declared "Off-topic" for the Mail List might be allowed to continure.

Who can post notices

Anyone may post a notice on the Bulletin Board.

What types of Notices can be Posted here?

This is not completely thuoght out yet, but so far the following types of Notices may be posted:

  • Personal WEB Sites which concern your Genealogy
  • Irish Genealogy WEB Sites.
  • Irish History WEB Sites
  • Irish Cultural WEB Sites
  • Genealogy Related WEB Sites

Please do not post commercial sites on the Bulletin Board

Why are only some "Off-Topic" Discussions allowed?

The types of Discussions which are Off-Topic because they are judged to not be related to Ireland and the Irish enough to continue or they may simply be topics design to Bash one nationality or another by the List Admin. Most often those types of discussions are not wanted on the Bulletin Board either.

On the other hand, some topics may be declared off topic because they are simply being debated too much for the Mail List. This type of discussion often disrupts the Mail List... so some of those might be asked to be taken to the Bulletin Board or to private email.

Sorry, saw it fit to shut us down due to lack of use.

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