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Some Useful Information for Email Discussions

Emotional Icons, also known as "Emoticons", are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice inflections and body language (such as facial expressions and bodily gestures) in Internet Messaging. Some emoticons are better known as "smileys." Emoticons can be very effective toward avoiding misinterpretation of the writer's intents. While there are no standard definitions for the following emoticons, these are their most usual meanings. Most emoticons will look like a face (eyes, nose, and mouth) when rotated 90 degree clockwise. Some of the most commonly used Emoticons are:

:) or :-)Expresses happiness, sarcasm, or joke
:( or :-(Expresses unhappiness
:] or :-]Expresses jovial happiness
:[ or :-[Expresses despondent unhappiness
:D or :-DExpresses jovial happiness
:I or :-IExpresses indifference
:-/ or :-\Indicates undecided, confused, or skeptical. Also :/ or :\.
:Q or :-QExpresses confusion
:S or :-SExpresses incoherence or loss of words
:@ or :-@Expresses shock or screaming
:O or :-OIndicates surprise, yelling or realization of an error ("uh oh!")


Acronyms are words formed by using the first letters of a multi-word name, Internet Messagers sometimes resort to using acronyms to help get their message across.

AAMOFas a matter of fact
BBFNbye bye for now
BFNbye for now
BTWby the way
BYKTbut you knew that
CMIIWcorrect me if I'm wrong
EOLend of lecture
FAQfrequently asked question(s)
FITBfill in the blank
FWIWfor what it's worth
FYIfor your information
HTHMhope this helps
HWISBTHIDHis/her Wheel is Spinning, but the hamster is dead.
IACin any case
IAWIn Accordance With
IAEin any event
IMCOin my considered opinion
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMNSHOin my not so humble opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IOWin other words
LOLlots of luck, lots of laughter or laughing out loud
NRNno reply necessary
OICoh, I see
OTOHon the other hand
ROFrolling on the floor
ROFL or ROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
RSNreal soon now
SITDstill in the dark
TANSTAAFLThere ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TIAthanks in advance
TICtongue in cheek
TTFNTa-Ta for now
TTYLtalk to you later
TYVMthank you very much
WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get


Yes, and there are even a few abbreviations running about. :) Abbreviations, such as these, have been mostly replaced by emoticons. You still may see them occassionally.

(VBG)Very Big Grin

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