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A copyright is the set of exclusive legal rights authors have over their works for a limited period of time. As a result of changes in copyright law, works published since March 1, 1989 need not bear a copyright notice to be protected under the federal statute. Works governed by the copyright law include not only more traditional works of authorship (such as books, photographs, video and sculpture), but also works such as software and databases.

A work in the public domain can be copied freely by anyone. Such works include those of the U.S. Government and works for which the copyright has expired.

Fair use provisions of the copyright law allow for limited copying or distribution of published works without the author's permission in some cases.

There is no intent to claim the works of others on this site!

Prior to putting anything on this site, we check for possible copyright violations. A big reason for many of the pages on this site is to inform and sometimes educate. In many cases the Fair Use Laws apply.

Many of the items found here came from sites which only had the requirement for a link to be posted when their work is used, or a comment be made about concerning where the "Copyrighted" image originated. Other items on this site were items found on the net, or sent to me, and saved months and even years ago... and the record of where they came from no longer exists. So it is not always easy giving the proper credit where the credit is due.

If you have any concerns about possible copyright infringements of the items used on this site, please let us know. The person who wishes to make a claim of ownership should understand that we do not accept claims of ownership just because some stranger in an email says so. Conclusive Proof must be presented to show that the item in question is in fact the property of the person claiming the item. it is not right, nor fair, to attribute someone's hard work to someone else just because of an unsubstantiated claim.

In addition, we also will not research a copyright on any item which the complaint simply stated, "The image shown on your page is in violation of a copyright! Take it off immediately!!". It is easy to make such claims for sport just to see if people will alter a web page. We feel that if a person can not post a proper source for their claim, then they are obviously just pulling a practical joke.

Some Dedications

Please keep in mind that if a person looks long enough and hard enough at something, they will most probably find an error, or two. If these oversights are brought to our attention, then a link or credit will be placed where they deserve to be placed. If an agreement can not be reached and it is found that the item posted on this site should not be posted, then a search for a new item can be started and the item in question can be removed.

Sadly we can't post all the names of those people who contributed to this site because no record was kept of everyone who made a passing comment about the WEB Site. It should be known that many more people than just the List Members have spent their personal time reviewing these pages for errors or observations. We would like to thank them all, but feel the only way to do that is by sending a General Thanks to everyone. ;)

Below you will find the URLs for some of the places which the graphics for this site were found. On other pages, especially the Links Page, you will find other sites which may have been places where these items were found.

The Last Disclaimer

This site is considered to be more for educational purposes than anything else. No one responsible for the site is out to make money from the works on this site, whether that work was done by us or others. The items posted on the site are for "Educating" others about the Times, Places, People, Events, etc. which may involve their Ancestry.

In most cases, the attempt to provide proper credit to the proper people are made, either by providing direct credit in placing an acknowlegement directly to the item -- or by placing a series of links where the information (or a part of the information) was found.

If a credit is not given, please let us know for sometimes things happen which result in a failure to provide proper credit.

Rootsweb Logos used with permission.

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Some of the graphics on this site came from:

Irish Bars & Clipart
Irish Scroll
St. Patrick's Day/Irish Globes
St. Patrick's Day/Irish Muted Tiled Backgrounds


Backgrounds and Images

Some of the Backgrounds and Images were items created for this site or items given for use on this site. They were most often created by using images available on the Internet. These items made especially for Debbie Romilly for her use on this, or any other, site which she wishes to use them on. Permission for use should be granted by her, as she deemss fit.

Background Music

This site uses standard WAV and MIDI files for the background music. All the Songs were found on the net and had no copyright disclaimers for their use. The posting of the Lyrics to the song in no way violates any copyrights, to the best of our knowledge.

If you wish to see what lyrics we found for the songs we used please goto: The Lyrics Page.

Complaints and Questions

When complaining to Debbie Romilly, please consider that she is receiving input on what is proper and what is not proper to place on a WEB Site by third parties. So there is no need to yell or threaten her over the items placed on this site. :)

The complaints will be passed on and/or checked out and addressed accordingly in a relatively reasonable amount of time.

This page will not address the concept of suggestions other than to say that Debbie has been very receptive in the area of trying to improve her site. Any policy concerning Suggestions will be handled by her.

The Future of this site.

In the words of the late, great Yoda, "The Future, it is difficult to tell!". :) In other words no one really knows were this site is heading.. but there are ideas on what is going onto this site. :)

Lots of things are needed to be done. The Roll Call pages need to be finished. The Main reason it isn't done yet is because the list was lost and needs to be recreated.

The Menu Buttons need fixing so that all the letters are all uniform. A new button may be created in the near future which will better match all the pages on this site. I would like to replace that "Back to the Index Page" link at the bottom of the pages with an acutal site menu. It would be nice for people to be able to go to what ever page they wish to go.

Perhaps a plain white one with the image of the Irish Girl on it would be appropriate. After all, the white on the irish flag is supposed to represent the hope for peace between the Irish Catholics and the North Irish Protestants. :)

Of Course their will be more poems, recipes, traditions, history, and other things already found on this site. It must be remembered that everything can't go on this site... in fact the List Mom asks me often enough about how much will be too much. My answer to you is the same as it is to her... I haven't a clue. :) I guess it will grow until Rootsweb tells us enough. :) In order to budget the space we use up.

In Closing

Sincere apologies are offered to anyone we missed who's information and files were used in the making this site. The oversite was purely unintentional for we appreciate the use of the things they have done.

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