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The Ireland List Chat Room

On Sunday, May 20th, 2001, The List Mom posted a Message about the use of the Ireland List Chat Room for the purpose of Classroom type Sessions used for the purpose of teaching others basic things. I saw one response to her posting and that one was pretty enthusiastic. :)

Today she wrote me and asked if I would "take the ball and run with it", so to speak, due to her not having the time to develope this right now. I agreed to do her the favor. I am sure Deb will pop in and out with her own comments, as she sees fit. :)

What I came up with, so far, is the following. Anyone with input which can enhance or improve this plan should feel free to reply - since this is something which can affect us all.

"About the Chatroom!"

The Ireland Chat Room is a text-style chat room, similar to that of the GenForum Chat Rooms. It can be found by going to the Message Center Page of the Ireland List Web Site.

The first thing to note is that all changes to the chat room can take 24 hours to take effect. So one can not simply make a change and instantly see it. This means any suggestions for color changes, or format changes takes up to a day to show.. your test messages to each other are basically immeidate. :)

"The Rules"

By enterring any Message Forum or Chat Room accessable from this site, The User agrees that they have read and understood the rules completely, and that they will adhere to these rules. :)

The above agreement is in effect whether the User of the Chat Room actually read the rules or not. This page provides the means and opportunity for all Users to become familiar with the code of conduct that we expect, therefore there is no valid excuse for "Not Knowing" the rules.

"How to Enter the Chatroom!"

Once you click on the "Enter Chat Room" button, you will be transported to a Login Page.

On the Login Page, you will be given the choice to enter your name and password or register your handle. If you haven't registered for a Handle, then you must do so now.. or not get into the room. The Earlier you register, the easier it will be to get the Handle, or nickname, that you will settle for (Be forewarned that you may not get the Handles you want, and you will have to keep trying until you get one that isn't taken already): What the Registration Page will ask of you is the following:

A. your First name
B. your Last name
C. which Handle you want
- Chosing the Handle that you wish to go by in the Chat Room may take some time. If someone registered the name or handle you wished to have first, then the system will ask you for a new handle.
D. the Password you wish to use
E. your Gender (sex).
- Your Gender will have one of three options to choose from : undisclosed; female; male.
F. if you wish to be Mailable.
- Being Mailable meand that you want other users of the Chat Room to be able to Email you. They can do this by clicking on the word "Email" which appears under your name on the User List in the Chat Room. This is an option where you can supply your email address or leave the box blank. Filling in your Email Address means you wish to be Mailable.

** NOTE: You can refuse to put your email address into the box and use the Whisper Mode to send your Email Address to others. This may be a good way to stop everyone from being able to contact you. If you make yourself Mailable, the Owners/operators of the Chat Room are not responsible for the items you may receive.

Once you registered your handle, you can go Log In to the Chat Room at any future time. Please Note that these procedures may no longer be required.

"I don't like how the Room Looks!"

Tough! LoL

All kidding aside, we aim to please... to a certain extent. If at all possible, we will be willing to try to make the chat room as ascetically pleasing as possible.

"The Use of the Chat Room"

The Chat Room is now mainly for the purpose of "Class Rooms".

It is suspected that there will be a lot of times when the Chatroom is not scheduled for use. During these times, people may utilize the room, Mostly we are generous on the use of the chat room when it isn't in use because there isn't any way to stop you from using it. :)

However, when someone comes in and says a Class will begin in 5 or ten minutes, the Chatters are expected to finish up their conversations fast and either stay for the class or go somewhere else.

When using the chat room, please keep in mind that others have the right to their opinions too.

A schedule will be placed on the Message Center Page and up-dated as Required. so please check the schedule before using the chatroom for your own purposes..

"Who can hold a Class?">

Anyone can request a class by emailing me at John or Deb at List Mom. We request that the information you provide us contains name of the class, a brief summary of it, when you would like to have it, and how long it is expected to last.

A couple notes on this before we go on:

  1. Try to keep the brief summary short. If possible, try to keep it to a few words..
  2. When giving the time you would like to hold your class, try giving two or three different dates and times. Not only will this give us a couple of slots to try to put your class in, but it also can serve for scheduling your class more than once in a period of a week or two,. so that we might try to catch as many List Members as possible. (The repeat class will be an item which we write you back to see if you wish to give the class again.)

"How do I handle a "Class"?"

I am not going to try to fool anyone, I expect the first few classes to be a mess. That is something which should be expected of anything new. :) In time, and with User Support, I am sure we can make this work.

The instructor is expected to follow the basic rules of the Site and the Mail List. I really wouldn't worry too much about this aspect of using the chatroom, for Most of the people will want to discuss Genealogy or Windows related topics.

A few suggestions are in order (and these suggestions can be revised by Member Input and by trial and error):

  • The Instructors should check the schedule before logging onto the chatroom to see if they have their time right. They also can see who is holding the classes before and after them.
  • If the Schedule reflects no class is going on in the slot before theirs, then it is advisable to log into the room about 5 or 10 minutes before class to announce the up-coming class. This will give people time to finish up their conversations and prepare for the class or leave the room.
  • The Instructor should resist the temptation to start class early, for unlike school, there are not set number of Students for the class.
  • The Instructor should Keep in mind that there is a limit of characters per entry to follow. It looks like 180 characters and spaces per entry. He or she might wish to set up their class notes in a text file, so that he/she can just copy and paste the text into the Dialogue box in the chat program.

Perhaps my notes on a typic class would look like:

Good Morning (afternoon or evening), I am Nomad and this class is about Creating Folders on your Hard Drive.

(A few second pause to see if anyone posts a comment.)

Your hard drive is really like a file cabinet and a certrain amount of order needs to be maintained for you to locate your riles easily and in a relatively quick time.

Just as you wouldn't just jam your documents into a drawer to be sorted through each time you want something, you shouldn't just save everything in one folder on your computer.


In order to create a Folder, you can click on "MY Computer", then click on the Hard Drive you want to add your folder to. Most computers only use the C Drive.

Once you are on the Drive you want, then click onFile, then New. At this point a Little Folder will appear on your screen and you just type in the name for it.


Thank you for listening and I will now entertain questions.

(Discussion Period)

Since there are no more questions, that concludes this lecture.

This may look like a lot of work, but an Instructor should prepare for a class they give anyway.

"Other things to try when runnng a Class!"

Classes are normally scheduled in 1 hour blocks. Some Classes will be scheduled for only half an hour. If a Class you wish to hold is expected to last longer than an hour.. and can not be broken down into a series of classes, then it is advisable to allow breaks so that people can go get something to drink or take care of other items they need to take care of.

The "Student" should resist the temptation to say Hello to the "Instructor" once the scheduled time for the class to start has past. If you enter the Room then quietly sit and read what is being written, even if the Instructor welcomes you as a late comer. This is not ignorance, as much as it is trying to not disrupt the proceedings.

The "Student" should remember that these are "Classes" or "Lectures" and not a group discussion period. (Unless it is designated as such.)

"What Topics can be covered in the Chat Room?"

That is up to the List Mom to authorize, but tenatively the following topics are ok. However look for up-dates on this policy.

Chatroom Topics:

a. Basic Computer
b. Genealogy
c. Irish Genealogy
d. Irish History
e. The Irish Culture of past eras

"Other Suggestions"

  1. If you wish, you can set up a text file on your hard drive that has the Basic Information that you think you might use often. Once this file is se up, all you have to do is open this file, while in the chatroom, and copy and paste what you want to say. This comes in handy for things like your email address, web site addresses,or other data like your Surnames which you are searching for.
  2. There is a Program out there called "Short Keys" which might work with this program. Instead of typing in your Email Address all the time, you could set up this program to where you type something like E1 and it inserts your EMail Address. Or maybe you want to post a series of ten Surnames.. you might type in N1 and the program inserts the surnames.

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