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My Sinnett Connections

By Michael W. Caughey

Elizabeth Sinnett is the mother of my son-in-law Bernard Nesbitt. She married John Nesbitt.

This name is also spelt SYNNOTT and SINNETT. Some families migrated to Dublin from Co Wexford. They have been in Co Wexford since the beginning of the 13th century. Richard, son of John Synod, was in possession of Ballybrennan, in the barony of Forth in 1247. Fr. Nicholas Synott, who wrote an interesting account of the barony of Forth in 1680, enumerates 23 landed gentry of the name having estates in the south-eastern part of the county. They have often been referred to as the most numerous of the various Anglo-Norman families which settled in Co. Wexford after the invasion of 1170, and for four centuries they not only possessed extensive estates but also held many public positions. Their stock multiplied as well as prospered, for in the "census" of 1659 Sinnott is listed as a principal Irish name in the barony of Forth and in the town and liberties of Wexford.
Fr. Patrick Sinnett was tutor to O'Sullivan beare, the historian, who gratefully commmemorated him in a Latin poem. Matthew Sinnett, is recorded as a householder at Ballinrobe in 1783.
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