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My Mc Nally Connections

By Michael W. Caughey

Kathleen Mc Nally married John Morgan, my brother in law, in Belfast, Ireland. He died and is buried, in Australia. Her parents are also buried in Australia. Her father was a hairdresser in Garfield Street, Belfast. He had a great interest in the Irish language and music.
MACNALLY also MacAnally, Mc Nally
These names are well known in Leinster, in Connacht (where they are often made Nally), and are most common in Ulster. There they are mainly found in counties Armagh and Monaghan. Taken together they constituted the 19th most common name in Monaghan in 1970.
The names can be of two Gaelic origins. Most outside Ulster and many within it will be Mac an Fhailghigh, from failgheach, meaning a 'poor man'. But most in Ulster will be Mac Con Uladh. This name is usually translated as 'son of the hound of Ulster', but the Ulster referred to is the old Ulida, modern southeast Ulster. And in the seventeenth century, as now, this is where the name was most common.
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