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Irish Headstones
Glossary Useful in Irish Genealogical Research
Church Records Learn about an important collection of church records held by the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland that could help you in your search for your Irish ancestors
Irish Census Records 1766 - Church of Ireland rectors were instructed by the government in March and April 1766, to compile complete returns of all householders in their parishes, showing their religion, as between Church of Ireland (Episcopalian), Roman Catholic (termed 'Papists' in the returns) and Presbyterians (or Dissenters), and giving an account of any Roman Catholic clergy active in their area.
Irish Genealogical Sources This link introduces you to a treasury of Irish genealogical sources, including links and addresses. A must for the serious researcher.
Valuation Books Valuation Books are lists of people occupying lands and houses in Ireland and are available from 1830 onwards.
Wills in Ireland Wills are an important source of genealogical information on the property-owning class in Ireland. One click here will reveal more.
The Tridentine Mass What is the Traditional Mass?
The Latin liturgy has always been known for its beauty, reverence, and mystery. Perhaps this explains why so many people are attracted to this form of worship. In fact, due to the increasing number of requests for the Mass, Pope John Paul II, in his recent letter Ecclesia Dei, encouraged the frequent celebration of the traditional Latin liturgy for those Catholics who desire it.
Pobal na h-Eireann
By clicking on this link, you can read details about a unique political movement, not only in Ireland, but perhaps, in the whole world.

Irish Newspapers And Other Media
Ship and Passenger Lists,

Currency Exchange1
Currency Exchange2
Currency Exchange3
To get the currency exchange rate for the day, try these three above.


Gen CirclesWell worth a visit for family history researchers.
Irish Fuel Prices Check fuel prices in all 32 counties.
Motor Insurance Justice Action GroupCar Insurance premiums in Ireland are a national scandal
American Family Immigration History Centre
If your Irish ancestors passed through Ellis Island, USA between 1892 and 1924, you might find some details about them at this site.
Irish Telephone Directory
This site has Telephone, Website, Fax and Email Directories.
Northern Ireland Telephone Directory
Telephone numbers in Northern Ireland can be found here
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Irish Churches
Irish Famine newspapers & Articles
Irish Famine Site
Irish Genealogical Society
Irish in America: Irish Americans
Irish Links
Doing Irish Research
Irish site: click local, click genealogy, surname list
Irish Music Site
Irish Site
Ireland Genealogy Forum
Irish Placenames and Meanings
This site has a discussion section on Irish Placenames.
Irish and Australian Data
Here is a collection of web sites in Australia that have an Irish connection or content.
Church of Ireland Web Site: Diocese of Cork Cloyne and Ross
Details of parishes and clergy in the Dioceses of Cloyne, Cork and Ross.

Ireland Forum This is the forum for this site where you are invited to post comments, questions, etc

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