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    Timothy "Tate" SCANNELL was born about 1835/40 in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland. This little town is in the Nagles Mountains along the Blackwater River.  He owned and operated a livery and also did some carpentry work.  Tate, described by his daughter, Maggie, as "the handsomest man in Fermoy"  married a young lady described as "a loyal Scot".  Tate's wife was Catherine Frances GAHIGAN, whose birth date and parentage is presently unknown.   Also, yet to be discovered is Tate's death date and burial location.  Family lore states that after his death, Catherine came into the United States through New York "with her jewels sewn into her petticoats".  While we have no verification of her journeys, it is presumed she went to Boston to be near Maggie and her family.

    Tate and Catherine were the parents of only three known children.  First was John Joseph "Jack" Scannell born 08 Sep 1860 in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland.  Next was a daughter who died young Mary Ann Scannell, born 28 Nov 1865, and last was Margaret Frances "Maggie" Scannell, born 06 Mar 1869, also in Fermoy.  Again, according to family stories, Jack immigrated first and Maggie, concerned over not hearing anything of her brother, followed a few years later.

    John Joseph "Jack" Scannell, we learned from census records as well as military records at Fort Davis, TX, was naturalized in 1874 which would indicate a very young lad coming into this country prior to that date.  Did he travel with other relatives, perhaps an uncle's family?  No record has emerged with answers to some very vital questions.

    Notes pertaining to Jack's military service were  obtained from the Fort Davis National Historical Society, Fort Davis, TX.  The information stated, "John Scannell enlisted July 7, 1881 Boston, MA; born Cork Ireland, age 24; eyes blue; hair brown; complection dark; height 5'6-1/4"; occupation laborer; Company I, 5th US Infantry; discharged July 8, 1886, Expiration of term of service, Ft. Custer, MT (Montana Territory) 1st Sgt; character excellent; discharged Jackson Barracks, LA July 9, 1891; 1st Sgt; character excellent. Company I stationed at Fort Davis June 1888 to September 1890.

    Following his discharge from the service, Jack returned to Fort Davis and began his work as an engineer for the Rail Road Water Works.  On  21 Jul 1891, he married Julia Fay Hopkins, whom he met during the time he was stationed there.  Julia, born 10 May 1870 in Fort Davis, TS, was the daughter of Samuel Chandler and Ellen Jane Brady Hopkins.

    An amusing story came to light when two marriage records were found for this couple.  The first record was dated 1890 and was never used and returned to the court.  The second record which was recorded and filed properly was dated one year later.  Family legend states Julia's mother did not like the young soldier courting her daughter, feeling he was not "good enough" for her.  Thus in 1890 when she learned of their plans to marry, she packed some suitcases and took her daughter away to stop the marriage.  Obviously this tactic was not successful as this couple celebrated 44 years of marriage prior to Jack's fatal heart attack 31 Mar 1935 in Hot Wells, TX and burial in Marfa, TX.

    Jack and Julia were faithful members of the Sacred Heart Church in Marfa, became the parents of 10 children, and provided a loving home for their family and friends.  Additionally Julia was Postmaster in Hot Wells, Hudspeth County, for a number of years.  Julia's death came as the result of a cerebral hemorrahge on 11 Jul 1945 and she is buried beside her husband in Marfa.

Jack's records reveal conflicting information about his parent's names.  The death certificate information provided by Jack's youngest son, John Patrick, gave Jack's father's name as Thaddeus and his mother's sname was not recorded.  Later the marriage record at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fort Davis, written in Latin, gives Jack's parents as "Timotheum" and "Catarina".

    Margaret Frances "Maggie" Scannell  became the bride (date unknown) of Thomas Joseph Curran,  and they made their home in West Lynn, MA where they were the parents of 13 children.  Tom was born in 1865, a native of Philadelphia and son of Richard and susan Dailey Curran.  He worked as a Caretaker of the Lynn Isolation hospital and Lynn City Home and was a fireman at the Walnut St. pumping station of the Lynn Water Works for 10 years.  Tom was graduated from St. Anne's

Prep school and St. Joseph's college in Philadelphia.  He was a member of Lodge 261 Loyal Order of Moose De La Salle court, M.C.O.F., and Lodg 278 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

    In her obituary in 1949, we learn that Maggie was one of West Lynn's best known residents.  She was a member of the St. Rita Court, MCOF; Court Electric City, American Order of Foresters and a charter member of both the Post 6, A. L. Auxiliary, and the Yankee Division Veterans auxiliary.  She was a devout communicant of Sacred Heart church.

    Unconfirmed stories (except those agreed upon by other relatives)  related by a grandson include:

- Margaret said the Scannell name was originally Cellanelos.  (This needs study and/or confirmation.)
- The Scot side changed to Catholic when Catherine's father fell off of a Catholic Cathedral and a rope wrapped around his leg, saving him.
- Margaret was removed from the regular school because she would not bow to the King of England (all the family agree on this point).
- Margaret was said to be very proud of her brother, Jack.
- She attended "Finishing School" possibly in England or France before coming to the United States.


Descendants of: John Joseph "Jack" SCANNELL        This symbol    represents my husband's direct lineage.

1  John Joseph "Jack" SCANNELL b. 08 Sep 1860 Fermoy, County Cork, Ire d. 31 Mar 1935 Hot Wells, Hudspeth, TX;
  m. Julia Fay HOPKINS m. 21 Jul 1891 Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX  b. 10 May 1870 Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX d. 11 Jun 1945 Marfa, Presidio, TX   [daughter of Samuel Chandler HOPKINS and Ellen Jane BRADY]

[Children of John Joseph "Jack" SCANNELL and Julia Fay HOPKINS]
Ellen Kathleen "Kate" SCANNELL b. 04 Jul 1892 Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX d. 08 Feb 1962 Houston, Harris, TX 
m1. James Henry ELAM m. 14 Sep 1910 Marfa, Presidio, TX  b. 24 Oct 1876 Barry Co., MO d. 29 Jan 1955 Fabens, El Paso, TX   [son of John Combs ELAM and Nancy Elizabeth HADLEY]  
m2. Marion Lee BAKER m. 15 Oct 1913 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX  b. 09 Jan 1891 Weed, New Mexico d. 20 Jun 1962 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM   [son of William Riley BAKER and Hattie WEBER]

[Children of Ellen Kathleen "Kate" SCANNELL and James Henry ELAM]
3  Frances Fay ELAM b. 27 Jun 1911 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX 
m. Raymond Clifton SWONKE m. 06 Aug 1930 Harris Co.TX Courthouse By A Jp  b. 23 Oct 1907 Westfield, Harris, TX d. 04 Jun 1979 Park Plaza Hosp., Houston, TX   [son of Frank SWONKE and Ophelia Lucinda ELLZEY]

[Children of Ellen Kathleen "Kate" SCANNELL and Marion Lee BAKER]
3  Nora Ethel BAKER b. 30 Dec 1914 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. 01 Mar 1994 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM
m. George Owen PERRIN m. 03 Jun 1933 Las Crusas, Dona Ana, NM  b. 03 Dec 1905 Marfa, Presidio, TX d. 27 Jan 1973 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM  [son of G H PERRINE and Victoria MONTEZ]

3   Marion Lee BAKER b. 20 Nov 1917 Houston, Harris, TX d. 10 Jan 1996 Houston, Harris, TX
m. Mary Elizabeth WALKER m. 24 Jul 1942 Houston, Harris, TX  b. 03 Mar 1920 OK d. 18 Jul 1994 Houston, Harris, TX  [daughter of Cornillious Eelker WALKER and Sarah Lou MOLDS]

3 Margaret Ellen "Peggy" BAKER b. 21 Oct 1922 Houston, Harris, TX
m. Henry Windol SATTERWHITE m. 03 Dec 1941 Houston, Harris, TX  b. 17 Mar 1914 Cushing, TX d. 16 Sep 1973 Houston, Harris, TX   [son of John William SATTERWHITE and Annie PITTMAN]

2.   Julia Fay SCANNELL b. 18 Mar 1894 Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX d. 07 Mar 1898 (probably in Fort Davis)

2.   Myles Joseph SCANNELL b. 19 Dec 1896 Shafter, Presidio, TX d. 09 Sep 1929 Polvo (Redford) Presidio, TX
m. Hanora Dorothy "Dot" COTTER m. 30 Jun 1926 Alpine, Brewster, TX  b. 17 Feb 1904 Alpine, Brewster, TX d. 03 Apr 1990  (After a Car Wreck In Davis Mountains)  [daughter of James COTTER and Lula ARMSTRONGClick here for photos and documents.

[Child of Myles Joseph SCANNELL and Hanora Dorothy "Dot" COTTER]
3.   Jack Cotter SCANNELL b. 31 Oct 1927 Marfa, Presidio, TX d. 18 Mar 1999 Midland, Midland, TX (never married.)

2   Mary Ethel SCANNELL b. 31 Oct 1897 Shafter, Presidio, TX d. 08 May 1973 Medical Center Hosp., Odessa, Ector, TX
m. Patrick Gorman HARRIS m. 23 Oct 1919 Sierrablanca, Hudspeth, TX By Judge Love  b. 13 May 1894 Waco, TX d. 15 Apr 1961 Sanderson, Terrell, TX    [son of John Elbert HARRIS and Emma Lee CUNNINGHAM]

[Children of Mary Ethel SCANNELL and Patrick Gorman HARRIS]
3   Patrick Gorman HARRIS b. 02 Aug 1920 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. 16 Nov 1986 Odessa, Ector, TX
m. Frances Ama Lee LAMBERT m. 22 May 1952 Sanderson, Terrell, TX  b. 29 Jul 1921 d. 13 Aug 1995 Medical Center Hospital, Odessa, TX     [daughter of Edward Samuel LAMBERT and Katherine Ruth JACKSON]

3   Emma Fay HARRIS b. 06 Apr 1922 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. 27 May 1985 San Antonio, Bexar, TX
m. Troy William DRUSE m. 13 Apr 1944 Sanderson, Terrell, TX  b. 11 Oct 1921 Sanderson, Terrell, TX  [son of William Mullen DRUSE and Lydia IVY]

3   Ethel Bernice HARRIS b. 01 Nov 1924 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. ______
m. Wilton Howard DISHMAN m. 10 Nov 1947 Sanderson, Terrell, TX  b. 04 Apr ____, Bryan, TX d. Dec 1991 WWII    [son of Prince Evans DISHMAN and Laura NANCE]

3   James Robert "Jimmy" HARRIS b. 29 May 1931 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. Apr 1988 NC
m. Mildred Lois JONES m. 03 Nov 1953 Sanderson, Terrell, TX 
2   Wesley Merrit SCANNELL b. 24 Feb 1900 Shafter, Presidio, TX d. 27 Oct 1906, probably in Marfa, TX  (Scarlet Fever)

2   Chandler Hubert SCANNELL b. 05 Oct 1901 Shafter, Presidio, TX d. 05 Jul 1968 Pasadena, Harris, TX
 m. Rosa Lee "Rose" GIBBS m. 23 Apr 1927 Houston, Harris, TX  b. 27 Aug 1904 Madisonville, Madison, TX d. 10 Dec 1994         [daughter of John Austin GIBBS and Margaret TOWNLEY]

[Child of Chandler Hubert SCANNELL and Rosa Lee "Rose" GIBBS]
3   John Joseph "Joe" SCANNELL b. 12 Apr 1933 Houston, Harris, TX d. 17 Jun 1972 Huntsville, Walker, TX (Car Wreck)
m. Evelyn Lucille SUTHERLAND m. 04 Jun 1953 _____________________________  b. 14 Oct 1934 _____________________________ d. 12 Jan 1997 _____________________________

2   Grace Elizabeth SCANNELL b. 25 Mar 1903 Marfa, Presidio, TX d. 07 Nov 1906 __________ (Scarlet Fever)

2   Ida Gertrude SCANNELL b. 14 Sep 1905 Marfa, Presidio, TX d. 31 Oct 1906 __________ (Scarlet Fever)

2   Marguerite Frances "Peggy" SCANNELL b. 18 Jul 1907 Marfa, Presidio, TX d. 17 Jan 1978 Crystal Lake, Mchenry, IL
m. Martin Edward "Ed" SULLIVAN m. 19 Apr 1930 Sierra Blanca, Hudspeth, TX  b. 22 May 1899,  d. Jul 1955 Dallas, Dallas, TX    [son of Martin SULLIVAN and Elizabeth GARRITY]

[Children of Marguerite Frances "Peggy" SCANNELL and Martin Edward "Ed" SULLIVAN]
3   Miles Edward SULLIVAN
m. Lois POLSY? m.  _____________________________ 

3   Elizabeth Fay "Betty" SULLIVAN b.  Van Horn, Culberson, TX
m. Douglas Bruce PHILLIPS m.  Bryan, Brazos, TX  b.  Thorndale, Milam, TX     [son of Douglas Madison PHILLIPS and Ruby E ROUSE]

3   Stanley Francis SULLIVAN
m. Gayle __________

2   John Patrick "Johnny" SCANNELL b. 25 Nov 1910 Valentine, Jeff Davis, TX d. 10 Jun 1986 Odessa, Ector, TX
m. Pauline "Polly" ROSE m. 11 Oct 1945 San Antonio, Bexar, TX  b. 21 Nov 1912 Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX d. 15 Jun 1996 Medical Center Hosp., Odessa, Ector, TX     [daughter of William Alfred\Alford ROESE and Edna Pearl SCRIBNER]

[Children of John Patrick "Johnny" SCANNELL and Pauline "Polly" ROSE]
  3 John Patrick SCANNELL b.  Sanderson, Terrell, TX
m. Phyllis Diane DOZIER m.  Midland, Midland, TX  b.  Powell, Park, WY    [daughter of James Leroy DOZIER and Iola Blanche "Dolly" HOLLOWAY]

3 Kathleen Anne "Kathy" SCANNELL b.  Sanderson, Terrell, TX (At Home)
m. Charles Rodrick LAWHON m.  Odessa, Ector, TX  b.  Odessa, Ector, TX    [son of William David LAWHON and Jessie CASWELL]


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