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W. A. Roese was, and is, a  "Mystery Man".   Little is known about this man who used only his initials in place of his given names throughout the records we have found.

First there is the mystery of the surname spelling.  Where he has provided his signature, the name is written as W.A. Roese.

The enumerator for the 1910 Cleburne County Texas census, spelled the name ROSE with a hook on the end just to confuse the reader.  This same enumerator recorded a given name of William A. who was born in "Collorado" and whose parents were both born in Tennessee.  This man's occupation was listed as "Commercial Traveler" and his age was 32.  He was a boarder in the home of one Sarrah Simpson, and it is reasonable to believe she provided the infomation for this census enumeration

The following year, 02 Oct 1911, we find W. A. Roese of Dallas, Texas signing a form from the State of Texas, County of Tarrant, attesting to the fact that he was 21 years of age and that Miss Edna Scribner of "City" (Fort Worth) was eighteen years of age and that there was no legal objection to their marriage.

That same day, the marriage of these two individuals was performed by T. J. Maben, Justice of the Peace, Precinct One, Tarrant County, Texas.  The certificate was filed for record on 28 November 1911 and in each document, the groom's name appears as W. A. Roese.

No other documents have been located prior to the birth of a daughter, Pauline ROSE on 21 Nov 1912..  The family story is told that Edna did not like the connotations of German heritage associated with her husband's spelling of the name and arbitrarily used the "Americanized" spelling.  Pauline soon became known as Polly, but her birth certificate was originally filed without any name for the child.  Her father's name was recorded as     W. A. Rose of Colorado and his occupation was shown as Merchant Grocer.  Some 40+  years later, an affadavit was filed to amend the certificate to include Polly's name and this amended document gives the name of William Alfred Rose, age 31 at the time of the birth.

Soon this marriage was to be disolved and when served with the petition for divorce on 04 Mar 1916, the young husband  signed a waiver of the citation and agreed to appear in court.  His signature appears on this document as W. A. Roese.

The next occurance of a record for our mystery man was the discovery of a second marriage on 09 Mar 1917.  J. W. Pateson, pastor of Glenwood Methodist Church, Fort Worth, Texas performed the ceremony uniting W. A. Roese and Miss Winnie Shockey as husband and wife.  Later that year, in August, Mr. and Mrs. Roese are found buying a parcel of land --, lot 19, block 99, in North Fort Worth.  This same propery is sold in December, 1917,  for a tidy profit.

We learn that in January, 1918, Winnie Roese is now expecting their first child and suddenly, W. A. Roese has disappeared.  Some say he moved to West Texas, but no one has any definite knowledge of where he went or what may have happened to him.

Two grandchildren, half cousins, would now like to learn what ever they can about the fate of W. A. Roese.  Was he a deserter as some think?    Could he have volunteered for service near the end of World War 1?  Did he meet with foul play?

Anyone who can shed some light on our mystery man is invited to contact me.


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