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13 February 2011

Oh, my!  It has been far too long since I updated these pages!  Today I have added lineages or information for the Brewer, DeForest, and Merritt families.  More will follow soon.

26 July 2008

Many of the pages on this site were in need of minor maintenance so the readers will not notice new material.  However, several documents and pictures were added as a link to Myles Scannell and a new page was set up for the Hopkins family.

  20 July 2007

Over the past several months, many cousins have written with information about their Elgie research and have shared so much information that it was obvious this page needed to be updated.  In order to make the page easier to view, different branches are now linked on separate pages, but the numbering of the indented format remains constant so you can always go back to see where an individual fits in the "big picture".

20 April 2007

In the last few days, I have added a page for my Butler ancestor.  I have learned virtually nothing about her and am hoping a reader can point me in the right direction.
Two photographs were added to the Murphy page.
Additionally some minor page maintenance was necessary so many pages won't look any different.

30 March 2005

Today a new page was added to share infomation on my Fikes family.

 24 March 2005

A correction has been made on the Dozier family page today, along with an update to the date on the copyright notice of all of the pages on this site.  I have also added a new page for information on the Curran and Reynolds lineages.
Additionally, the Links page has been updated to reflect the new web home of the San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society.

10 January 2004

Today the date on the Copyright notice was updated through 2004 and information was posted for the Athey and Cooley surnames.  Bad links have been removed and of course the pages for the grand babies have been updated to include their newest snapshots.

 02 October 2003

Today I have added a new page dedicated to our new grandson, Mark Ewing Callison.  I hope you will enjoy his pictures as well as those of his first cousin, Holley Marie Costello.

  23 July 2003

Some very nice people have told me they had problems viewing some of my pages, so I reformatted these pages in an effort to accommodate more (or is it less?) resolution on a screen.  A few pages received some minor updating in the process.

10 April 2003

Today I updated the photo album, adding some new pages and many pictures of my home and family.   The link for page monitoring has also been  updated to a smaller, less obtrusive box.

  10 Nov 2002

I now have some pictures posted, for those interested in my immediate family.

Today along with brightening the page design a bit, I have added a "Change Detection" feature to these pages.  If you leave your e-mail address in the form, you will get a notification in your mail box any time I update the page where you made the entry.  If you are interested in more than one of my surnames, then you will need to leave your address on each page of interest.  Your privacy is protected and you will NOT get junk e-mail or other solicitations as a result of using this feature.

 09 Nov 2002
Many cousins have been in touch with me about some of the lines we share, so updates occur on many pages.  The ELGIE Page now has links to photographs for several of the people, as well as some updated and added information for the Todd J. Elgie family.

Research on the Hennessey line has revealed the earlier common usage of HINFEY for this family and through the collaborative efforts of several cousins, this page has now been expanded.  In conjunction with this research, the BRADY page has been updated and a new MURPHY page has been added. 

After many long searches, a couple of census entries broke the brick walls on my DODSON and DOZIER lines, so some new information has been added to these pages.  Other pages just got a fresh new look.

 29 Jan 2002
This month my life changed dramatically with a move from my home of 16 years in Wichita, Kansas to a new home in San Antonio, Texas.   Love it here!   I am posting my new e-mail address and will continue to be working on family lines.  If you are a cousin, or a researcher, and have my old address saved on your computer, please make a note of the new address:

 04 Sep 2001
Due to an increase in activity on the Elgie family, I have posted my BASIC information on the descendants of John Elgye/Elgie of Darlington, Durham, England. 

10 Aug 2001
New data has been posted to reflect some of my research on the familys of  Brady and Hinfey, Irish immigrants who settled in South and West Texas.

Many visitors have signed my guest book, some with questions and others with very kind words.  I regret that circumstances have prevented me from replying sooner, but I will be working on responses to each of you (hoping I can find you) over the next week.  Your comments are important to me, so I will be in touch.

25 Mar 2001
Today, after a long period of inactivity, I am adding several new lineage pages, Blacklock, Dozier, and Granger as well aa page of Links along with performing some other updates.

24 Jun 2000
Today a Statement of Copyright has been added to each of my pages.  I hope each person who may find a link to family lines I post here, will respect my desires as stated in the copyright and contact me prior to "adopting" this data.

08 Jun 2000
Visitors will now find a page dedicated to my Sykes ancestors.  This is a very large family with many cousins researching their specific branches and sharing data.  If you see something here you believe to be in error, please let me know.

28 May 2000
I have posted a listing of my surnames and a page dedicated to one of my Civil War grandfathers, Robert Murray.  I hope all who visit will find something of interest here, and I look forward to hearing from those who may share a common ancestry.


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