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Like my Clark ancestry, my Holloway ancestry was also a gift to me from a second cousin, once removed, Clark H. Hamilton, back when I first started tracing my family lines.  Clark's mother, Margaret Rose Holloway Hamilton, had spent many years in tracing and recording her family history before it became the popular thing to do.  Upon her death, Cousin Clark became the keeper of the records and his graciousness in sharing her work with me is deeply appreciated.

I have been able to further the work in a few areas of more recent lineages, but the brick walls Margaret encountered in her work sadly remain standing today.

This symbol  represents my direct lineage.

1.   Henry HOLLOWAY, b. ca 1790-1805 married Sarah (______)




           2        i.     Ann HOLLOWAY

        + 3        ii.    Henry HOLLOWAY

           4        iii.   Sarah HOLLOWAY

                             Sources: Morman Family History Center, Batch Records #'s 71 05727 & C13762 in the IGI files.



Next Generation


3.  Henry HOLLOWAY, b. ca 1810 in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England

     Married 21 Oct 1838 in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England, Caroline HARRIS, b. 28 Oct 1821 in Kidderminster, England, occupation Homemaker, religion Presbyterian / Unitarian.


     The 1881 British census records the Widow, Caroline Holloway in District 12, Whittington, Worcestershire at age 68.  Living with her are two unmarried sons, Robt. age 22 and John age 20.  Robt is listed as crippled from birth and John is working as a gardener.

     Sources: Mormon Family History Center, IGI Batch #'s 7105727, C01376 2, C013763 & M013761.




           5        i.     George HOLLOWAY, b. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England, d. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England.

           6        ii.    George HOLLOWAY, b. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England.

           7        iii.   William HOLLOWAY, b. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England.

           8        iv.   Jane HOLLOWAY, b. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England.

        + 9        v.    Henry Owen "Harry" HOLLOWAY b. 10 Mar 1845 in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England.

           10      vi.   John HOLLOWAY, b. in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England

                             Sources: Morman Family History Center, Batch Records # C013 763, IGI files. Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton. Came to Buffalo, WY with brother, Henry, stayed only a short time before returning to England.



Next Generation


9.  Henry Owen "Harry" HOLLOWAY, b. 10 Mar 1845 in Halesowen, Worcestershire, England, d. 08 May 1893 in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, buried in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, occupation Blacksmith, religion Episcopal.


     Henry Owen (Harry) Holloway, on his return from England in 1882, brought a niece, Jane Dingley, with him.  she married a blacksmith, Robert Giles, in Rock Creek, WY and they moved to IL. Henry’s death resulted from hitting head on rock in fall from his horse.   Extract from Gen Soc of Utah by Mrs. Merle Chipman, & Correspondence w/Bro. Cunningham re. Parish Records of Halesowen; Ref. diary published. by his grandson; found in notes & research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton.


     Birth place also given as Birmingham, England ??  Worked construction of Eads Bridge in St. Louis, MO.


     Married 06 Jul 1873 in St. Louis, St. Louis City, MO, Annie CLARK, b. 04 Jan 1857 in Kinmondy, Marion, IL (daughter of John J. CLARK and Catherine EGAN),  d. 01 May 1908 in State Hosp., Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, buried May 1908 in Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY, occupation Homemaker, religion Catholic.


     Annie: 1880 Fed Census WY Territory, Rock Creek Village, Albany Co. Typed recollections by F. T. Hamilton, 1986; Photocopies of Land patent and deed records on file in Johnson Co., WY Photocopy of Letters Testamentary in Estate of Harry Holloway (Executrix).




           11      i.     Catherine HOLLOWAY, b. 03 Aug 1875 in St. Louis, St. Louis City, MO, d. 10 Mar 1876 in Laramie, Albany, WY.

           12      ii.    William Henry HOLLOWAY, b. 10 Jun 1877 in Carbon Co., WY, d. 29 Mar 1878 in Laramie, Albany, WY.                                              

        + 13      iii.   Edward Daniel HOLLOWAY b. 10 Feb 1879.

        + 14      iv.   Jane "Jennie June" HOLLOWAY b. 26 Jul 1881.

        + 15      v.    Margaret Rose HOLLOWAY b. 01 Jan 1884.

           16      vi.   Henry O. "Harry" HOLLOWAY, b. 30 Oct 1887 in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, d. 08 Dec 1957.       

        + 17      vii.  Walter James HOLLOWAY b. 15 Nov 1891.



Next Generation


13.  Edward Daniel HOLLOWAY, b. 10 Feb 1879 in Rock Creek, Albany, WY,  occupation Rancher.    

       1880 Fed Census WY Territory, Rock Creek Village, Albany Co.  Lived in Englewood, CA in 1951. Signed name as Ed D. Holloway.  

       Married 06 Oct 1901 in Loretta May BOYCE.




           18      i.     Daniel HOLLOWAY

           19      ii.    Margaret HOLLOWAY

           20      iii.   Hazel HOLLOWAY

           21      iv.   Walter HOLLOWAY

           22      v.    Betty HOLLOWAY

           23      vi.   ________ "Dolly" HOLLOWAY                                       

                             Sources: Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton; Gave Iola Blanche "Dolly" Holloway two 6" x 8" shadow pictures for her high school graduation, 1940.  Now currently owned and proudly displayed by Iola’s daughter.


14.  Jane "Jennie June" HOLLOWAY, b. 26 Jul 1881 in Rock Creek, Albany, WY, occupation Teacher.

       Married 19 Jan 1902 George William CRESWELL, occupation Physician.

       Resided Isle of Pines, Columbia in 1908 per Annie Clark's o bit.





           24      i.     George CRESWELL

           25      ii.    Kenneth CRESWELL

           26      iii.   Robert CRESWELL


15.  Margaret Rose HOLLOWAY, b. 01 Jan 1884 in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, d. 10 Aug 1974 in Reno, Storey, NV, buried in Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY, occupation Secretary, religion Episcopal.


       Served as executrix of her mother's will. Copies of notes/research, remembrances and diaries given me by her son, Clark and his son, Dan. Graduated High School 15 Jun 1901. Attended Lincoln Business College.  Worked in Johnson Co., WY Courthouse.


       Married 01 Jan 1910 in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, George Franklin HAMILTON, b. 21 Aug 1871 in Spencerville, DE Kalb, IN (son of Benjamin (E) HAMILTON and Catherine HOUCK),  d. 06 May 1951 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE, buried in St. Joe, DE Kalb, IN, occupation Civil Engineer, religion Lutheran.





        + 27      i.     Clark H HAMILTON b. 29 Jul 1912.

           28      ii.    Franklin Tye HAMILTON, b. 06 Jun 1918 in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, occupation Attorney.      

                             Sources: Correspondence with Clark Hamilton 1986/7.  Typed recollect ions by FTH.


17.    Walter James HOLLOWAY, b. 15 Nov 1891 in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, d. 25 Jun 1952 in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, buried in Buffalo, WY.  Funeral - St Luke's Episcopal Church, occupation Rancher.


       Letters to/from Margaret Rose Holloway and her genealogy research notes/diary.  Correspondence w/Clark Hamilton, 1987/8 (Walt's nephew.)  Letter postmarked Buffalo, Wyo, Oct 16 1943, 3-PM to Miss Iola B. Holloway containing a photo of Walt, age 6, and a lock of his very curly, light blond hair is in Scannell personal files.


       (1) Married 30 Mar 1921 in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, Mahala Agnes "Midge" SYKES, b. 07 Oct 1897 in Henry, Codington, SD (daughter of Victor SYKES and Jessie Mary ELGIE),  d. 30 Nov 1937 in Casper, Natrona, WY, buried 02 Dec 1937 in Manderson Cem., Manderson, Big Horn, WY, occupation Homemaker, religion Baptist.





        + 29      i.     Iola Blanche "Dolly" HOLLOWAY b. 28 Mar 1922.


       (2) He married Mable LUTES, b. 29 Apr 1888 in Vermillion, Clay, SD, d. 30 Nov 1975 in Basin, Big Horn, WY, buried 03 Dec 1975 in Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY, occupation Waitress/Catholic.



Next Generation


27.  Clark H HAMILTON, b. 29 Jul 1912 in Alliance, Box Butte, NE, d. 31 Oct 1987 in Reno, Storey, NV, buried in Reno, Storey, NV.

       Married 08 Nov 1944 in Oakland, San Francisco, CA, Gertrude GUTLEBEN, b. 28 Apr 1916 in Alameda, Alameda, CA.





           30      i.     Franklin HAMILTON

                             Married Janice MEREDITH - 3 children

           31      ii.    Steven HAMILTON

           32      iii.   Dan HAMILTON occupation Manufacturing,

                             Married Beatrice SCHMIDT            - 2 children



           33      iv.   Keith HAMILTON

                             Married Lyn BIEDERMANN – 1 child


29.  Iola Blanche "Dolly" HOLLOWAY, b. 28 Mar 1922 in Manderson, Big Horn, WY, d. 25 Jul 1989 in Denver City, Yoakum, TX, buried 27 Jul 1989 in Denver City Memorial Cem, Denver City, TX, occupation Homemaker, military Women's Army Air Corps - Pvt., Served 2 months, religion Church of Christ.


       Graduated high school in Casper, WY, but attended Manderson schools until her senior year.  Attended beauty school, but did not take the state board exams. Had good organization skills; was a "people person" making friends easily; joined the Yoakum County Hospital Auxiliary, The Pink Ladies, and served over 10,000 hours including a term as secretary and one as president.  Baked hundreds of pies to sell in the Pink Pantry Gift Shop at the hospital.


       (1) Married 24 May 1944 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT, James Leroy DOZIER, b. 01 Aug 1922 in Fulton, Itawamba, MS (son of James Orville DOZIER and Anna Maye DODSON),  d. 11 Apr 1971 in Missoula, MT, buried in Missoula Cem., Missoula, MT, military U.S. Navy - SeaBees WWII.


       James: Lived in Amory, MS and attended schools there from 1929 to 1938 per U.S. Navy recruiting forms. 




           34      i.     Phyllis Diane DOZIER


       (2) Married 02 Apr 1948 in Casper, Natrona, WY, Curtis Ewing CRAFT, b. 23 Feb 1919 in Healdton, Carter, OK (son of Loyd Eldridge CRAFT and Minnie Belle COUCH),  d. 28 Aug 1994 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, buried 01 Sep 1994 in Denver City Memorial Cem, Denver City, TX, occupation Oil Field Pumper, military U.S. Army - 45th Inf. Quartermaster Div. WWII, religion Church of Christ.


       Curtis: During Army service in WWII was hospitalized in North Africa with Malaria.





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