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Other variants of this surname include, but are not limited to:
 Hinfay, Henfay, Henfey, Henifie,  Henifee, Henifey , Hennefee,  Henphy, and Hemphy.

Researchers for the families shown below are Mary Elizabeth (Ward) Utterback, and  Mary Louise (Young) Ferrell, Roberta Evans, Peg Rauner, and myself.   I want to state emphatically that this is a working document.  Available sources are noted.  If a source is not given, the data is our best THEORY and we are seeking the proper documentation.  Due to ongoing research, it is possible that all of our information may  not yet appear on these pages.  We invite others researching any branch of this family to contact us.  It is our goal to document all information presented here, meet new cousins,  and exchange our information to ultimately find additional ancestors both in the U.S. and abroad.


Because of the numerous variants of this name as found  in  the U.S. census records, state and church marriage records, land documents and many other sources,  I am recording the HINFEY spelling below with notations of other spellings in various records.    At the end of this page, the reader will find some additional information about this surname as found in Irish records.   Our  HINFEY ancestors probably came from (or near) Ballymaguigan, County Derry, Ireland.

We know from a baptism record of April 29, 1833 in St. Trea's R.O. Church, Newbridge, Ballymaguigan, Derry, Ireland that John and Susanna HINFEY were the parents of Charles HINFEY.  It is believed that this same man, Charles, is one of seven siblings who came to the United States, lived for a time in Pennsylvania and eventually moved to Texas.  Some of these siblings returned to Pennsylvania and at least one of them went back to Ireland.  Communications with descendants of some of these siblings has revealed letters between the siblings and shared oral histories.  Many thanks to Roberta Evans, Peggy  Rauner, and Jerry Doyle for their contributions.

As of 03 Nov 2002,  the following ourlines our findings and what we believe to be the descendants of John and Susanna HINFEY  of Ballymaguigan, Derry, Ireland.


*    John HINFEY b. __ ___ ____ in  Ireland, d. __ ___ ____  in  __________
      m. Susanna  ______ ______ m. __ ___ ____ in __________  b. __ ___ ____  in Ireland, d. __ ___ ____  in  __________.

*    Jane HINFEY b. __ ___ 1823 Artrea,Armagh,Ballymaguigan,Derry, Ire.; d. __ aft 1902 TX
      m1. Eugene McCORMICK  10 Oct 1844 at St. Trea, Newbridge, Ireland; b. __ ___ ____  in Ireland;
      d. __ ___  ____  in _______
      m2. Thomas JOHNSON  03 Apr 1851 in Bexar Co., TX;  b. __ __c1805 in PA; d. __ __c 1880 in TX.
Census:  1850 Philadelphia Co., PA, Philadelphia 3rd Ward, Roll 806, page 188, visit 861, family 1166,
 Image "on-line" #141 of 210, lines 34-37, enumerated 30 Aug 1850.

 Index to Texas Marriages 1851-1890 records the marriage of Jand and Thomas JOHNSON on 03 April 1851.

Census:  1860 Bexar Co., TX, San Antonio 3rd Ward, page 396, visit 897, family 880,
Image "on-line" #4 of 48, lines 3-11, enumerated 06 Jul 1860.

Census:  1870  Presidio Co., TX, Fort Stockton, visit 6, family 6,
 Image "on-line" #17 of 43, lines 27-32, enumerated 21 Aug 1870.

Census:  1880 Bexar Co., TX, San Antonio, E.D. 15, page 35,
Image "on-line" #35 of 53, lines 38-50 Address: South Street, enumerated 09 Jun 1880.

1894 City Directory, San Antonio lists Jane Johnson, widow of Thomas, 120 South Street, resident.

Census:  1900 Bexar Co., Census, San Antonio, E.D. 109, Ward 8, Pct. 19,
Image "on-line" #28 of 32, visit 225, family 249, lines 66 - 77  Address 120 South Street.
Listed as Mother-in-Law in home of Moris Mooney and wife Lotta (Charlotte Johnson)

1902 Jane is mentioned as surviving Sister-in-law of Daniel Murphy in his obituary in the San Antonio Daily Light, Nov. 16, 1902.

Jane's 2nd husband, Thomas wrote the following letter to his brother-in-law Charles Hinfey, in Philadelphia. in 1870

     "As I am about to break a long silence which has been almost unavoidable on my part for the last two years in consequence  of being the greater portion of my time as above mentioned from home.  I have been keeping store for the last two years at Fort Stockton, about five hundred miles west of this on the Comanche Creek.  You passed it on your way to El Paso.  Jane went up with me for the first time in March, and returned with me again to San Antonio.  But we will both leave again tomorrow for Stockton where we expect to remain about one year.  We have a good store up there.  Peter and James are both there attending to same.  We have about 10,000 worth of goods there.  Should we succeed in making a pretty good pile we will turn over the store to the boys. and most probably pay you a visit.  We are stopping with Mary, our house being rented until our return .  We will take Lottie and Mattie with us.  Willie is quite a large boy he is tending store for Mr.  Sweeney (Mary's husband)  Susan is at Fort Davis with her husband who is keeping a large store there.  They are very comfortably fixed and doing well.  Your brother William is also doing quite well.  He has got a comfortable home and in good easy living.  San Antonio has improved much since you left.  We  look for two railroads here in about two years.  In the event, it will be the most important town in the southwest."

    Thos.  goes on to quote commodity prices and then continues with:

    "Mary has a fine daughter one year old.  She is running all over the house, she is also very pretty and promising.  They keep the store in the Alamo Plaza near Mavericks Corner. They own the house in which the store is kept, they also own another house which they rent for $50 a month.

    We are much gratified to learn that John and yourself are doing so well, as you say of yourself.  It is quite hard to get much ahead when you have a small and helpless family to support.  I know that by my own experience, however my children are all able to root for themselves, except the youngest, Lottie and Mattie.  Lottie is going on 13 and Mattie going on 11, so you see in a few short years they will both be leaving us.  As for myself, I have seen 66 winters  and cannot reasonably expect to see many more on this green earth,
yet I am quite hale and hearty.  Jane looks but little older than when you left here.

    We all join in sending our kindest love to yourself and family, also to john and family, and to all enquiring friends.  Your sister Jane, in particular sends  you lots of love."

*    Peter McCORMICK b. __ Dec 1846

*    James  McCORMICK b. __ ___ 1849 IRELAND

*    Mary J. JOHNSON b. __ ___ 1852 TX d. __ ___ ____ in  _______.
      m. James R. SWEENEY m. __ ___ ____ in  _______  b. __ ___ 1830 IRELAND d. __ ___ ____ 
      in  _______.

Census:  1870 Bexar Co., TX, San Antonio, 2nd Ward, 8/15/1870, visit 477, pg. 193,
Image "on-line" #135 of 447, lines 31-35.
SWEENEY, James R.  40   M  W   Merchant           $4500     b. Ireland
       "            Mary       19    F  W    Keeping house                  b.  Texas
       "            Kate     7/12    F  W                                            b.  Texas
       "            Nollie      50    F   B     Domestic
       "            Nancy     12    F   B

*    William JOHNSON b. __ ___ 1856 TX d. __ ___ ____ in _______

*    Charlotte "Lottie" JOHNSON b. __ Jan 1858 TX d. __ ___ ____ _______
       m. Moris (Morris or Maurice?) MOONEY m. __ ___ 1881 TX  b. __ Feb 1854 OH d. __ ___ ____
       in  _______

Census:  1900 Bexar Co., Texas,  San Antonio, 6/11/1900, E.D.109, Ward 8, Precinct 19,
Image "on-line" #28 of 32, visit 225-family 249   Address 120 South Street   lines 66 - 77.
MOONEY,  Moris     Head    W  M    Feb 1854    46 M 19   Advertising solicitor,     OH   IRE IRE    Rents
                     Lotta      wife      W   F    Jan  1861     39 M 19   6 ch born-5 ch living      PA   PA   PA
                     Mary      dau       W   F    May 1883    17 S     at school                           TX   OH   PA
                     Tomas    son       W  M   Aug 1885      14 S     at school                             "       "       "
                     Janie       dau       W   F    Jan   1888    12 S     at school                             "       "       "
                     Mattie     dau       W   F   Oct  1890       9 S     at school                             "       "       "
                     Dora       dau       W   F   Mar 1898        2 S                                               "       "       "
JOHNSON, JANE  M-I-L      W   F   May 1823      77 Wd.   2 ch born-1ch living       PA   PA   PA
DILLION,    James      bdr       W   M  Oct  1863      37 S                                            TX   TX  TX
           "         Edward     "         W   M  Oct  1894       5  S                                            TX   TX   TX
NORTON,   Mary         "         W   F    Aug 1883     16  S     at school                          TX  OH   OH
        "            Harry        "         W   M   Jul 1885       14  S     at school                             "     "       "

*    M. Jane "Mattie" JOHNSON b. __ Oct 1859 TX d. __ ___ ____  in _______.
      m1. Harry NORTON m. __ ___ ____ in  _______  b. __ ___ 1855 TX
      m2. Dillon JAMES m. __ ___ 1892 _______  b. __ ___ 1863 TX d. __ ___ ____  in _______.

*    Ellen HINFEY b. __ ___ 1824 prob. Artrea Parish, Derry, Ireland
Ellen Hennefee, age 26,  is listed on the 1850 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas Census, page 206, lines 11-12, family 80,  in the household of William Hennefee, age 30, Laborer, born in Ireland.

*    William HINFEY b. __ ___ 1825  in _______ d. __ ___ ____ in  _______
The San Antonio, Texas city directory for 1887 lists William Hinfey as a Carpenter. residing on the south side of 3rd street between Avenues C and D.

*    John HINFEY b. __ __c 1827 prob. Antrim, Ulster, IRELAND d. __ ___ ____  in _______.
       m. Mary _______ _______ b. __ __c 1829 PA
According to Roberts Evans records,  John Hinfey was born in Ballymaguigan, Magherafelt, Derry, Ireland.  He came from Ireland to Philadelphia in the 1840s,  moved to Texas for a while joining his brothers and sisters, but after a few years returned to Philadelphia, as did another brother, Charles.  The data below could be that John, recorded in the Kensington area of Philadelphia in 1850, before his move to Texas where five of his siblings remained.

Census:  1850 Philadelphia Co, PA, Philadelphia, Kensington, 3rd Ward, visit 1083, family 1446, lines 35 - 36
Image "on-line" #175 of 210.
HENFEY,  John     22    M      blacksmith   Ireland
                   Mary    21    F                             PA

John Hinfey appears in 1877 San Antonio city directory as an ambulance driver residing on the east side of Avenue E between 3rd and 4th streets.

*    Susan D. HINFEY b. __ ___ 1828 Artey, Derry, IRELAND d. 02 Aug 1896 Reeves Co., TX
      m1. Bernard
BRADY  04 May 1851 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX  b. __ ___ 1820 in Ireland;  d. __ Oct 1861       in San Antonio, Bexar, TX.
                    (Children and decendants of Susan and Bernard can be found on the Brady page.)
      m2. Daniel
MURPHY  22 Jan 1868  in St. Mary's Catholic Ch., San Antonio, TX ; b. 05 Feb 1830 in
      Cork City, County Cork, Ireland; d. 15 Nov 1902 in Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX.

Susan's great grand niece, Merietta Ida Robinson Foreman believed the original family name was "Hennessey".   Research would later indicate the family name was originally HINFEY.   The name recorded on Susan's marriage to Bernard Brady was Lusana Hinfel.  I believe this to be a mistake in transcribing the handwritten document which probably read Susana Hinfee, a phonetic spelling of Hinfey.

Susan's obituary listed her place of birth as County Derry, Ireland.  the Jacobsen/Norad book "Jeff Davis County, Texas" states Susan and her sister, Sarah came from Belfast, Antrim, Ireland.  I believe this to be the point of departure for their sailing.

Photocopy of probate included a transcribed copy of the will, an inventory of the Estate of Susan D. Murphy and claims against D. Murphy for $450.00 received by him for "about 30 head of horses belonging to the community estates and sold by him subsequent to the death of Susan D. Murphy, dec'd.

Probate was presented to the court in Jeff Davis County by Edward J. Brady, Executor, dated 1st day of June 1900.  Inventory and claim approved and ordered filed by J. P. Weatherby, Co. Judge.

Pages 191-196: Probate of the Estate of Susan D. Murphy   handwritten version in the court minutes shows the date for her will as 1890, which is more in line with her death date of1896. (Typed copy shows the date the will was signed as 1899.)  This also reflects a conflict as to whether she SIGNED the will or simply made her mark.
 Bernard worked as a grocer for Dan Murphy at one time.

Census:  1850 Texas, Bexar Co., San Antonio   enumerated 24 Sep 1850
Brady, Bernard, age 30, M, W, Clerk, Value Real Estate - $200, BP - Ireland

Census:  1860 Texas, Bexar Co., San Antonio   enumerated 07 Jul 1860
Brady,  Bernard, age 42, Male, White, Corn Merchant, Value Real Estate - $2000, BP - Ireland
            Susan, age 32, F, W, BP - Ireland
            Mary, age 8, F, W, BP - Texas
            Ellen, age 6, F, W, BP - Texas
            Bernard, age 4, M, W, BP - Texas
            Susan, age 2, F, W, BP - Texas
            Edward, age 2/12, M, W, BP - Texas

1870 John Bernard is deceased and his widow and children enumerated w/Daniel Murphy, Susan's second husband.

Transcription from photocopy of marriage record, Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, TX Vol B. Page 241 of Marriage Applications

State of Texas, County of Bexar: To any person authorized by Law to Celebrate the rites of matrimony, Be it known that the undersigned Clerk of the County Court of said County, by virtue of the power __ invested by Law do hereby License any person legally Authorized to Join in the Bonds of Matrimony Bernard Brady and Susan Hinfee Both of Said County and State and of Lawful Age.  And of this License and your proceedings had ___ make return to the Clerks office of said County according to Law within the next sixty days.
Witness my hand and the Seal of the County Court of Said County in the City of San Antonio, the third day of May, A.D. 1851. Sam S. Smith, Clerk County Court, Bexar County

The State of Texas, County of Bexar: The undersigned Parish Priest of San Antonio de Bexar, do hereby certify that I have this 4th day of May, A.D. 1851 by virtue of that marriage License herewith attached, bound  in the bonds of matrimony Benard Brady and Susana Hinfia in presence of James Henderson and Patrick  _____   (Calvo  ???)

Filed May 6th 1851   (Signed) Sam S Smith ClkCCBCo.

*    Sarah B. HINFEY b. 01 Apr 1830 Artey, Derry, IRELAND d. 29 Oct 1865 San Antonio, Bexar, TX
      m. Daniel MURPHY m. 20 Aug 1852 San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, TX  b. 05 Feb 1830 in
      Cork City, County Cork,  IRE   d. 15 Nov 1902, Fort Davis, Jeff Davis, TX.

The name recorded on Sarah's marriage record to Daniel Murphy was S.B. Hinfer.  I believe this to be a mistake in transcribing the handwritten document which probably read S.B. Hinfee or S.B. Hinfey.

At the baptism of Sarah's Daughter Mary, her name was listed as Sarah Hemphy and Godparents were William Hemphy and Mary Stevens.

Volume 1, The San Antonio Tri-Weekly Herald, No. 2 San Antonio, TX Tuesday, 31 Oct 1865, Column 5, Front Page              Obituary

    "Died, in this city, on the 29th inst., after a long and lingering illness, Mrs. Sarah Murphy, wife of Daniel Murphy, Esq., aged 35 years, 6 months, and 20 days.

      The deceased was a native of Ireland, born in the parish of Artey, county of Derry. Snatched away by the hand of death, in the prime of life, at the time she was most needed to bring up a numerous and interesting family of young children, her afflicted husband and relatives bow down with submission at this mysterious dispensation of Providence.  But they are consoled by the thought that in all the relations of daughter, wife, mother, and christian, she fulfilled her duty with the most exemplary zeal and devotion.  She died in the most earnest septiments of piety and submission to the will of God, exhorting her husband and children to patience and resignation; telling them
that she was leaving them for a better world, where she hoped they would all be reunited.  Her life was the life of a true christian, short in duration, but full of good works.
      "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."   Ps. 115.

 Record of Probate: From Microfilm copies of Bexar County Records on file in the San Antonio Public Library Texana and Genealogy Department, 600 N. Soledad St.  (Photocopies in File; transcribed by Diane Scannell 14 Sep 2002.  Items in brackets are  notes for clairfication.)

[Probate] Exhibit Papers, Volume A, County Clerks Office, [Record No] 865, Sarah Murphy, pages 278 and 279, Note in margin of ledger reads, "See Journal G. Page 20"   [Transcription of Page 20 follows this record of inventory.]

Estate of Sarah Murphy Dec'd Inventory and Appraise (sic)
A full fair and complete inventory & Appraisement of all the Community property of Daniel Murphy and his deceased wife Sarah Murphy.

Homestead - Consisting of a House and buildings & 160 acres of Land at Fort Davis in the State of Texas being Survey 148
Lot No 8 on Travis Street in City of San Antonio - East Side of San Antonio River adjoining Commissary property Building and lots of Vance & Bro. with improvements
Claim against John Twohig on Cotton parthership Contract for which Suit is pending in District Court of Bexar County-Texas
Claim for mules against owners of Steamer Mercury for which Suit is pending in the Circuit Court of Sawsville, Kentucky
Claim prommissory note against John Duffy
Stock in Louisiana Ice Company
300 Acres of land Survey No 130 - Sec 3 - Wilson County, Texas, originally granted to David J. Holt
Six Wagons
Household & Kitchen furniture
The State of Texas  }
County of Bexar     }    Before me the undersigned authority  personally Daniel Murphy who being duly sworn on oath says that the foregoing is a full fair and complete Inventory of all the Community property and (word and is also lined out) of affiant and his deceased wife Sarah Murphy.
Daniel Murphy.
Sworn to and Signature acknowedged (sic) before me July 1868.
Peyton Smythe   Co.Clk. B.Co.  (County Clerk Bexar County)

The State of Texas   }
County of Bexar      }  Before me the undersigned authority personally appeared appraisers duly appointed of the community property of Daniel Murphy and his deceased wife Sarah Murphy, who being duly sworn on oath says they they appraised the propoerty contained in the foregoing inventory as therein Stated... that Said appraisment is full fair and complete of all of Said Community property which
has come to their knowledge - According to the best of their knowledge and belief.
S. G. Newton.    Peyton Smythe        Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20th day of July A.D. 1868
C.F. King, J.P.B.C.   (Justice of the Peace Bexar County)
Approved and ordered of Record
W. W. Gamble  C.G. BC  (County Judge Bexar County)
Filed July 20th 1868 and
Recorded August 19th 1868.

Text of Journal G, Page 20
[Record No] 865 Note in Margin reads:  "Commence see this page."  [refers to second entry, following]

Estate of Sarah Murphy, Dec'd }
                                                } Petition of Daniel Murphy surviving husband praying the approintment of appraisers for said Estate.  The Petition in this case being considered It was ordered by the Court that Peyton Smythe S.G. Newton and Thos. Paschal be and are appointed to appraise said estate.

(Record No) 865 Note in Margin reads: "See this page  (undecipherable word), Recorded in Book A of Inventories & e on Pages 178 and 179" (recorded above)

Estate of Sarah Murphy    } Inventory and Appraisement
        Deceased                 }  The Inventory and appraisement having been examined by the Court the same was approved and ordered to be recorded by the Clerk.
In Vacation Thursday July 23d, 1868

[The phrase "In Vacation ..." appears between each record and appears to indicate Case or File Closed with the date.]

*    Charles HINFEY b. __ ___ 1832/3 prob. Artrea Parish, Derry, Ireland
      John and Susanna Hinfey are listed as parent of Charles in his baptism record of April 29, 1833 in St. Trea's R.O.
      Church, Newbridge, Ballymaguigan, Derry, Ireland.  Eugene O'Neil and Margaret Hamilton were listed as Godparents.

      Roberta Evans, g-g-granddaughter of Charles verifies he had 6 siblings who went to Texas via Philadelphia.. 
      Jane, Ellen, William, Susan, Sarah and John. 

      Letters (in her possession) between the siblings indicate that Charles and John returned to Philadelphia but the other 4
      stayed in Texas.

1850 Philadelphia Co., PA Census, 3rd Ward, Roll 806, page 188, visit 861
family 1166   Image on line 141/210, lines 34 -37  8/30/1850 Jane
McCormick     26  F     b.  Ireland Peter         "                     5  M
 b.  Ireland James      "                       1  M   b.  Pen Charles Henfey
            17 M    b.  Ireland   weaver

      From the above data it appears Jane was married in Ireland  with 1 son and emigrated after he was born in 1845, but
      before her second son arrived in 1849.  Three possibilities, she was pregnant when she left home &  Her husband stayed
      behind, he died en route or after they arrived.  Or he has moved on - unlikely.  Her brother, Charles is with her in
      Philadelphia on August 30, 1850, the age of 17, but is re-enumerated at 18 in San Antonio on November 15, 1850. 
      Very likely the same person but could be a cousin??

      Census:  1850 Bexar Co., TX Census, San Antonio  Township, SALADO CREEK  page 323 11/15/1850
      visit 103 family 103
      Images on line 2/6 lines 28-30
      HINFAY, William   25 M     Laborer    $250  Born Ireland
                       Elen        26 F
                       Charles   18 M     Maker of bricks
            (I believe these three individuals are siblings of Susan D. and Sarah Hinfey / Hennessey.)

      BAPTISMS, San Fernando Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas
            Mary HEMPHY, Salado Creek, 1/20/1853, daughter of  Wm and Ellen Hemphy, godparents Sarah and Charles

Additional Surname Data

Variations of the surname spelling as found in Ireland's household survey's today are:
     Henchy, 13;   Henessy, 14;   Henesy, 4;   Hennessey, 26;  Hennessy, 1216;   Hennesy, 10;  and  Hensey, 11

Variants which are not listed in the household survey are:
      Ó h-Aonghusa,  Henchey,  and Hennessee.

HINFEY is not mentioned!

An Irish Surname Dictionary gives us the following information regarding the area and popularity of some of the variants:

 Henchy --  Fairly rare: Clare-Limerick. Ir. Ó h-Aonghusa, mod. Ó h-Inse, a variant of  Hennessy. 

 Hennessy   --  Very numerous: all areas, mainly Munster and S Leinster. Ir. Óh-Aonghusa,  from the personal  name Aonghus, earlier  Óengus.  There were septs in the  Midlands and W Cork.  The Hennessys  of Cognac fame came from Mallow.  

Hensey   --  Fairly rare: Dublin and scattered. A variant of Hennessy, q.v.

Ó h-Aonghusa  -- Rare: scattered. Ir.Lang. See Hennessy.

LINKS:     Irish Ancestors  will provide detailed information about the surname Hennessy

Author:    D. O'Murchadha
Title:    Family Names of Co. Cork
Published by:  Glendale Press,   Dublin 1985


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