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 Launcelot Granger was one of my 8th great grandfathers.  Much has been recorded about him throughout New England's history and there is at least one published Granger genealogy.  Several cousins have been working on the descendants in various branches from Launcelot, so I am posting my meagre information here.

    I am currently working to incorporate some new information and if my life doesn't unexpectedly fly out of control (it has been known to do that), I will have some updates soon.
This symbol  represents my direct lineage.

Launcelot GRANGER  m. 04 Jan 1653/4, in Newbury, MA, Joanna ADAMS, b. __ __c  1634, __________, (daughter of  Robert ADAMS and Eleanor _______).  Launcelot died 03 Sep 1689, Newberry, MA.

"Banks Topographic Dictionary of 2,885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650" Page 98   Granger, Launcelot, departed St. Antholin, settled Ipswich, MA, reference Newberry.

"The Pioneers of Massachussetts, A Descriptive List drawn from records of the Colonies, Towns, and Churches and other Contemporaneous Documents" by Charles Henry Pope, pastor of First Church, Charlestown, Boston, originally published in Boston, 1900, reprinted 1965, Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 65-22478.

     Launcelot, Ipswich, res. 1648; rem. To Newbury. Leased farm of Stephen kent [Es. Files 3, 98.]

ABSTRACT: History of Suffield (Conn.)   Sketches of Proprietors "Documentary" History of Suffield, by Sheldon, 1879.  Reproduced on Internet site    Launcelot Granger was in Ipswich, 1648; removed to Newberry; married Joaonna, daughter of Robert Adams, 1654; had eleven children; removed to Suffield 1674.  In 1676 he was wounded by the Indians, receiving a ballin the leg, which he carried for life. Four of his sons had families in Suffield.  Thomas and George were proprietors, and had house lots adjoining their father's in High Street. He was land measurer several years, and ancestor of all of the name in suffield, including Hon. Gideon and Francis, Postmaster Generals. "Farmer's Register" says he died at Newberry.  Suffield Record says Launcelot Granger died September 3, 1689.
Joanna: Gave deposition at age 17 in 1651.

      I    John GRANGER b. 15 Jan 1655, Newbury, MA, m. Martha POOR.  John died 05 Apr 1725.

     II    George GRANGER b. 28 Nov 1658, Newbury, MA.  m. Lydia MARTIN (YOUNGLOVE??).  Proprietor in Suffield.  Had house lot next to his brother
            Thomas and his father, Launcelot.

    III    Robert GRANGER b. __ ___ ____, Newberry, MA, d. 08 Aug 1709.  "Resided in North Brookfield, MA where his sister Rebecca had been killed by
            Indians in 1693.  The war with savages was nearly over when he too fell at their hands.  With a companion he was shot from his horse as he passed
            down the raod, nearly on the very spot where Mors. Woolcot was killed sixteen years before."

    IV   Elizabeth GRANGER b. 13 Mar 1662, Newberry, MA, m. 16 Jul 1684, in Suffield, Hartford, CT, Victory SYKES, b. 03 Mar 1650, Springfield,
            MA, (son of Richard SIKES and Phebe __________)  a Carpenter and member of the Congregational Church, d. 25 Apr 1708, Suffield, Hartford, CT,
            Bur: 29 Apr 1708, Suffield, Hartford, CT.  Elizabeth died 20 Mar 1692, Suffield, Hartford, CT.

     V    Rebecca GRANGER b. __ ___ ____, Newberry, MA, m. Joseph WOOLCOT, b. __ ___ ____.  Rebecca died __ ___ 1693, Killed by Indians.

   VI    Dorothy GRANGER b. 15 Feb 1663, Newbury, MA,  m. Robert OLD, Dr., b. __ ___ ____.  Dorothy died __ ___ ____. 

  VII    Mary GRANGER b. 15 May 1666, Newberry, MA, m. (1) 21 Dec 1699, John (2) BURBANK, b. c 1671, (son of John (1) BURBANK and his wife.
           John (2) was Town Treasurer, and d. 25 Mar 1729, Suffield, Hartford, CT.  Mary m. (2) 03 Jul 1734,  John AUSTIN, b. 22 Oct 1672, Rowley, MA,
           (son of Captain Anthony AUSTIN and  Esther ____ Austin),  d. 18 May 1737, Suffield, Hartford, CT.  Mary's death date is unknown.
           Descendants recorded in "Hinman's Conn. Settlers", 1852, p. 82.

VIII    Samuel GRANGER b. 02/06 Aug 1668, Newbury, MA,.m. Esther HANCHETT.

     X    Thomas GRANGER b. Newberry, MA.  m. Mindwell TAYLOR.  Thomas died 14 Mar 1729/30. Was a proprietor in Suffield.  Had a house lot next
           to his brother George and his father Launcelot.

    IX    Hanna GRANGER b. __ ___ ____, Newberry, MA, m.  Thomas TAYLOR.  Hanna died 09 Sep 1729.

    XI    Abraham GRANGER b. 17 Apr 1673, Newbury, MA.  m. (1) Hannah HANCHETT,  m. (2) Hannah Unknown.


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