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Descendants of William James Elgie and Susan Baker

William James ELGIE, b. 07 Mar 1846 in Oxford Co, ON, Canada, occupation Farmer.  Married 14 Jul 1869 in St. Marys, Blanchard Twp., Perth Co., ON Canada, Susan BAKER, b. 09 Sep 1845 in Zorra Twp., Oxford Co., ON, Canada, (daughter of Philip BAKER and Mary Ann PARSONS) d. 04 Nov 1931 in West Nissouri Twp, buried in St. Marys Cem, St Marys, Blanchard Twp, Perth Co., ON, Canada.  William died 07 Jul 1915 in West Nissouri Twp., buried in St. Marys Cem, St Marys Blanchard Twp, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada.

       I.   Catherine Ermina "Minnie" ELGIE, b. 26 Jul 1870 in E. Nissouri, ON, Canada.  (1) Married 11 Apr 1900 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, John McLEOD, b. in _________, (son of William McLEOD and Mary ____) occupation Farmer, d. in _________.  (2) She married unknown.  Catherine died 19 Dec 1940 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in Siloam Cem, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

             A.    Ernie ELGIE, (son of unknown and Catherine Ermina "Minnie" ELGIE) b. 24 May 1890.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Irene ______________, b. 10 Aug 1899 in _________, d. __ Jul 1976 in _________.  Ernie died __ ___ 1949.

                    1.    Charlotte ELGIE, (details excluded).

       II.   Mary Alberta "Bertie" ELGIE, b. 29 Jan 1873 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada.  Married 06 Aug 1889 in St. Marys, ON, Canada, John Henry NEAR, b. 27 Jun 1863 in _________, (son of Nelson NEAR and Margaret ______) d. 03 Nov 1951 in _________.  Mary died 08 Jul 1947 in _________.

             A.    Ada Dell NEAR, b. 22 Aug 1889 in _________.  (1) Married 19 Sep 1906 in _________, Andrew Bert LEE, b. 02 Oct 1886 in _________, d. 05 Jul 1911 in _________.  (2) Married 19 Jan 1916 in _________, Charles Orville BELL, b. 18 Nov 1883 in _________, d. 05 Oct 1950 in _________.  Ada died 20 Feb 1945 in _________.

                    1.    Marion Ada LEE, (daughter of Andrew Bert LEE and Ada Dell NEAR) b. 29 Apr 1907 in _________.  Married 17 Sep 1925 in _________, Joseph Charles DRASZT, b. 27 Dec 1901 in _________, d. __ Nov 1954 in _________.  Marion died 03 Mar 1982 in _________.

                           (a)  Kenneth Charles DRASZT, b. 02 Jan 1927 in _________, d. 19 Jun 1949 in _________.

                           (b)  Ardith Grace DRASZT, (details excluded).  She married Jack DIVINE, b. 12 Mar 1927 in _________, d. 01 Jan 1984 in _________.

                                 (1)   Laura DIVINE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Sheryl DIVINE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Debra DIVINE, (details excluded).

                                 (4)  John DIVINE, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Gary Lee DRASZT, (details excluded).  He married Joan HUFF, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Charles DRASZT, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Norma DRASZT, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Jacqueline DRASZT, (details excluded).

                    2.    Martha Grace LEE, (daughter of Andrew Bert LEE and Ada Dell NEAR) b. 02 Dec 1909 in _________.  Married 04 Jul 1929 in _________, Laverne Ernest DRASZT, b. 22 Oct 1906 in _________, d. 17 Oct 1981 in _________.  Martha died 24 Jan 1975 in _________.

                           (a)  Maurice Laverne DRASZT, (details excluded).  He married Mercelline ANDERSON, b. 29 Jul 1933 in _________, d. 11 Sep 1994 in _________.

                                 (1)   Maurice Laverne DRASZT, b. __ ___ ____ in _________, d. .

                                 (2)  Marie Annette DRASZT, (details excluded).  She married Anthony Wise SPRIT, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Maureen Grace DRASZT, (details excluded).  She married Bradley GRAYHAWK, (details excluded).

                                        [A]  Bradley Wayne GRAYHAWK, (details excluded).

                                        [B]  Windy Marie GRAYHAWK, (details excluded).

                                        [C]  Jared Laverne GRAYHAWK, (details excluded).

                                        [D]  Tracey Erin GRAYHAWK, (details excluded).

                                 (4)  Mavis Helen DRASZT, (details excluded).

                    3.    Murray Charles BELL, (son of Andrew Bert LEE and Ada Dell NEAR) b. 21 Dec 1920 in _________.  He married Doraine TORGRIMSON, (details excluded).  Murray died 22 Aug 1996.

                           (a)  Russell BELL, (details excluded).  He married Jodi ____________, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Tricia BELL, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Christopher BELL, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Matthew BELL, (details excluded).

                    4.    Edith Louise BELL, (daughter of Charles Orville BELL and Ada Dell NEAR) b. 11 Nov 1916 in _________.  Married 27 Mar 1941 in _________, Herman LEE, b. 25 Jul 1909 in _________, d. 13 Jan 1949 in _________.  Edith died 26 Dec 1989 in _________.

                           (a)  Bonita Marion LEE, (details excluded).  She married David LADD, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Corey LADD, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Steven LADD, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Kevin LADD, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Rodger Evan LEE, (details excluded).  He married Janice WRIGHT, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Evan LEE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Melissa LEE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Serena LEE, (details excluded).

             B.    William NEAR, b. 08 Jul 1891 in _________, d. 08 Nov 1917 in WWI.

             C.    John Emerson NEAR, b. 29 Sep 1893 in _________.  Married 09 Jun 1920 in _________, Violet Grace CHAWICK, b. 09 May 1898 in _________, d. 27 Nov 1993 in _________.  John died 09 Nov 1960 in _________.

                    1.    Doris Elaine NEAR, (details excluded).  She married Stanley Frederick PRESS, b. 01 Oct 1921 in _________, d. 09 Nov 1980 in _________.

                           (a)  Sharon Elaine PRESS, (details excluded).  She married Louis Frederick HUNTER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Gregory Thomas HUNTER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Kyle Chadwick HUNTER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Ronald Stanley PRESS, b. 20 Oct 1949 in _________, d. 27 Jan 2000 in _________.

                           (c)  Diana Lynn PRESS, (details excluded).  She married Scott John MILLER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Laura Stephenie MILLER, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Murray PRESS, (details excluded).

             D.    Frank Sidney NEAR, b. 14 Jul 1897 in _________, d. 08 Oct 1916 in WWI.

             E.    Reginald Stanley NEAR, b. 11 Sep 1905 in _________.  Married 08 Jan 1927 in _________, Gladys Muniel (Merle) BROWN, b. 17 Jul 1903 in _________, d. 10 May 1979 in _________.  Reginald died 12 Sep 1954 in _________.

                    1.    Reginald Franklyn NEAR, (details excluded).

                    2.    Beverley Ann NEAR, (details excluded).  She married Ronald J. McKINNON, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Michael Alexander McKINNON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Ronald Brian McKINNON, (details excluded).

             F.    Harold Bertram NEAR, b. 21 Apr 1908 in _________, d. 26 Feb 1982 in _________.

       III.   Sarah Jane ELGIE, b. 04 Oct 1874 in E. Nissouri, ON, Canada.  Married 18 Sep 1895 in home of the Bride, John James RUMBLE, b. 07 Nov 1868 in _________, d. 09 Feb 1920 (28?) in _________.  Sarah died 19 Apr 1954 in Thorndale, ON, Canada.

             A.    Viva Lenore RUMBLE, b. 20 Apr 1896 in _________.  Married 08 Nov 1922 in _________, William Henry SWITZER, b. 16 Mar 1896 in _________, d. 19 Jun 1966 in _________.  Viva died 29 May 1967 in _________.

                    1.    Maxwell William SWITZER, b. 16 Aug 1924 in _________.  He married Ella Mae DOUPE, (details excluded).  Maxwell died 30 Apr 1972.

                           (a)  Donald Maxwell SWITZER, (details excluded).  He married Trudy Ann BAKER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Mindy Sue SWITZER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Jennifer Lee SWITZER, (details excluded).

                    2.    John Godfrey "Jack" SWITZER, (details excluded).  He married Grace WALTON, b. 09 May 1923 in _________, d. 10 Apr 1986 in _________.

                           (a)  Joan Allison SWITZER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Richard Andrew SWITZER, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Maxwell John SWITZER, (details excluded).

             B.    Merle Irene RUMBLE, b. 20 Mar 1898 in _________.  Married 05 Mar 1924 in _________, Harry Atkinson SPARLING, b. 01 Jan 1901 in _________, d. 19 Nov 1986 in _________.  Merle died 23 May 1949 in _________.

                    1.    Nellie Irene SPARLING, b. 14 May 1925 in _________.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Earl Jeffery PARRISH, b. 22 Dec 1904 in _________, d. 30 Oct 1977 in _________.  Nellie died 06 Dec 1975 in _________.

                           (a)  Ronald James PARRISH, (details excluded).  He married Pamela JOHNSTON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Murray Nelson PARRISH, (details excluded).  He married Willa Cornell MILNE.

                           (c)  Melvin Wayne PARRISH, (details excluded).  He married Marian Tilley KING, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Ann Louise PARRISH, (details excluded).  She married Albert James COLLINS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jamie Stewart COLLINS, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  William John COLLINS, (details excluded).

                           (e)  Marlene Marie PARRISH, (details excluded).  She married Ronald NASH, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Patricia Ann NASH, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Victor Stewart NASH, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Danny Jeffrey NASH, (details excluded).

                           (f)  Brian Rae PARRISH, (details excluded).

                           (g)  David Harley PARRISH, (details excluded).

                           (h)  Janice Diane PARRISH, (details excluded).  She married Jerry JAMIESON, (details excluded).

                           (i)  Douglas Brent PARRISH, (details excluded).

                           (j)   Sheila Jean PARRISH, (details excluded).

                           (k)   Wanda Marie PARRISH, b. 25 Jul 1959 in _________, d. 14 Jan 1966 in _________.

                    2.    Harvey Eugene SPARLING, b. 21 Jul 1926 in _________.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Iris Lucille BOYCE, b. 17 Apr 1926 in _________, d. __ Dec 1970 in _________.  Harvey died 28 Nov 1993 in _________.

                           (a)  Stephen Boyce SPARLING, (details excluded).  (1) He married Kathy Marie BINGHAM, (details excluded).  (2) He married Lillian GRAHAM, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Christina marie SPARLING, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Robert Thomas SPARLING, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Amanda SPARLING, (details excluded).

                    3.    Hazel Jean SPARLING, (details excluded).  She married Milton Jack ZAVITZ, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Rhonda Jean ZAVITZ, (details excluded).  She married Tony Adrian KRAMERS, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Randolph Milton ZAVITZ, (details excluded).

             C.    Fenton James RUMBLE, b. 20 Sep 1902 in _________.  Married 25 Nov 1925 in _________, Vera WELLS, b. 18 Apr 1907 in _________, d. 14 Jan 1985 in _________.  Fenton died 15 Nov 1986 in _________.

                    1.    Bryant Eugene RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Margaret Esther STRATHDEE, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Katherine Ilene RUMBLE, (details excluded).  She married Michael Edward TREK, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Victoria Ann TREK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Martin Edward TREK, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Lisa Michelle TREK, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Linda Marie RUMBLE, (details excluded).  She married Barry WHITLOCK, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Charles James Bryant WHITLOCK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Jeffrey Edward Murray WHITLOCK, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Reginald Eugene RUMBLE, (details excluded).   [contributor to this lineage]   He married Cornelia Ann FRYTERS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Sonya Lyn RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Michael Eugene RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Nicole Suzanne RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Kenneth James RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                           (e)  Howard John RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Dawn Kathleen HABERMEHIL, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Melissa Jayne RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Brian Alexander RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Christopher John RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                    2.    Shirley Ilene RUMBLE, b. 31 Jul 1928 in _________.  She married Ray MIDDLETON, (details excluded).  Shirley died 13 Dec 1990.

                           (a)  David Ray MIDDLETON, (details excluded).  He married Anne DOROSHENKO, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Shawna Lee MIDDLETON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Mellisa MIDDLETON, b. __ ___ 1798 in _________.

                           (b)  Wendy Deloris MIDDLETON, (details excluded).  She married Steve CARTER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Kenneth James CARTER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Arden Lee CARTER, (details excluded).

                    3.    John Garth RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Norma June LANDERS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Cynthia Lee RUMBLE, (details excluded).  She married James Paul BRODY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Timothy James BRODY, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Rebeckah Lynn BRODY, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Betheny Paige BRODY, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Richard Mark RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Kathryn BROWNLEE, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Andrea Aileen RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Elizabeth Ashleigh RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Jennifer Lynn RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                    4.    James Fenton RUMBLE, (details excluded).

             D.    Roland Woodrow RUMBLE, b. 10 Oct 1917 in _________.  He married Grace Relief CHOWEN, (details excluded).  Roland died 02 Mar 2003.

                    1.    Robert Laverne RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Linda Marie LILLEY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Robert Bryant RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Shannon ______________, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jordan RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Bradley James RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Susan __________, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Brandon James RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Chantelle RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Norman David RUMBLE, (details excluded).  He married Mary Elizabeth GILROY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Sarah Lynn RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Marysa Elizabeth RUMBLE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Amanda Dyane RUMBLE, b. 18 Jan 1986 in _________, d. 23 Jul 1986 in _________.

       IV.   William James "Will" ELGIE, b. 22 Aug 1876 in W.  Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ontario, CA.  Married 30 Nov 1903/4 in Belton, W. Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, Mary Louisa FACEY, b. 28 Mar 1882 in L25, C6, W. Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, (daughter of Samuel FACEY and Margaret (Maggie) WILFORD) d. 28 Jul 1973 in Strathroy, ON, Canada, buried: __ Jul 1973 in St. Mary's Cem, St. Mary's, ON, Canada.  William died 16 Nov 1946 in St. Mary's, Blanchard Twp, Perth, Ont.

             A.    Helena Mae ELGIE, b. 25 Jun 1905 in Zorra Twp., Oxford, ON, Canada, d. 24 Feb 1907 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada, buried: __ ___ 1907 in St. Mary's Cem, St. Mary's, ON, Canada.

             B.    Harry Lloyd ELGIE, b. 24 Aug 1907 in Zorra Twp., Oxford, ON, Canada.  Married 20 Jun 1936 in London, Westminster Twp, Middlesex, ON, Madge Elva BROWN, b. 21 May 1914 in Uniondale, ON, Canada, (daughter of David BROWN and Caroline (Carrie) SMITH) d. 17 Jul 2005 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada.  Harry died 13 Oct 2005 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada.

                    1.    Joan Carole ELGIE, b. 03 Dec 1939 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.  Married 01 Apr 1961 in Oxford Co, ON, Canada, Donald George KNAPTON, b. 08 Jan 1936 in _________, d. 03 Jan 1982 in St. Mary's, Perth, ON, Canada, buried: __ ___ 1982 in N. Nissouri Cem, London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.  Joan died 26 Aug 2002 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, buried: __ Aug 2002 in N. Nissouri Cem, London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

                           (a)  Merlin Arthur KNAPTON, (details excluded).  He married Deborah Lynn REID, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Ashley Ann KNAPTON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  James Donald KNAPTON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Teresa Jean KNAPTON, (details excluded).  She married Jason Lewis BICKELL, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Kyle Thomas BICKELL, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Emma Lynn BICKELL, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Joseph Michael BICKELL, (details excluded).

                    2.    David William ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Margaret Jane GOSS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Michael Ryan Harry ELGIE, b. 01 Oct 1980 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, d. 08 Oct 2000 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

             C.    Ann Edith ELGIE, b. 19 Sep 1912 in Zorra Twp., Oxford, ON, Canada.  (1) Married Oct 1938 in _________, Robert Sterling BRAGG, b. 17 Oct 1914 in Blanshard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, d. 21 Aug 1941 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.  (2) Married 04 Dec 1948 in _________, Angus William MITCHELL, b. 27 Apr 1911 in Merlin, Kent, ON, Canada, d. 25 Jan 1987 in Fort Myers, FL.  Ann died 22 Jul 1979 in Strathroy , ON, Canada.

                    1.    Donna Evelyn BRAGG, (details excluded).  She married Jonathan Matthew "Hank" GAASENBECK, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Thomas Matthew GAASENBECK, (details excluded).  He married Kristina Maria "Tina" BRANCACCIO, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Mark Edward GAASENBECK, (details excluded).  He married Suzanne "Suzie" LAWLOR, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Amanda Arlene GAASENBECK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Bradley Mark GAASENBECK, (details excluded).

                    2.    Roberta Anne BRAGG, (details excluded).  She married Louis Leon BREAU, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Steven Raymond BREAU, (details excluded).  He married Lori Francis ROS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Rebecca Anne Louise BREAU, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Samantha Emily Francis BREAU, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Susan Leona BREAU, b. 13 Aug 1963 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, d. 13 Aug 1963 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

                           (c)  Jeffery Curtis Leon BREAU, (details excluded).

                    3.    Linda Marie MITCHELL, (details excluded).  (1) She married Paul LANGFORD.  (2) She married Brian CRAWFORD.  (3) She married Bruce KEOWN, (details excluded).

                    4.    Sharon Louise MITCHELL, (details excluded).  (1) She married Wayne COBERT, (details excluded).  (2) She married Robert A. MEILLEUR, (details excluded).

             D.    Florence Marion ELGIE, b. 24 Sep 1914 in Zorra Twp., Oxford, ON, Canada.  Married 06 Nov 1943 in _________, Wilbert George "Wib" HOOPER, b. 25 Aug 1913, d. 17 Jul 1993 in Stratford, Perth, ON, Canada.  Florence died 20 Jun 1996 in St. Mary's, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, buried: in _________.

             E.    Verda Luella ELGIE, (details excluded).  (1) She married Herbert Bristol HOLDEN, (details excluded).  (2) She married Arthur James CONN, b. 01 Mar 1918 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada, d. 25 Apr 1987 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

                    1.    Helena Phyllis HOLDEN, (details excluded).  She married Thomas Leon MASSEY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Laurel Lee MASSEY, (details excluded).  She married Roy Douglas HOOPER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Thomas Brian MASSEY, (details excluded).  He married Michelle Lori CASSCAGNETTE, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Justin Thomas MASSEY, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Steven Charles MASSEY, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Brian Lee MASSEY, (details excluded).  He married Lorine Olive McGINNIS, (details excluded).  [contributors to this lineage].

                    2.    John Douglas CONN, (details excluded).  He married Silvina KADE, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Breanna Kelly CONN, (details excluded).

                    3.    Mary Joanne CONN, (details excluded).  She married Michael Peter CARMICHAEL, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Megan Amanda CARMICHAEL, (details excluded).

                    4.    Ralph Arthur CONN, (details excluded).  He married Kerry Lynn SCHAUS, (details excluded).

       V.   Thomas Philip ELGIE, b. 02 Jun 1879 in _________.  Married 29 Sep 1915 in Rectory at Thorndale, ON, Canada, Caroline NELSON, b. 24 Aug 1891 in _________, d. 08 Jan 1955 in _________, buried: in Kintore Presbyterian Cem, Nissouri, ON Canada.  Thomas died 02 Apr 1962 in _________, buried: in Kintore Presbyterian Cem, Nissouri, ON.

             A.    Kenneth Alvin ELGIE, b. 12 Jul 1916 in _________.  He married Edna Margaret ORTH, (details excluded).  Kenneth died 24 Jan 2008, buried: 28 Jan 2008.

                    1.    Catherine Joy ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Joseph LORENOWICZ, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jeffrey LORENOWICZ, (details excluded).  He married Shondra __________, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jessica LORENOWICZ, (details excluded).

                    2.    Robert Thomas ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Laurel CHAN, (details excluded).

                    3.    John Kenneth ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Janet JACKSON, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Holly ELGIE, (details excluded).

             B.    William Delmer ELGIE, (details excluded).

             C.    Gordon Thomas ELGIE, b. 12 Apr 1922 in _________.  (1) Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Yvonne SCAMMELL, b. __ ___ ____ in _________, d. __ ___ 1968 in _________.  (2) He married Grace MILLS, (details excluded).  Gordon died 23 Oct 1992.

                    1.    Kenneth ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Judy BRODERICK, (details excluded).

                    2.    Mary Lou ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Gavin __________, (details excluded).

                    3.    Roberta ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    4.    Patricia ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    5.    Michael ELGIE, (son of Gordon Thomas ELGIE and Yvonne SCAMMELL) b. __ ___ ____ in _________, d. __ ___ 1978 in _________.

             D.    Muriel Yvonne ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Victor Norman CAMPBELL, (details excluded).

                    1.    Carol Yvonne CAMPBELL, (details excluded).  She married Erling RHIGER, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Christopher Erling RHIGER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Lindsay Yvonne RHIGER, (details excluded).

                    2.    Donald Wayne CAMPBELL, (details excluded).  He married Cynthia Ellen YOUNG, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Lisa Marie CAMPBELL, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jeffrey Norman CAMPBELL, (details excluded).

                    3.    Dora Ann CAMPBELL, (details excluded).  She married John J. SHEWAGA, (details excluded).

                           (a)  John Michael SHEWAGA.

                           (b)  Trevor James SHEWAGA, (details excluded).

       VI.   Susan Henrietta "Nettie" ELGIE, b. 25 May 1880 in _________.  Married 24 Dec 1908 in bride's home, John MUIR, b. 22 Sep 1879 in _________, d. 05 Aug 1964 in _________.  Susan died 12 Jul 1944 in _________.

             A.    Susan Agnes MUIR, (details excluded).  She married George Sidney TOWLE, b. 02 Oct 1909 in _________, d. 10 Jan 2000 in _________.

             B.    John Douglas MUIR, b. 15 Oct 1917 in _________.  (1) He married Dolores DRINKWALTER, (details excluded).  (2) He married Olive Bernice FORD, (details excluded).  John died 10 Feb 2007.

                    1.    Thomas Lyle MUIR, (details excluded).  (1) He married Catherine MANZER, (details excluded).  (2) He married Patricia Ann CLARK Black, (details excluded).  (3) He married Linda Baynes BROOKSHAW, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Dolores Edith MUIR, (details excluded).  She married Benjamin James HUNTER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Cody James HUNTER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Dustan Thomas HUNTER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  David Lyle MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Lisa Marie McCURDY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Nolan David MUIR, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Nicholas Clayton MUIR, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Sarah Ashley MUIR, (details excluded).

                    2.    Kenneth Earl MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Susan Eleanor MURRAY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Rebecca Sarah MUIR, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jill Eleanor MUIR, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Tyler James MUIR, (details excluded).

                    3.    Maxwell Douglas MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Linda Diane McLEAN, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Keri Sue MUIR, (details excluded).  She married Randy Scott FAVACHO, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Tracey Lynn MUIR, (details excluded).  She married Steven Wayne MADDOCK, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Morgan Rae MADDOCK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Maxwell Traven MADDOCK, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Matthew Douglas MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Lori Michelle BEATTIE, (details excluded).

             C.    William Henry "Harry" MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Joyce Olive WALZ, (details excluded).

                    1.    John Riley MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Mabel Ann STEEL, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Barbara Anne MUIR, (details excluded).  She married Chris Stephen YATES, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jillian Riley YATES, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Matthew YATES, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Johnathon Scott MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Cheryl Leigh DREDGE, (details excluded).

                           (c)  William Roger MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Vittoria Giuiseppina PENNACCHIETTI, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Maarcia Michelle MUIR, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Mark Christopher MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Annette ___________, (details excluded).

                           (d)  James Allan MUIR, (details excluded).  He married Patricia Ann McKAY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Terry Lee MUIR, (details excluded).  She married John William LAMBOURN, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Tanya Nicole MUIR, (details excluded).

       VII.   Annie Maude ELGIE, b. 01 Apr 1882 in _________.  Married 24 Dec 1913 in St Marys, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, Alexander James "Alex" PELTON, b. __ ___ 1883 in _________, (son of Joshua PELTON and Janet MacCORQUINDALE) d. __ ___ 1935 in _________, buried: in N. Embro Cem, West Zorra Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada.  Annie died 13 Jul 1947 in _________, buried: in N. Embro Cem, West Zorra Twp, Oxford, ON.

             A.    Howard Alexander PELTON, b. 29 Oct 1914 in _________.  Married 10 Jan 1959 in First Presbyterian Church, Yale, MI, Theresa RITZ, b. 28 Sep 1912 in _________, d. 31 Dec 1998 in _________.  Howard died 18 Dec 1981 in _________, buried: __ Dec 1981 in Elmwood Cem, Yale, MI.

             B.    Marion Jean PELTON, b. 09 Dec 1915 in _________.  Married 10 Jan 1937 in _________, Austin Cayley GROSE, b. 15 Oct 1911 in _________, d. 15 Jul 1985 in _________, buried: in North Embro Cem.  Marion died 26 Nov 1990 in _________, buried: in North Embro Cem.

                    1.    Nancy Lou Alexandra GROSE, (details excluded).  She married Tom Frederick LOFFT, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Thomas Andrew LOFFT, (details excluded).  He married Sandra CRAIG, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Meghan Mary LOFFT, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Zoe Alexandra LOFFT, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Robert Thomas LOFFT, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jennifer Nancy LOFFT, (details excluded).  She married Robert Gary CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Bronwen Jean CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Alice Pelton (a triplet) CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Blythe Hunter  (a triplet) CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (4)  Isabelle Catherine (a triplet) CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (5)   Declan John CLEWLEY, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Christopher David LOFFT, (details excluded).  He married Jackie MISSAGHI, (details excluded).

                    2.    Paul Austin GROSE, (details excluded).

      VIII.   John Albert "Jack" ELGIE, b. 10 Jul 1883 in _________.  Married 06 Apr 1910 in Flowery Dale Farm, Belton ________, Margaret Marion WISEMAN, b. 23 Aug 1883 in _________, (daughter of William WISEMAN and Margaret STUART) d. 13 Mar 1963 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.  John died 14 Feb 1945 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in Elgie Plot, Vining's Cemetery, 5th, ON, Canada.

             A.    Percy Ivan ELGIE, b. 17 Apr 1911 in _________.  He married Hazel Sophia PEARSON, (details excluded).  Percy died 18 Feb 2007.

                    1.    Wayne Earl ELGIE, (details excluded). [contributor to this lineage]  (1) He married Donna CHRISTMAS, b. 08 Jul 1944, d. 20 Oct 1993.  (2) He married Jayne Isabel ROSS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jennifer Lee ELGIE, (details excluded).

            B.    Velma Margaret ELGIE, b. 26 Oct 1913 in _________.  (1) Married 03 Sep 1932 in _________, Charles Freeman BROCK, b. 01 Jul 1910 in _________, d. 10 Mar 1973 in _________.  (2) Married 05 Jan 1974 in _________, William Fenton RIDDELL, b. 18 Jun 1916 in _________, d. 22 Jan 1997 in _________.  (3) She married Frank Xaver Bernhard VonEUW, (details excluded).  Velma died 23 Apr 2005.

                    1.    Margaret Jean BROCK, (details excluded).  She married John Gray STERRITT, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Nancy Margaret STERRITT, (details excluded).  She married Cameron BLACK, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Daryl Scott BLACK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Jason Daniel BLACK, (details excluded).  He married Lacey Margaret WAREHAM, (details excluded).

                                        [A]  Brayden John BLACK, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Larry Freeman STERRITT, b. 14 Feb 1956 in _________.  He married Janet Eleanor MATHEWS, (details excluded).  Larry died 12 Oct 2004.

                                 (1)   David Michael STERRITT, (details excluded).  He married Brooke Alicia PETERSON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Lisa Diane STERRITT, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Scott Richard STERRITT, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Mary Jean STERRITT, (details excluded).  She married Terry MILLS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Dwayne Adam MILLS, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Carrie Lynn MILLS, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Craig Ryan MILLS, (details excluded).  He married Sarah NUFIELD, (details excluded).

                                        [A]  Gavin Ryan Gray MILLS, (details excluded).

                                 (4)  Bradley Ronald John MILLS, (details excluded).

                                 (5)   Angela Barbara Jean MILLS, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Karen Darlene STERRITT, (details excluded).  She married Charles HARRIS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Shawn William HARRIS, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Stacy Jean HARRIS, (details excluded).

                           (e)  Kelly Sue STERRITT, (details excluded).  She married Bradley DIXON, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jordon Douglas DIXON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Alyssa Karlene DIXON, (details excluded).

                           (f)  Velma Alice STERRITT, (details excluded).  (1) She married unknown.  (2) She married Douglas Edwin KENNEDY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Kyle John STERRITT, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Brock Douglas KENNEDY, (details excluded).

                           (g)  Lenard John STERRITT, (details excluded).  He married Susan Bonnie MURPHY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Bonnie Sue STERRITT, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Katie Nora Jean STERRITT, (details excluded).

                    2.    Verna Louise BROCK, (details excluded).  (1) She married Edsel BOYD, (details excluded).  (2) She married George William SCHEUREMANN, b. 30 Nov 1938 in _________, d. 17 Jun 2002 in _________.  (3) She married Howard Lawrence PRATT, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Gerald Gowen BOYD, (details excluded).  He married Denise Shirley MALCHO, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Sasha Catlin BOYD, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Cody Freeman BOYD, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Brenda Louise BOYD, (details excluded).  (1) She married Michael O'NEIL, (details excluded).  (2) She married Brian George LAWRENCE, (details excluded).  (3) She married Raymond James BROWN, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Kymberly Michelle Louise O'NEIL, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Courtenay Samantha Elizabeth BROWN, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   James Gerritt Tyson BROWN, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Anthony George SCHEUREMANN, (details excluded).

             C.    Marion Jean ELGIE, b. 08 Jul 1916 in _________.  Married 04 Apr 1936 in _________, Gordon Henry MURRELL, b. 24 Sep 1906, d. 17 May 1975.  Marion died 17 Apr 2000 in _________.

                    1.    Ronald Gordon MURRELL, (details excluded).  He married Prudence Lenore WILLIAMS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Erin Ruth MURRELL, (details excluded).  She married Curtis GARTLY, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Reese Leah GARTLY, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Rachel Claire GARTLY, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Laine Avery GARTLY, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Craig William MURRELL, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Graham Gordon MURRELL, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Lindsay Suzanne MURRELL, (details excluded).

                           (e)  Kendall Anne MURRELL, (details excluded).

                           (f)  Brady Alicia MURRELL, (details excluded).

                           (g)  Katy Elizabeth MURRELL, (details excluded).

             D.    Stuart LeRoy ELGIE, b. 07 Jan 1919 in _________.  He married Annie Marguerite LACKEY, (details excluded).  Stuart died 30 April 2008.

                    1.    John LeRoy ELGIE, b. 13 Jul 1944 in _________, occupation Owner of Elgie Bus Lines Limited.  (1) He married Linda PIGRAM, (details excluded).  (2) He married Ellie KYRIAZOPOULOS, (details excluded).  (3) He married Doris Ellen EGAN, (details excluded).  John died 10 Apr 2008.

                           (a)  Bradley John ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Julie Marie SULLIVAN, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Courtney Elizabeth (a twin) ELGIE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Sydney Paige (a twin) ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Robin Lynn ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Jeffrey Scott WILLICK, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Joshua Scott WILLICK, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Annie Megan WILLICK, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Sonya ELGIE, (daughter of John LeRoy ELGIE and Ellie KYRIAZOPOULOS). She married Peter PELACEK.

                                 (1)   Cole PELACEK.

                    2.    Helen Diane ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Robert SORENSEN, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Robert Dean SORENSEN, b. 03 Jul 1975 in _________, d. 12 Nov 1995 in _________.

                           (b)  Tim Stuart SORENSEN, (details excluded).  He married Melissa Ann VANDEBYL, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jacob Dean SORENSEN, (details excluded).

                    3.    Kenneth Stuart ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Marilyn Christine GRASS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Kurt James ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Blair Kenneth ELGIE, (details excluded).

             E.    John Ross (a twin) ELGIE, b. 04 Jul 1923 in _________, d. 18 Dec 1985 in _________.

             F.    William Ralph (a twin) ELGIE, b. 04 Jul 1923 in _________, d. 11 Nov 1923 in _________.

             G.    Mary Evelyn ELGIE, b. 18 Dec 1925 in _________.  Married 26 Jan 1974 in _________, Steve Joseph LAZUK, b. 10 Sep 1929 in _________, d. 29 Oct 2007 in _________.  Mary died 28 Nov 1983 in _________.

      IX.    George Arthur ELGIE, b. 17 Apr 1886 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada, occupation Farmer.  Married 07 Jun 1911 in St. Marys, ON, Canada, Kathleen GREASON, b. 26 Mar 1892 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada, (daughter of Harry GREASON and Catherine ELLIOT) d. 15 Sep 1976 in St. Marys Hosp., St. Marys, ON, Canada.  George died 21 Jul 1962 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada.

             A.    Murray Alvin ELGIE, b. 17 Oct 1911 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada, d. 14 Apr 1912 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada.

             B.    son (a Twin) ELGIE, b. 24 Aug 1913 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada, d. 24 Aug 1913 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada.

             C.    dau (a Twin) ELGIE, b. 24 Aug 1913 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada, d. 24 Aug 1913 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada.

             D.    William Lorne ELGIE, b. 07 May 1915 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, d. 16 Feb 2009 in University Hospital, London, ON, Canada.  He married Margaret "Marg" LAMOND, b. 13 May 1914 in Nissouri Twp., London, ON, Canada (daughter of Alexander N. LAMOND and Edna Merle CLIPPERTON), d. 07 Apr 2009 in Wildwood Care Center, St. Marys ON, Canada.

                    1.    Sandra Marie ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married James Homer RATH, (details excluded).

                           (a)  James Colin RATH, (details excluded).  He married Patricia Margaret McKENNA, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Sarah Margaret RATH, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Rachael Marie RATH, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Joshua Homer RATH, (details excluded).  He married Kellyann Jasie EELEY, (details excluded).

                    2.    Bonnie Gayle ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married John Donald "Don" GRAHAM, b. 11 Apr 1945 in _________, (son of Gordon GRAHAM and Agnes ________) occupation Charterd Professional Accountant w/Revenue Canada, d. 16 Jan 2008 in LHSC-Victoria Hosp., London, ON, Canada.

                           (a)  Natalie Laurel GRAHAM, (details excluded).  She married Sean Christopher DONDERS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Noah GRAHAM DONDERS, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Brooke Laurel DONDERS, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Belinda Gayle GRAHAM, (details excluded).  She married James Frederick VOWLES, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Maverick William GRAHAM-VOWLES, (details excluded).

                    3.    Brent Douglas ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Mary Christine "Chris" RICHARD, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Ryan Matthew ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Curtis Nathan ELGIE, (details excluded).

             E.    Eileen Mae ELGIE, b. 08 Sept 1917 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, d. 08 Nov 2008 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.  She married 02 Jun 1937 in West Nissouri Twp, Gordon Joseph HUTTON, b. 12 Apr 1914 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada, occupation Co-Founder of Hutton Transport, Ltd., d. 01 Mar 1977 in Toronto, York, ON, Canada.

                    1.    Sylvia Ellen HUTTON, b. 22 Aug 1938 in Stratford, ON, Can, occupation Real Estate Broker.  She married Larry Stephen LEFLER, (details excluded).  Sylvia died 16 Mar 2004.

                           (a)  Lorene Sylvia LEFLER, (details excluded).  She married Bruce RACHER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Julie Mae LEFLER, (details excluded).  She married Douglas MITCHELL, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Michael Gordon MITCHELL, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Brett Douglas MITCHELL, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Mark Stephen LEFLER, (details excluded).  He married Robin WHITSIDE, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Chelsea Cameron LEFLER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Tristan Joel LEFLER, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Lance Joel LEFLER, (details excluded).  He married Suzanne KESLING, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Mariah Ruth LEFLER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Mckenna Rene LEFLER, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Zachary Ryan LEFLER, (details excluded).

                    2.    Judith Mae HUTTON, (details excluded).  She married Patrick Bryan BENTLEY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Mary Helen LISSAMAN, (details excluded).  She married Steve ADAMS, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jenna Frances ADAMS, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  William "Wilie" Arthur ADAMS, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Kathryn Eileen BENTLEY, (details excluded).  She married David Steven LaFONTAINE, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Kaitlyn Judith LaFONTAINE, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Mathew Joseph LaFONTAINE, (details excluded).

                                 (3)   Jesse David LaFONTAINE, (details excluded).

                                 (4)  Nicholas Patrick LaFONTAINE, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Karen Judith BENTLEY, (details excluded).

                           (d)  Andrew Gordon BENTLEY, (details excluded).  He married Tracy McLELLAN, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jack Gordon BENTLEY, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Allison Jane BENTLEY, (details excluded).

                    3.    Jane Kathleen HUTTON, (details excluded).  (1) She married Kenneth William HAVES, (details excluded).  (2) She married William Norman PERRY, (details excluded).

             F.    Lloyd Raymond ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Dorothy "Dot" HARRISON, b. 11 Dec 1922 in _________, d. 24 Feb 1986 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

                    1.    Raymond Lloyd ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Elizabeth Ann LINDSAY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Pamela ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Dennis Raymond ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    2.    Marcia Dianne ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Bernie ROY, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Phillip Adrien ROY, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Dominique Helaine ROY, (details excluded).

                    3.    Brian Arthur ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Sheril HOWLETT, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jessica Erin ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Andrew Brian ELGIE, (details excluded).

             G.    Ruby Kathleen "Kaye" ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Allan Raymond HUTTON, b. 19 Feb 1918 in _________, occupation Farmer, d. 02 Apr 1997 in St. Marys Hosp., St.Marys, ON, Canada.

                    1.    Maurice Allan HUTTON, (details excluded).  He married Dorothy Joan DONALDSON, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Stephen Maurice HUTTON, (details excluded).  He married Stephanie WAGSTAFF, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Samuel Stephen HUTTON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Joseph Allan HUTTON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Brian Allan HUTTON, (details excluded).  He married Joyce EDYE, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jack Allan HUTTON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Grace Marjorie HUTTON, (details excluded).

                           (c)  Leanne Joan HUTTON, (details excluded).  She married Jason TURNER, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Benjamin Alan TURNER, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Adam Edward TURNER, (details excluded).

                    2.    Keith Raymond HUTTON, b. 05 Aug 1948 in _________, d. 10 nov 1969 in _________.

                    3.    Linda Jane HUTTON, (details excluded).  She married George A. "Joe" PHILLIPS, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Nicole Kathleen PHILLIPS, (details excluded).  She married Michael YEO, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Erin Elizabeth PHILLIPS, (details excluded).

                    4.    John Arthur HUTTON, (details excluded).  He married Nancy HERON, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jeffrey Keith HUTTON, (details excluded).  He married Catherine HAYES, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jenna Katlyn HUTTON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jaclyn Ruth HUTTON, (details excluded).  She married Scott MATHESON, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Declan Robert MATHESON, (details excluded).

             H.    Verna Jean ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Donald PORTER, b. 01 Sep 1927 in _________, d. 19 Nov 1964 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.

                    1.    James Dean PORTER, (details excluded).  He married Christine Mary HART, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Kyle James PORTER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Ashley Eileen PORTER, (details excluded).

             I.    Francis Laverne ELGIE, b. 23 Jan 1928 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, ON, Canada, occupation Electrician.  He married Barbara MARSHALL, (details excluded).  Francis died 13 Jan 1970.

                    1.    Brenda Jean ELGIE, (details excluded).  (1) She married Larry KITTMER, (details excluded).  (2) She married Rae Henry TAMOWSKI, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jennifer Lynn KITTMER, (details excluded).  She married Douglas AUGER, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Jeffrey Burns KITTMER, (details excluded).  (1) He married Andrea WRIN, (details excluded).  (2) He married Joanna BRAND, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Jett Alexander KITTMER, (details excluded).

                    2.    Deborah Eileen ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Craig ARMSTRONG, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jeremy Craig ARMSTRONG, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Christen Lee ARMSTRONG, (details excluded).  She married Bryan John MITCHELL, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Tyler MITCHELL, (details excluded).

                    3.    Barbara Lynn ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married William Gregory RANSOME, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Jesse William RANSOME, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Braden Charles RANSOME, (details excluded).

                    4.    William Laverne ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Kimberly CRESSWELL, (details excluded).

                           (a)  Carla Elizabeth ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Adam DAVIDSON, (details excluded).

                                 (1)   Porter John DAVIDSON, (details excluded).

                                 (2)  Peyton William DAVIDSON, (details excluded).

                           (b)  Justin Laverne ELGIE, (details excluded).

       X.    Frederick Earl ELGIE, b. 09 Feb 1890 in _________, d. 09 Jun 1940 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada.


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