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Descendants of Thomas Walker Elgie and Catherine Kennedy

Thomas Walker ELGIE, b. 04 Jun [or Jul?] 1819 [or 1821 or 1823 or 1825 (conflicting data)] in Knaresborough, N. Yorkshire, England, occupation Farmer.  Married 22 May [or Jun] 1846 in Stratford, Upper Canada, Catherine KENNEDY, b. 25 Dec 1823 in County Kerry, Ireland, occupation Homemaker, d. 01 Jun 1890 in W. Nissouri Twp, Middlesex Co, ON, Canada, buried: in St. Marys Cem (Catholic section), St. Mary's Blanchard Twp., Perth Co, ON, Canada.  Thomas died 12 Oct 1900 in West Nissouri Twp., Middlesex Co., ON, Canada, buried: in St. Marys Cem, Perth Co, ON, Canada.

I.     William James ELGIE, b. 07 Mar 1846 in Oxford Co, ON, Canada, occupation Farmer.  Married 14 Jul 1869 in St. Marys, Blanchard Twp., Perth Co., ON Canada, Susan BAKER, b. 09 Sep 1845 in Zorra Twp., Oxford Co., ON, Canada, (daughter of Philip BAKER and Mary Ann PARSONS) d. 04 Nov 1931 in West Nissouri Twp, buried in St. Marys Cem, St Marys, Blanchard Twp, Perth Co., ON, Canada.  William died 07 Jul 1915 in West Nissouri Twp., buried in St. Marys Cem, St Marys Blanchard Twp, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada.

II.   James ELGIE, b. 20 Jan 1848/9 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 31 Jul 1876 in St Mary's Cem, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, Mary MOORE, b. 20 Aug 1859 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada, (daughter of Michael MOORE and Honora CONNOR). James died __ ___ 1930, buried: in St. Mary's Cem, St Marys Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada.

       A.   Catherine ELGIE, b. 04 Jun 1877 in _________, d. in _________, buried: in _________.

       B.   Hannah (Nora?) ELGIE, b. 01 Mar 1880 in _________.

       C.   Ida ELGIE, b. 25 Sep 1888 in _________.  Married Nov 1916 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada, Pat DALEY, b. in _________.  Ida buried: in St Marys Cem, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada.

       D.   Michael "Mike" ELGIE, b. 10 Jul 1890 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada, occupation Farmer, d. __ ___ 1959 in West Nissouri Twp, Middlesex, Ont. Canada.

       E.   Mary ELGIE, b. 04 Apr 1894.

       F.   James Jeremiah ELGIE, b. __ Nov 1901.  He married Ann Loretta WEBB, b. __ ___ 1890, d. __ ___ 1964.  James died __ ___ 1952, buried: in St Mary's Cem, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada.

III.  Thomas ELGIE, b. 13 Nov 1851 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 04 Jun 1880 in _________, Mary Jane BAKER, b. 16 Aug 1861 in ON, Canada, d. 10 Feb 1923 in _________.  Thomas died 05 Oct 1900 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.

       A.   James Ackland "Jim" ELGIE, b. 1882 in _________.  He married Florence GAINES, b. 07 Jan 1884, d. 09 Dec 1940.  James died 28 Jul 1957.

             1.    Mary ELGIE.

             2.    Harold Thomas ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Helen Edith MORRISON, b. 25 Feb 1906.

                    a.    David Thomas ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Elieen HOUSTON.

                           (1)  Jeffery ELIGE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Lesleigh Elizabeth ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    b.    Heather ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Craig AIKMAN, (details excluded).

             3.    James Ackland ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Lorna CLARKSON, (details excluded).

                    a.    Jean ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Edward BELBECK, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Lisa BELBECK, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Julie BELBECK, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Bryon BELBECK, (details excluded).

                    b.    Nancy ELGIE.  She married Gerry BEAUMONT, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Peter Beaumont, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Stephen BEAUMONT, (details excluded).

                    c.    Allan ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Heather COLLINS, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Robyn ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Taryn Ann ELGIE, (details excluded).

       B.   Katharine ELGIE, b. 1884 in _________.  Married 15 May 1909, John F. MARSHALL.  Katharine died 13 Nov 1948 in _________, buried: in _________.

       C.   Alice ELGIE, b. __ ___ 1888 in East Nissouri Twp, Oxford, ON, Canada, occupation Milliner.  Married 30 Aug 1922 in Cronyn Memorial Church, London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, Andrew Ralph MARTIN, b. __ ___ 1892 in Byron, ON, Canada, (son of Harry MARTIN and Jane FINCH) occupation Motor Mechanic, d. __ ___ ____ in _________.  Alice died 12 Jan 1974.

IV.  Peter ELGIE, b. 10 Sep 1852 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 23 May 1881 in Oneida Twp, Haldimand, ON, Canada, Margaret Ann NICHOL, b. 16 Feb 1858 in ON, Canada, (daughter of Walter NICHOL and Sarah Jane ELGIE) d. 25 May 1953 in Mono, Dufferin, ON, Canada, buried: __ May 1953 in Forest Lawn Cem., Orangeville, ON, Canada.  Peter died 07 Feb 1922 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in Kintore Presbyterian Cem, E., ON, Canada.

       A.   Thomas Walker ELGIE, b. 14 Sep 1881/6 in _________.

       B.   Sarah Jane ELGIE, b. 14 Aug 1883 in _________.  She married S. J. FRAYN.  Sarah died 28 Sep 1913 in _________, buried: in Kintore Presbyterian Cem, Nissouri, ON.

             1.    Milton Elgie FRAYN, b. 04 Jun 1913, d. 03 Sep 1913.

       C.   John A. ELGIE, b. 07 May 1891, d. 17 Feb 1892.

       D.   Walter Nichol ELGIE, b. 23 Nov 1899 in _________.

V.   John "Jack" ELGIE, b. __ Jul 1855 in England.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Mary "Minnie" PURDY, b. 02 Jun 1874/5 in E. Nissouri, Ont, Canada, (daughter of Chauncey PURDY and Margaret WELSH) d. 08 Sep 1968 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in Kintore Presb Cem, E. Nissouri, Ont.  John died 01 Mar 1919 in Lot 21, Con. 7, W. Nissouri, Ont, Canada, buried: __ ___ ____ in Kintore Presb Cem, E. Nissouri, Ont.

       A.   Kathleen ELGIE, b. 09 Jul 1898 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 23 May 1917 in _________, Steven Lawrence McNALLY, b. 18 Apr 1897 in _________, d. 18 Apr 1997 in _________.  Kathleen died 19 Jan 1978 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.

             1.    Kathleen Grace McNALLY, (details excluded).  She married William Edward McSWEENY, b. 13 Apr 1913 in _________, d. 26 Nov 1967 in _________.

                    a.    Alice Grace McSWEENY, (details excluded).  She married David Harold WILLIAMSON, (details excluded).

                           (1)  David Michael WILLIAMSON, (details excluded).  He married Victoria Leigh SHWONEK, (details excluded).

                    b.    Mary Ann McSWEENY, (details excluded).

                    c.    William Lawrence McSWEENY, (details excluded).

             2.    Robert John "Jack" McNALLY, (details excluded).  He married Irene COWGILL, (details excluded).

                    a.    Robert John McNALLY, (details excluded).  (1) He married Barbara HIGGINS, b. in _________.  (2) He married Sujur GOV, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Robert Sean McNALLY, (details excluded).  He married Robin FORBES, b. in _________.

                           (2)  Michael Dean McNALLY, (details excluded).  He married Diane _____, b. in _________.

                    b.    Michele Lynn McNALLY, (details excluded).

             3.    Thelma Minnie McNALLY, (details excluded).  (1) She married William GARRETT, b. in _________.  (2) She married Geoge Robet CONNER, (details excluded).

                    a.    Pamela Ann CONNER, (details excluded).  (1) She married Christopher MAYHEW, b. in _________.  (2) She married Lawrence LEVEL, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Christopher Lawrence LEVEL, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Jill Renee LEVEL, (details excluded).

                    b.    Wayne Lawrence CONNER, (details excluded).  He married Beverly Ann MOTOWSKI, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Amanda Rochelle CONNER, (details excluded).

                    c.    George Raymond CONNER, (details excluded).  He married Pamela Jeannie WADE, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Kimberly Sue CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Todd Raymond CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Megan Marie CONNER, (details excluded).

             4.    Patricia Florence Louisa McNALLY, (details excluded).  She married Gayland Ray CONNER, (details excluded).

                    a.    John Michael CONNER, (details excluded).  He married Laura Lynn HOLUB, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Elizabeth Anne CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Joshua Michael CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Rebecca Lynnette CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (4)  Nathaniel Robert CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (5)  Sarah Christina CONNER, (details excluded).

                    b.    James Martin CONNER, (details excluded).  He married Cynthia Lee ROSS, (details excluded).

                    c.    Joseph Matthew CONNER, (details excluded).  He married Kellie Dee PERKINS, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Amanda Nichole CONNER, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Kayla Leeann CONNER, (details excluded).

                    d.    Cristina Susan CONNER, b. 15 Mar 1967 in _________, d. 15 Mar 1967 in _________.

       B.   Marguerite "Marge" ELGIE, b. 15 Dec 1899 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 24 Jun 1924 in _________, Joseph POTTERS, b. 06 Jul 1899 in _________, d. 08 Jul 1976 in _________.  Marguerite died 27 Apr 1973 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.

             1.    Shirley POTTERS, (details excluded).  She married Gordon RUEBELMANN, (details excluded).

                    a.    Sandyn Rae RUEBELMANN, (details excluded).  (1) She married Craig STUDAKER, b. in _________.  (2) She married Robert PARKER, (details excluded).

                    b.    Susan Marie RUEBELMANN, (details excluded).  She married Michael Esmet WALLEY, (details excluded).

             2.    Frances Josephine POTTERS, (details excluded).  She married Frank MUEHL, (details excluded).

                    a.    Randy MUEHL, (details excluded).  (1) He married Sue SIMMONS, b. in _________.  (2) He married _____ _____ _____, b. in _________.  (3) He married Bonnie HAMBY, b. in _________.  (4) He married Janet _____, b. in _________.  (5) He married Cathy ALLEN, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Julie MUEHL, (daughter of Randy MUEHL and Sue SIMMONS) b. in _________.  Married in _________, James LONG, b. in _________.

                           (2)  Amber MUEHL, (details excluded).

       C.   Mary "Dolly" ELGIE, b. __ Jul 1901 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Kenneth Edwin QUIGLEY, b. 1901 in _________, d. 1963 in _________.  Mary died 12 Mar 1990 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.

             1.    Abbie QUIGLEY, (details excluded).

             2.    Kenneth Robert QUIGLEY, b. 1930 in _________.  He married Phyllis ARTHUR, (details excluded).  Kenneth died 18 Dec 1993.

                    a.    Steven William QUIGLEY, (details excluded).  He married Bertha CORMIER, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Devin Michael QUIGLEY, (details excluded).

                    b.    Barbara Wynne QUIGLEY, (details excluded).  She married Ken LAMOND, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Stephanie Lee LAMOND, (details excluded).

                           (2)  David Christopher LAMOND, (details excluded).

                    c.    Brenda Lynne QUIGLEY, (details excluded).  (1) She married Andrje SCHMIEGEL, b. in _________.  (2) She married John MACE, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Molly Elizabeth MACE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Margaret Mahalia Kathleen MACE, (details excluded).

       D.   Dora Elizabeth ELGIE, b. 03 May 1903 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 20 Apr 1922 in East Nissouri, Perth, ON, Canada, Murray John GALLINGER, b. 01 May 1900 in _________, (son of Alex GALLINGER and Clarisa PEARSON) occupation Farmer, d. 13 Jul 1965 in _________.  Dora died 11 Oct 1978 in _________.

             1.    Blanche GALLINGER, b. in _________.  Married in _________, Grant McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    a.    George Albert McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    b.    Marlene Doris McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    c.    Larry Grant McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    d.    Maxine Elizabeth McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    e.    Dennis Laverne McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

                    f.     Byron Steven McCORQUODALE, b. in _________.

             2.    Evelyn Florence GALLINGER, b. in _________.  Married in _________, Albert BARRAN, b. in _________.

                    a.    Allad David BARRAN, b. in _________.

                    b.    Sharon Diane BARRAN, b. in _________.

             3.    Helen Madalaine GALLINGER, b. in _________.  Married in _________, Maurice DENYS, b. in _________.

                    a.    Sheila DENYS, (details excluded).  She married Gary DAVIS, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Dennise DAVIS, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Karen DAVIS, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Michael DAVIS, (details excluded).

                    b.    Alexander DENYS, (details excluded).  He married Diane _____, b. in _________.

                    c.    Louis DENYS, (details excluded).

             4.    Glen Murray GALLINGER, b. in _________.  Married in _________, Margaret LEATHERLAND.

             5.    Marion Clara GALLINGER, b. in _________.  (1) Married in _________, Dirk GROENEVELD, b. in _________.  (2) Married in _________, Warren STACPOOLE, b. in _________.

                    a.    Keith GROENEVELD, (son of Dirk GROENEVELD and Marion Clara GALLINGER) b. in _________.

                    b.    Graham GROENEVELD, (son of Dirk GROENEVELD and Marion Clara GALLINGER) b. in _________.

                    c.    Shawn STACPOOLE, (son of Warren STACPOOLE and Marion Clara GALLINGER) b. in _________.

       E.   John Jack Cornelius ELGIE, b. 20 Apr 1905 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married 07 Sep 1927 in _________, Olive BOWLING, b. 29 Feb 1908 in _________, d. 18 Aug 1993 in _________.  John died 17 Feb 1971 in MI.

             1.    Norman Jack ELGIE, b. 07 Mar 1928 in _________.  (1) He married Donna DOLITTLE, (details excluded).  (2) He married Vera _____, (details excluded).  Norman died 09 May 1987.

                    a.    Lyman ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    b.    Kevin ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Diana GIBSON, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Phillip Andrew ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Heather O'GRADY, (details excluded).

                                 (a)   Christian Thomas ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    c.    Deanna ELGIE, (details excluded).  (1) She married Dennis SCHMIDT, b. in _________.  (2) She married Rick MALONE, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Tanya Lynn SCHMIDT, (details excluded).  She married Malone _____, b. in _________.

                           (2)  Brandy Marie SCHMIDT, (details excluded).  She married French _____, b. in _________.

                    d.    Karen Ann ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Martin Paul JERMAIN, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Nigel Maurice JERMAIN, (details excluded).

             2.    Douglas Lyman ELGIE, (details excluded).  (1) He married Rose Marie Harned ANDERSON, (details excluded).  (2) He married Mary Lou CARVER, (details excluded).

                    a.    Wendy Lynn ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    b.    Cindy Lee ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Unknown _____.

                           (1)  Michael Scott ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    c.    Michael Douglas ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Renee REINELT, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Rook Spencer ELGIE, (details excluded).

       F.   Emma Madeline ELGIE, b. 21 Sep 1907 in Nissouri Twp., London, ON, Canadaada.  Married 27 Oct 1926 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, Eric Carl STROYBERG, b. 26 Sep 1902 in Denmark, d. 06 Jun 1983 in St. Thomas, Ontario, buried: in Elmdale Mem Park Cem, St. Thomas, ON, Canada.  Emma died 04 Jul 1987 in St. Thomas, ON, Canada, buried: __ ___ ____ in Elmdale Mem Park Cem, St. Thomas, ON, Canada.

             1.    Jack Eric STROYBERG, b. 26 Jan 1930 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada.  (1) He married Gladys Marie HARRIS, b. 23 Mar 1929 in Elgin Co., ON, Canada, d. 01 Oct 1994 in London, Middlesex, ON, Canada, buried: 05 Oct 1994 in Cremated - Mt. Pleasant, ON, Canada.  (2) He married Jennie SLOTA, (details excluded).  Jack died 03 Jul 1994.

                    a.    Catherine Irene HARRIS, (details excluded).  She married Enrico Di LELLO, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Deanna Christina Di LELLO, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Michael John Di LELLO, (details excluded).

                    b.    Elaine Marie STROYBERG, (details excluded).  (1) She married Al VANDENRIESSCHE, b. in _________.  (2) She married Wayne BATTEN, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Jonathon Daniel VANDENRIESSCHE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Aaron Thomas VANDENRIESSCHE, (details excluded).

                    c.    Wayne Anthony STROYBERG, (details excluded).  He married Kelly SHAW, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Sean Anthony STROYBERG, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Lyndsay Lee STROYBERG, (details excluded).

                    d.    Cynthia Lynn STROYBERG, (details excluded).  She married Robert JIBSON, (details excluded).

             2.    Joan Serina STROYBERG, (details excluded).  She married Frederick David DENTREY, (details excluded).

                    a.    Deborah Susan DENTREY, (details excluded).  She married Brian LAMB, (details excluded).

                           (1)  David Allan LAMB, (details excluded).  He married Nichole BRISCOE, b. in _________.

                    b.    Heather Serine DENTREY, (details excluded).  She married George SHAW, b. in _________.

                           (1)  Kevin Wesley SHAW, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Brian Michael SHAW, (details excluded).

                    c.    Sandra Irene DENTREY, (details excluded).  She married Bob VANDENRIESSCHE, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Shane VANDENRIESSCHE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Devon VANDENRIESSCHE, (details excluded).

       G.   Grace Purdy ELGIE, b. __ Jun 1909 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Alexander NESBITT, b. 1905 in _________, d. 1975 in _________.  Grace died 11-12 Apr 2001 in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

       H.   Lyman Walker ELGIE, b. 20 Nov 1911 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada.  He married Helen BOWLING, b. 03 Dec 1915 in _________, d. 02 Nov 1981 in MI.  Lyman died 21 Apr 1980 in MI.

             1.    Douglas ELGIE, (details excluded).

             2.    Deloris Faye ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Vincent John RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

                    a.    Vincent John RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).  He married Ofelia VINESAR, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Steven John RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Kevin Paul RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

                    b.    Tracy Ann RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).  She married Unknown _____.

                           (1)  Craig Walker RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Ryan Mathew RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

                    c.    Shelly Marie RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).  She married Kurt Matthey RICHARD, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Nicole Faye RICHARD, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Mark Vincent RICHARD, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Michael Christan RICHARD, (details excluded).

                           (4)  Brittany Marie RICHARD, (details excluded).

                    d.    Pamela Faye RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).  She married Oscan LEON, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Christopher Lazera LEON, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Jessica Faye LEON, (details excluded).

                           (3)  Alexander Anthony LEON, (details excluded).

                    e.    Brad William RUSKOWSKI, (details excluded).

             3.    Thomas Jack ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Annetta GRATZL, (details excluded).

                    a.    Todd Joseph ELGIE, (details excluded).  He married Kim METZGER, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Jack Thomas ELGIE, (details excluded).

                           (2)  Helen Grace ELGIE, (details excluded).

                    b.    Annisa Leigh ELGIE, (details excluded).  She married Bill Joseph TODD, (details excluded).

                           (1)  Jennifer TODD, b. in _________.

                           (2)  Colton TODD, b. in _________.

       I.    Gertrude Louise ELGIE, b. __ ___ 1913 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada, d. 21 Nov 1924 in _________, buried: __ ___ ____ in Kintore Presb Cem, E. Nissouri, ON, Canada.

       J.    Maude "Molly" Olive ELGIE, (details excluded).

       K.   Mary "Minnie" ELGIE, b. __ ___ 1917 in _________, d. __ ___ 1918 in _________, buried: __ ___ 1918 in _________.

VI.  Mary Ann ELGIE, b. 24 Apr 1856/7 in England.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, William MOORE, b. 11 Feb 1851/2 in _________, d. 14 Jan 1911 in St. Marys Cem, St marys Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada.  Mary died 03 Mar 1923 in St. Mary's, ON, Canada, buried: __ ___ ____ in St. Mary's Cem, St. Mary's, ON, Canada.

       A.   Michael MOORE, b. 26 Sep 1882 in ON, Canada.

       B.   Thomas MOORE, b. 05 Jul 1888 in ON, Canada.

VII. Cornelius ELGIE, b. __ ___ 1858 in Nissouri Twp., ON, Canada, occupation Farmer.  Married 27 Oct 1884 in Holy Name of Mary, RC Church, St Marys, Blanchard Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, Catherine MITCHELL, b. 20 Apr 1862 in _________, (daughter of Mick MITCHELL and Mary _____) d. 1944 in Flint, Genesee, MI.  Cornelius died __ ___ ____ in Flint, Genesee, MI, buried: __ ___ ____ in _________.

       A.   John ELGIE, b. Abt 1888 in _________.

       B.   Michael ELGIE, b. Abt 1889 in _________.

       C.   Cornelius George ELGIE, b. 12 Dec 1895 in Nissouri Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, occupation Farmer.  Married 24 Sep 1918 in St. Marys, Perth, ON, Canada, Florence Loretta CLYNE, b. __ ___ 1893 in Downie Twp, Perth, ON, Canada, (daughter of John CLYNE and Bridget MADDEN).

             1.    Mary ELGIE, (details excluded).

             2.    Constance B ELGIE, b. 1929.  Married 07 Feb 1948 in Flint, Genesse, MI, Edward G HINDERER.  Constance died 1995.

                    a.    Lynne? HINDERER.

VIII.      Sarah ELGIE, b. __ __c 1863 in England.  Married __ ___ ____ in _________, Michael BURNS, b. 1855 in _________, d. 1901 in _________.  Sarah died __ ___ 1920 in _________.


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