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My Clark ancestry was a gift to me from a second cousin, once removed, Clark H. Hamilton, back when I first started tracing my family lines.  Clark's mother, Margaret Rose Holloway Hamilton, had spent many years in tracing and recording her family history before it became the popular thing to do.  Upon her death, Cousin Clark became the keeper of the records and his graciousness in sharing her work with me is deeply appreciated.

I have been able to further the work in a few areas of more recent lineages, but the brick walls Margaret encountered in her work sadly remain standing today.

This symbol represents my direct lineage.

The earliest known ancestor of this lineage is 

1.    Martin Edward CLARK who was born in Tuam, Gallway, IRELAND.  It is believed that his wife was Margaret(?) O'NEILL for whom we have no vital records.  Children of this union were:

         + 2. i John J. CLARK, born 1822
            3. ii Michael CLARK, dates unknown
            4. iii Patrick CLARK, dates unknown, was possibly a Tailor who resided in Chicago, IL
         + 5. iv Ann CLARK, dates unknown
            6. v Maria CLARK, dates unknown

Second Generation

2.  John J. CLARK  was born in 1822, in Tuam, Gallway, IRELAND.  He was a tailor by trade and was a follower of the Catholic faith and a Mason.  We believe he married in 1852, in Chicago, Cook, IL, Catherine EGAN, 1831 Claire Co., IRELAND. During their marriage, Catherine was a homemaker and a devout Catholic.   John and Catherine also ran a Boarding House in Rock Creek, Wyoming,  Following John's death on 29 Jul 1881 in Boulder, Colorado, Catherine moved to Albuquerque New Mexico to be near one of her daughters and while there she worked either as a domestic or a cook in the hospital.  It was here that she died on 17 Dec 1911.  Her burial is in the old Santa Barbara Cemetery in Albuquerque.  Children of this union were:

           7.     i    Martin John CLARK was born 04 Feb 1853, in Kinmondy, Marion, IL, and died 25 Sep
                       1855, in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM, buried: prob. Mount Calvary Cemetery.
           8.     ii   Mary CLARK was born 05 Mar 1855, in Kinmondy, Marion, IL.  She was a homemaker and
                        a Catholic who married first Perry?  BROWN, a Railroad Engineer for Union Pacific and
                        Santa Fe RR, who died in the home of his brother-in-law, Ed Clark..  Mary  married second
                      Harry REHDER.  Mary died 21 Aug 1927, Winslow, AZ (at bro. Ed's home), and is buried in
                        Mount Calvary Cem. (old sec. adjacent to the old Santa Barbara Cemetery) Abq. NM.  While
                        married to Perry Brown, Mary was given a book on Earl of Tyrone, inscribed:  "PRESENTED
                        M. BROWN.  BY HER NEXT BEST FRIEND M. G. McGILL.  OUR LADY OF THE
                        SPRINGS, ARK.  JUNE 14, 1896."
         + 9.    iii  Annie CLARKwas born 04 Jan 1857.
           10.   iv  Daniel Michael CLARK was born 05 Jan 1859.  He was said to be a gambler and did move
                        frequently.  He was a Ford dealer in Helena and Butte, Montana and was last seen in Boulder,
                        Colorado around 1876.  His family lost track of him after that.
         + 11.   v  Margaret "Maggie" CLARK was born 29 Dec 1865.
            12.  vi  William John "Will" CLARK was born 19 Oct 1867, in Kinmondy, Marion, IL.  He was a
                        Railway Engineer who worked for the Santa Fe Railroad in New Mexico and also the national
                        Railroad.  He was a Catholic and died 06 Jul 1923,  in San Francisco, CA.  He was buried 10
                        Jul 1923, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Albuquerque, NM.  His obituary in the Albuquerque
                        Morning Journal gave this additional information.  The body arrived on train No. 2 at 5:00 pm,
                        accompanied by brother Ed.  Blakemore and Son handled service with Immaculate
                        Conception Church. In Dec 1911, he was living in Mexico City.
         + 13.  vii Edward Martin CLARK b. 18 Aug 1869.

5. Ann CLARK was born in Chicago, Cook, IL.  She married William BURKE who was a ship captain sailing on the Great Lakes.  One known child of this marriage was:
           14.     i   Henry Howard BURKE

Third Generation

9.   Annie CLARK (2.John2, 1.Martin1) was born 04 Jan 1857, in Kinmondy, Marion, IL.  she was a homemaker and a devout Catholic, who married first 06 Jul 1873, in St.Louis, St. Louis City, MO, Henry Owen "Harry" HOLLOWAY, b. 10 Mar 1845, Halesowen, Worcestershire, ENG,  15 Mar 1847, Halesowen, Worcestershire, ENG, (son of Henry HOLLOWAY and Caroline HARRIS).  Harry was a  Blacksmith and practiced the Episcopal faith. While living in St. Louis, Harry worked in construction and was a member of the crews who built the Eads Bridge.  A favorite family story (which I was unable to document) states that near the completion of the bridge work, the final piece of steel was cut just a little too long -- but not long enough to recut.  In the pressure to complete the project, there was not time to order another length of metal to cut appropriately.  The family legend states Harry came up with the idea of icing the girder to cause it to contract so it could be moved into position and welded, which the crew did to complete the construction.  He died 08 May 1893, in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, following an incident where his horse shied at a snake, throwing him to the ground where his head struck a rock killing him.  He is  buried in Buffalo, Johnson, WY.  Annie married second on 03 Jan 1897, in Buffalo, Johnson, WY, Clarence P. JOHNS, who she divorced on 24 Nov 1899, citing non-support.  In her petition for divorce,  Annie stated Clarence drank excessively, was non supportive and in drunken stupors threatened her; called her "she-devil" using indecent violent and insulting language in the presence of her minor children. Additionally he squandered away a portion of the property and estate belonging to Annie destroying her previously good credit.   Annie died 01 May 1908, Sheridan, Sheridan, WY in the state hospital, and is buried beside her first husband in Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY.   Annie and Harry had the following children:

           15.     i   Catherine HOLLOWAY b. 03 Aug 1875, St. Louis, St. Louis City, MO, d. 10 Mar 1876,
                         Laramie, Albany, WY (Smallpox).
           16.    ii   William Henry HOLLOWAY b. 10 Jun 1877, Carbon Co., WY, d. 29 Mar 1878, Laramie,
                         Albany, WY.
         + 17.  iii  Edward Daniel HOLLOWAY b. 10 Feb 1879.
         + 18.  iv  Jane "Jennie June" HOLLOWAY b. 26 Jul 1881.
         + 19.   v   Margaret Rose HOLLOWAY b. 01 Jan 1884.
           20.   vi   Henry O. "Harry" HOLLOWAY b. 30 Oct 1887, Buffalo, Johnson, WY, d. 08 Dec 1957.
         + 21. vii  Walter James HOLLOWAY b. 15 Nov 1891.

11. Margaret "Maggie" CLARK  was born. 29 Dec 1865, Bridgeport, Lawrence, IL.  She married first Neil MATHESON (dates unknown) and second _________ WATSON (dates unknown).  Margaret died 25 Mar 1934.
           Children by Neil MATHESON:
           22.    i   "Willie" MATHESON, dates unknown
           23.   ii    Irene MATHESON, dates unknown
           24.  iii    Perry MATHESON, dates unknown
           25.  iv    Harry MATHESON, dates unknown
           26.   v    Mable MATHESON, dates unknown
           27.  vi    June MATHESON, dates unknown

13. Edward Martin CLARK was born 18 Aug 1869 and married 11 May 1895, Mary ______.  Edward resided in Winslow, AZ in 1911 when his mother died and still there in 1927 when his sister, Mary Clark Brown Rehder, died -- per both obits.
           28.     i     Brian CLARK, dates unknown.  Was last heard from while he was in Los Angeles, CA.
           29.     ii    Ed CLARK, dates unknown.  Was an attorney in Winslow, AZ

Fourth Generation

17. Edward Daniel HOLLOWAY (9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 10 Feb 1879, Rock Creek, Albany, WY, Rancher, m. 06 Oct 1901, in __________, Loretta May BOYCE, b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.  Edward died __ ___ ____, __________.  1880 Fed Cen WY Territory, Rock Creek Village, Albany Co. Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton. Lived in Englewood, CA in 1951. Signed name as Ed D. Holloway Loretta: Sources: Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton.
           30.     i     Daniel HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           31.     ii    Margaret HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           32.     iii    Hazel HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           33.     iv   Walter HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           34.     v    Betty HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           35.     vi     _____ "Dolly" HOLLOWAY b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.

18. Jane "Jennie June" HOLLOWAY (9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 26 Jul 1881, Rock Creek, Albany, WY, Teacher / _____________, m. 19 Jan 1902, in __________, George William CRESWELL, b. __ ___ ____, __________, Physician, d. __ ___ ____, __________.  Jane died __ ___ ____, __________.  Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton. Resided Isle of Pines, Columbia in 1908. George: Sources: Notes/research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton. Resided Isle of Pines, Columbia in 1908 per Annie Clark's obit.
           36.     i     George CRESWELL b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           37.     ii    Kenneth CRESWELL b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.
           38.     iii   Robert CRESWELL b. __ ___ ____, __________, d. __ ___ ____, __________.

19. Margaret Rose HOLLOWAY (9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 01 Jan 1884, Buffalo, Johnson, WY, Secretary / Episcopalian, m. 01 Jan 1910, in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, George Franklin HAMILTON, b. 21 Aug 1871, Spencerville, De Kalb, IN, (son of Benjamin(e) HAMILTON and Catherine HOUCK) Civ Engr / Lutheran, d. 06 May 1951, Lincoln, Lancaster, NE, buried: __ ___ ____, St. Joe, De Kalb, IN.  Margaret died 10 Aug 1974, Reno, Storey, NV, buried: __ ___ ____, Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY.  Served as executrix of her mother's will. Copies of notes/research, rememberances and diaries given me my her son, Clark and his son, Dan. Graduated High School 15 Jun 1901. Attended Lincoln Business College.  Worked in Johnson Co., WY Courthouse. George: Sources: Notes, pers. knowl., & research by Margaret Holloway Hamilton.
         + 39.     i     Clark H  HAMILTON b. 29 Jul 1912.
           40.     ii     Franklin Tye HAMILTON

21.   Walter James HOLLOWAY (9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 15 Nov 1891, Buffalo, Johnson, WY, Rancher/, m. (1) 30 Mar 1921, in Sheridan, Sheridan, WY, Divorced: 14 Sep 1923, Dist. Ct., Big Horn Co., (ext.  cruelty), Mahala Agnes "Midge" SYKES, b. 07 Oct 1897, Henry, Codington, SD, (daughter of Victor SYKES and Jessie Mary ELGIE) Homemaker/Baptist, d. 30 Nov 1937, Casper, Natrona, WY, buried: 02 Dec 1937, Manderson Cem., Manderson, Big Horn, WY, m. (2) Mable LUTES, b. 29 Apr 1888, Vermillion, Clay, SD, Waitress/Catholic, d. 30 Nov 1975, Basin, Big Horn, WY, buried: 03 Dec 1975, Willow Grove Cem., Buffalo, Johnson, WY.  Walter died 25 Jun 1952, Buffalo, Johnson, WY - Cong. Heart Dis +, buried: 30 Jun 1952, Buffalo, WY - Funrl-St Luke's Episcopal, military: n-a.  Letters to/from Margaret Rose Holloway and her genealogy research notes/diary Corrs. w/Clark Hamilton, 1987/8 (Walt's nephew.) Letter postmarked Buffalo, Wyo, Oct 16 1943, 3-PM to Miss Iola B. Holloway containing a photo of Walt, age 6, and a lock of  his very curly, light blond hair is in Scannell Safe Deposit Box. Mahala: Mahala's dau, Iola, believed she was probably married 2 more times.  No evidence of this has surfaced. From the Basin Republican Rustler, December 9, 1937  (spelling/punctuation shown as it appeared in the paper)

 Mahala Agnes Shultz of Manderson Dies

 Funeral Services Were held at Manderson Baptist Church, Thursday, Was 40 years Old

 Funeral service for Mahala Agnes Shultz, 40, who died in Casper, Was held Thursday at the Manderson Baptist church. Attwood & Atwood, morticians, had charge of the funeral arrangements, while Rev. C. E. Hampton was the minister officiating.

 Three vocal numbers by the Misses Joyce and LaVaun McClung, accompanied at the piano by  Mrs. Harry Wiley, were sung. The following obituary was read.

 Obituary Mahala Agnes Shultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sykes, was born at henry, South Dakota, Oct. 7, 1897.  As an infant she came with her parents to the Big Horn Basin, locating between what is now Basin and Manderson, Wyo.  The parents of the decreased came by wagon from Billings, there being no railroad at that time.

 Except five years, she has lived here and near, since.  She received her education and grew to womanhood here.  She was the mother of two children, Iola and Kermit, both of whom are present today.  Also she is survived by her mother, Mrs. Victor Sykes, six brothers and two sisters.  They are Boyd and Neil of Manderson; Elgie of Casper; Floyd of Kane; Victor of Burlington; Mrs. Belva Wright of Ten Sleep; Kenneth of California; and Eunice of Basin.  All are present except Kenneth.

 the body will be put to rest in the Manderson Cemetery beside her father, one brother and one sister who preceded her in death.  The deceased came of a family who had a large part in reclaiming this part of the Big horn Basin, being among the early settlers.

 the family, at an early date, settled on what is known as the "Home Cliff" place, which at that time was the stopping place for the stage driver to eat and change horses on his trips from Otto to Hyattville.  This was before the Big Horn Basin had a county seat.  buffalo was the county seat of the territory west of the river.  The father hauled logs from the mountains and built the first house on what in now the town site of Basin.

 The community pays its respects to a member of an esteemed and honored family that has contributed so largely in reclaiming this section of the west.  And, as they mourn, we mourn with them, the loss of their loved one.

 Pall bearers were Wm. Smith, Eddie Stiles, Glenn Smith, Elza Johnson, Ben Woods and Ed Gustafson.
           Children by Mahala Agnes "Midge" SYKES:
         + 41. i Iola Blanche "Dolly" HOLLOWAY b. 28 Mar 1922.

Fifth Generation

39. Clark H  HAMILTON (19.Margaret4, 9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 29 Jul 1912, Alliance, Box Butte, NE, m. 08 Nov 1944, in Oakland, San Francisco, CA, Gertrude GUTLEBEN, b. 28 Apr 1916, Alameda, Alameda, CA, d. __ ___ ____, __________.  Clark died 31 Oct 1987, Reno, Storey, NV, buried: Reno, Storey, NV.  Sources: Correspondence 1986/7.  His mother's notes/research/diarys. Gertrude: Sources: Corresponcence, Clark Hamilton.
           42.     i     Franklin HAMILTON (details excluded), m. Janice MEREDITH, (details excluded).
           43.     ii    Steven HAMILTON (details excluded).
           44.     iii   Dan HAMILTON (details excluded), m. Beatrice SCHMIDT, (details excluded).
           45.     iv   Keith HAMILTON (details excluded), m. Lyn BIEDERMANN, (details excluded).

41.   Iola Blanche "Dolly" HOLLOWAY (21.Walter4, 9.Annie3, 2.John2, 1.Martin1) b. 28 Mar 1922, Manderson, Big Horn, WY, Homemaker/ CoC, m. (1) 24 May 1944, in Billings, Yellowstone, MT, Divorced: 26 Jul 1946, Dist. CT Yellowstone Co., MT (desertion), James LeRoy DOZIER, b. 01 Aug 1922, Fulton, Itawamba, MS, (son of James Orville DOZIER and Anna Maye DODSON) Mechanic/CB&Q RR/W.Geoph., d. 11 Apr 1971, Missoula, MT  Cause: Myocardial infarctn, buried: 15 Apr 1971, Missoula Cem., Missoula, Missoula, MT, military: U. S. Navy, Korea / Hon. Disc. 28 Oct 1945, m. (2) 02 Apr 1948, in Casper, Natrona, WY, Curtis Ewing CRAFT, b. 23 Feb 1919, Healdton, Carter, OK, (son of Loyd Eldridge CRAFT and Minnie Belle COUCH) Oil Field Pumper/CoC, d. 28 Aug 1994, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, buried: 01 Sep 1994, Denver City Mem.Cem., Denver City, TX, military: U. S. Army, 45th Inf. Quartermaster Div.  Iola died 25 Jul 1989, Denver City, Yoakum, TX  (Lung Cancer), buried: 27 Jul 1989, Denver City Mem.Cem., Denver City, TX, military: W.A.A.C., Pvt. Served 2 mos.  Graduated high school in Casper, Wy, but attended Manderson schools until her senior year.  Attended beauty school, but did not take the state board exams. Had good organization skills; was a "people person" making friends easily; joined the Yoakum County Hospital Auxiliary, The Pink Ladies, and served over 10,000 hours including a term as secretary and one as president.  Baked hundreds of pies to sell in the Pink Pantry Gift Shop at the hospital. James: Lived in Amory, MS and attended schools there from 1929 to 1938 per U.S. Navy recruiting forms. 111 North 4th Street.


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