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Indiana Hartwells


Aurelia Hartwell married James N. Edwards      September 24, 1835
Caroline Hartwell married  Philip Hartwell     May 5, 1833
Clarissa Hartwell married Stephen P. Skinner   January 1, 1830
Cynthia Hartwell married William W. Paul       February 26, 1825
Dillis Hartwell married Susan Lockard(Lockhart)October 21, 1847
Elizabeth Hartwell married William Hartwell    August 29, 1845
George Hartwell married Mary Denslow           August 2, 1836
James Hartwell married Lucinda Hartwell        November 19, 1846
Lucinda Hartwell married Riddle Derringer      April 6, 1847
Lucinda Hartwell married Henry Warner          June 25, 1824
Mary C. Hartwell married Philo Stoddard        November 26, 1849
Oliver Hartwell married Rachel Dearinger       December 16, 1841
Reuben Hartwell married Mary Derringer         April 9, 1837
Wealthy Hartwell married Major Kendrick        May 15, 1823
Ephraim Hartwell married Susan Nation          September 5, 1841 

(in Jefferson County) Lucinda Hartwell married Riddle Derringer April 6, 1847 Emily Hartwell married John Bowley September 18, 1851 Ursula Hartwell married Jacob R. Derringer February 26, 1854

This information has been gathered in the hopes that it might help other Hartwell Researchers match up their missing Jennings County, IN ancestors with the solid background base "The Hartwell's of America Genealogy" has provided.

On the 1820 Census, the following Hartwell's
were living in Jennings County Indiana

William Hartwell William Hartwell, Sr.
On the 1830 Census the following Hartwell's
were living in Jennings County Indiana
Moses Hartwell William Hartwell

On the 1840 Census the following Hartwell's
were living in Jennings County Indiana. They were

Moses Hartwell Ephraim Hartwell Reuben Hartwell Philip Hartwell John Hartwell

The 1850 Census lists as follows:

Reuben Hartwell,41
Stonemason, born NY
Mary A.,wife,32, born NY
Simeon, 12, son
Taylor, 2, son
Washington, 2, son

William Hartwell, 57, farmer
born VT
Lorenda, wife, 56, born VT
Emily, 17, daughter
Lorenda, 13, daughter

William Hartwell, 26, laborer
born NY
Betsey, 38, wife, born NY
Lucinda, 4, daughter
Angeline, 1, daughter

James Hartwell, 26, laborer
born NY
Lucretia 22, wife, born IN
Cinda, 11 months, daughter

John Hartwell, 42, farmer
born NY
Annetta, 42, wife, born KY
Annetta, 17, daughter
Martha A., 13, daughter
Allen, 11, son
Sarah, 10, daughter
Gorden,, 8, son
Eliza, 6, daughter
John J, 3, son
Unnamed son, 1 month

Oliver Hartwell, 38, laborer
born IN
Dano?, 36, wife, born KY
William, 5, son
Joseph, 4, son
Polly, 3, daughter
Rebecca, 2, daughter
Ephraim, 1, son

Huldah Hartwell, 78, female
born MA
Living with Major Kendrick
born NY

Moses Hartwell, 65, farmer
born NY
Eliza, 65, wife, born NY

Dillis Hartwell, 36, laborer
born NY
Nancy, 38, wife, born NY
James, 2, son
Susan, 1, daughter
Living with Dillis was
John Lockard, 14, born IN
Richard Lockard, 12
George Lockard, 10
Polly Lockard, 7
Sarah Lockard, 5

Philip Hartwell, 36, farmer
born NY
Caroline, 36, wife, born IN
Ursula, 12, daughter
Mahala, 10, daughter
Jonathan, 8, son
Huckleberry, 7, son
Mariah, 5, daughter
Juranda?, 3, daughter

Ephraim Hartwell, 75, farmer
born VT
Susan 45, wife, born, IN
Henry, 9, son
Richard, 4, son

The 1860 Census reads as follows:

James Hartwell, 65, laborer
born NY
Lucretia, 30, wife, born NY
Cinderella, 13, daughter
George W., 10, son
James A., 3, son

Richard Hartwell, 12
living with Anthony Frederick

John Hartwell, 17, laborer
born IN
Living with John McCammon

Dillis Hartwell, 48, laborer
born NY
Lucile, 44, wife, born NY
Margaret 20, daughter
George 17, son
Marjoretta?,13, daughter
Murrell, 11, son

Phillip Hartwell, 47, laborer
born NY
Caroline, 45, wife, born NY
Silas U. 18, son
Joanna, 15, daughter
Maria, 14, daughter
Uriah, 11, son
Luidda?, 8, daughter

Jonathan Hartwell, 22, farmer
born IN
Priscilla A., 25, wife born IN
Mary, 10, daughter

Eliza Hartwell,76 born NH
living with Jame Keath

The 1870 Census reads as follows:

William Hartwell, 50, farmer
born NY
Betsey, 45, wife, born IN
Lucinda, 22, daughter
Andrew, 18, son
Angeline, 20, daughter
James, 15, son

Reuben Hartwell, 59, Woodcutter
born NY
Mary, 52, wife, born NY
Parley ,19, son
James, 14, son

Simeon Hartwell, 31
Stone Quarry Worker, born IN
Mary, 22, wife, born IN
James, 5, son
Charles, 1, son

Taylor Hartwell, 22, farmer
born IN
Elizabeth 16, wife born IN

William Hartwell, 35
farmer, born NY
Emily, 23, wife, born IN
Mary, 3, daughter

George Hartwell, 23, miller
born IN
Carrie, 24, wife born IN

Merrill Hartwell, 21, laborer
born IN

Phillip Hartwell, 59,farmer
born NY
Caroline, 55, wife born NY

John Hartwell, 62, farmer
born NY
Amerita, 62, wife born NY
Gorden 28, son, farmer
Eliza, 26, daughter

Uriah Hartwell, 21, farmer
born IN
Nancy, 21, wife, born IN
Anna B., 2, daughter
Alice J., 5 months, daughter

Jonathan Hartwell, 35, farmer
born IN
Martha, 29, wife, born SC

William Hartwell, 50,laborer
born NY
Betsey, 45, wife, born IN
Lucinda, 22, daughter
Angeline, 20, daughter
Andrew, 18, son
James, 15, son

Allen Hartwell, 31, farmer
born IN
Neellen?, 26, wife, born OH
Bertha, 3, daughter
Laura B., 2, daughter

Francis Hartwell, 25, farm laborer
born IN
Mary E., 23, wife, born IN
Henry F., 4, son
Rachael J., 2, daughter

The 1880 Census reads as follows:

Mary A. Hartwell, 66, Born NY
James F. Hartwell, 24, son
laborer, born IN

Philip Hartwell, 70 farmer
born NY, both parents born NY
Lucretia, wife, 62, born IN
both parents born NY

Huckleberry Hartwell, 31, farmer
born IN, both parents born NY
Sarah, 25, wife, born IN
both parents born KY
Laura, 8, daughter
Rosa, 6, daughter
Philip, 4, son
John, 2, son

John Hartwell, 72, farmer
born NY, both parents born NY
Matilda J., 38 wife, born IN
both parents born IN
Albert, 8, son

Simpson Hartwell, 67, laborer
born KY, both parents born VA
Betsey, 53, wife, born IN
both parents born IN
Andrew, 30, son, born KY

Gordon Hartwell, 53, farmer, IN
Father born NY, mother born KY
Annie, 26, wife, born IN
both parents born IN
Albert, 6, son
George, 5, son
Florence, 3, daughter

Dillis Hartwell, 65, farmer
Born NY, both parents born NY
Susan, 64, wife, born NY
both parents born (looks like
(Freeland) NY

Anibel or Mebil Hartwell, 30
male,.millworker, born IN
parents both born NY
Eliza, 32, wife, born SC
Both parents born SC

Frank Hartwell, 33, laborer
Born IN, both parents born PA
Hen, 36, wife, born IN
both parents born PA
Henry, 14, son
Susan, 12, daughter
Etee, 8, daughter

John Hartwell, 49, farmer
born IN, both parents born IN
Martha, 40, wife, born IN
both parents born NC
Laura, 8, daughter, adopted

Uriah Hartwell, 30, born IN
Both parents born IN
Nancy, 31, wife, Born IN
both parents born IN
Anna, 13, daughter
Alice, 11, daughter
Allen, 9, son
Martha, 7, daughter
Ezra, 5, son
Flora, l, daughter
Dora, 1, daughter

Jack Hartwell, 33, laborer
born IN, father born NY
mother born IN
Elizabeth, 26, wife, born IN
Father born IN, mother born PA
Vawter, 9, son
Ida, 6, daughter
Katie, 4, daughter
Ginger 2, daughter

Parley Hartwell, 29, born IN
Father born NY, mother born KY
Christina, 28, wife, born IN
Both parents born IN
Everett, 3, son
Maggie, 1, daughter

George W. Hartwell, 33, born IN
Carrie, 33, wife, born IN
Thomas b. , 9, son
Amy G., 3, daughter
Ann Derringer, 57, born IN
Samuel F. Derringer, 17, born IN

Harvey Hartwell, 44, born IN
Emily, 30, wife, born NY
Mary A. Hartwell, 13,( no relation)
Lizzie, Hartwell, 9, (no relation)
Parley W. Hartwell, 7, (no relation)
John N. Hartwell, 5, (no relation)
Erby Smith Hartwell, 1, (no relation)

Simeon Hartwell, 42, born IN
Father born Vermont, mother born IN
Mary, 32, wife, born IN
James R., 13, son
Charles B., 10, son
Dasie, 6, daughter

The 1900 Census reads as follows:

Uriah Hartwell, 55, born
April 1845, IN
Father born NY, mother, IN
Rosa, 35, wife, born
Aug. 1864, IN

George W. Hartwell, 52, born
Mar. 1848, IN
Drusilla, 53, wife, born
Mar. 1848, IN
Amy G., daughter, born May 1887

Gorden Hartwell, 58, born May 1887
Margaret, 46, wife, born Jan. 1854
William, 19, son, born Sept. 1881
Clifford, 17, son, born Apr. 1883
Russel, 4, son, born Nov. 1895

Andrew Hartwell, 40, born
May 1860, IN

James F. Hartwell, 43, born
Nov. 1856, IN
also listed as James K, James K.P., Jack, Parents born NY
Ella S., 25, wife, born July 1874
IN, Parents born IN
Leland B. 17, son, born Oct. 1882
Burrel H. 15, son, born July 1884
Frank N. 11, son, Born June 1888
Maude P., 10, daughter, born Jan. 1890
Fred E., 8, son, born May 1892
Emma S. 6, daughter, born Feb. 1894
Della, 2, daughter, born Mar. 1898

Jonathan Hartwell, 53, born
May 1847, IN
Martha 63, wife, born Mar. 1837, NC
Caroline G., 12, daughter, born 1888
Silas G., 12, son, born 1890

John Hartwell, 22, born 1878, IN
Parents born IN
Cora B. 18, wife, born July 1881, IN
Parents born IN
Jessie, 1, son, born May 1899

Lizzie Hartwell, 48, born Aug. 1851, IN
Father born IN, Mother born PA
George N. 22, son, born Dec. 1877
Jabus G., 19, son born Aug. 1880
Alfred, 16, son, born May 1884

Malinda Hartwell, 72, born
Mar. 1828, IN
James M. McFadden, 51, son
born Aug. 1848

Mary E. Hartwell, 48, widow
born Mar. 1852, IN
Father born IN, mother born OH
Daisy L. 24, daughter, born Sept. 1875
Edward L. 15, son, born June 1884
Harry G. 5, son born May 1895
Dallis G. 2, son, born Mar. 1898
Charles H. Dittlinger, 35, son-in-law
born April 1865 IN
Father born Germany, mother born IN

Parley E. Hartwell, 50, born
Mar. 1849 IN
Father born IN, mother born KY
Cristian V. 49, wife, born March 1851, IN
Father born Germany, Mother born IN
Everett, 23, son, born Nov. 1876
Gussy E., 19, daughter, born Aug. 1880
Lennard E., 12, son, born Oct. 1887
Lizzla E. 10, daughter, born Aug. 1890
at school for blind in Indpls.
spelled Lizella there
Ollie, 2, daughter, born July 1897
Jessie Hartwell, 21, daughter-in-law
born Feb. 1879
Alonzo Hartwell, less than one month
grandson, born May 1900

Taylor A. Hartwell, 25, born Aug.
1874, IN
Maggie A., 21, wife, born Aug. 1878, IN
Nellie J. 4, daughter, born April 1896
Ralph, 4 mos., son, born Dec. 1899

Walter Hartwell, 28, born June 1871, IN
Parents born IN
Lottie, 30, wife, born May 1870, IN
Parents born Germany
Joseph C., 6, son, born Feb. 1894
Annie O., 2, daughter, born June 1897
Annie Dausch, 52, mother-in-law
born Jan 1848, Germany
Kate Hartwell, 10, had abbrev. ss
born Dec. 1889
Clyde Reed, 13, had abbrev. ss
born May 1887

Philip Hartwell, 25, laborer, born
May 1887, IN, Parents born IN

John W. Hartwell, 15, laborer
born Mar. 1885, IN
Parents born IN

The 1910 Census reads as follows:

Philip Hartwell, 34, sawmill
operator, born IN
Jane L., 38, wife
Bessie B. 4 months, daughter

Taylor A., 41, laborer, born IN
Parents born IN
Maggie A. 32, wife
Nellie J., 14, daughter
Ralph, 10, son
Virgie, 8, daughter
Theodore, 5, son
Lulu, 2, daughter
Dorothy, 1 month, daughter

George A. Hartwell, 35, born IN
Parents born IN
Lula, 39, wife, born IN
Parents born IN
Louis, 4 months, son

James Hartwell, 54,born IN
Steel?points polisher, owned home
Parents born NY
Leona, 44, wife, born IN
Parents born IN
Fred, 17, son
Emma 16, daughter
Della, 13, daughter
Ollie?, 10, daughter
Ross, 7, son
Mary E., 4, daughter
Willie, 11 months, son

The 1920 Census reads as follows:

Philip Hartwell, 45, born IN
Parents born IN
Janie, 46, wife born IN
Parents born IN
Bessie, 10, daughter

Silas Hartwell, 32, farmer
born IN, Parents born, IN
Della, 38, wife, born IN
Parents born IN

Parley, 68, planing mill laborer
born IN, Parents born IN
Pharatina?, 67, wife, born IN
Parents born IN
Izella, 25, daughter
Queen, 17, daughter

Taylor Hartwell, 49, laborer
born IN,Parents born IN
Maggie, 40, wife
Ralph, 20, son
Virgie, 18, daughter
Theodore, 16, son
Lulu, 13, daughter
Dorothy, 10, daughter
Jessie, 8, daughter
Richard, 4, son
Margaret, 10 months, daughter

Fred Hartwell, 27, laborer
born IN, Parents born IN
Ella, 23, wife, born IN
Father born OH, mother born IN
Delores F., 4, daughter
Louis E., less than 1 month, son

William Hartwell, 46, born IN
Father born IN, mother born TN
Lula, 45, wife, born IN
Father born IN, Mother born TN

Martha Hartwell, 84, grandmother
born NC, living with
Harry & Laura Bowerly, both born NC
Parents born NC

Everett Hartwell, laborer, born NC
Parents born NC
Jessie, 40, wife, born NC
Parents born NC
Floyd, 18, son
Rachel, 16, daughter
Reuben, 14, son
Agnes, 13, daughter
Howard, 5, son
John E., 2, son

Alfred Hartwell, 37, Upholsterer
born IN, Father born IN, Mother PA
Magggie, 37, wife, born IN
Parents born IN
Jurae, 9, daughter
Charles 6, son
Lizzie Hartwell, 66, mother
born PA

Walter Hartwell, 48, laborer
born NC,Parents born NC
Lottie, 48, wife, born IN
Parents born Germany
Anna C., 23, daughter
Carl, 20, son
Grace, 16, daughter
Roy, 12, son
Mayme, 9, daughter

Ellen Hartwell, 40, widow
born IN, Parents born IN
mother of 16 children, 15 living
Frank, 20, son, laborer
Oliver, 19, son, laborer
Mary E. 12, daughter
Francis, 10, son

Joseph Hartwell, 25, factory
born IN, Parents born IN
Elizabeth, 22, wife, born AR
Parents born MO
Cecil R., 1, son