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The Elders Of Inch

Miscellaneous Information Regarding the SHARKEY Families
Of Ballyshannon, Lifford & Buncrana, Donegal, Ireland

Listing, in "Owners of Land in Ireland 1876, above 1 acre"

David and William SHARKEY in Lifford. (See testimony of Joseph SHARKEY re the Lifford Corporation below.)

From the Letterkenny Central Library, Index of Subjects Authors & Personal Names Occurring in the Donegal Annual from Vol 1 no 1 1947 to Vol 7 no 2 1967, Edward McIntyre: V1. p 88. O'Sharkey, Donnell, hearth taxpayer Ardraman, Buncrana.

iii 3 p 93, Sharkey, John, of Ballyshannon d. 1863 Interred in Abbey Cemetery, Ballyshannon, with his wife Margaret, and two infant children.

iii 3 pp 93 & 104, Sharkey, Margaret, d. 1869 Interred in Abbey Cemetery, Ballyshannon, with her husband John and two infant children.

iii 3 pp 93 & 104, Sharkey, Mary d. aged 19, Interred in Abby Cemetery, Ballyshannon, headstone erected by her father.

iii 2 p 122, Sharkey, Joseph, - extract of his evidence at Lifford 1833, Regarding affairs of Lifford Corporation. (Full extract below.)

V3 p 257, Sharkey, Owen, of Belcruit, Kincasslagh, d. 1963, In memoriam notice. iii 3 p 104 Sharkey Family of Ballyshannon retired from business 1870, and their premises near new (1917) parochial house in College Street were occupied by Mercy Nuns.

Corporate Commission 1833 -- Old Lifford Corporation

(In regards to iii 2 p 122, Sharkey, Joseph - extract of his evidence at Lifford 1833, regarding affairs of Lifford Corporation. There was an inquiry in Lifford 'into the affairs of the Lifford Corporation'. As far as I can tell, this hearing was held to try to sort out who had certain rights in land related to the Old Lifford Corporation.)

One of the witnesses is quoted as saying he had "...heard of freemen in former times; Lord Erne used to give a treat at mid summer to his best servants, knows a good many of them who used to pay tithes to the Corporation: always heard of 3 tenements who used to pay rent to the Corporation i.e. Jannis's, SHARKEY'S and Michell's."

The witnesses then told the commission details of where these lands were located. On p. 122 is the extract of the testimony of JOSEPH SHARKEY.

"JOSEPH SHARKEY examined: proved he held a tenement, called Jannis's for which being Corporation property, he paid no rent on which he had built several houses and expended a great deal of money."

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