Memoriesof life with Father-- Elmer Holmes Mackley

        Jay_C Lawson  Ancestors





Makin_ Chart ; surnames Makin, Woffinden, Gray, Denton, Green, Garwood

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Sharing Family History with new found distant cousins in other countries;
Holmes line,  Essex , England     I met with two of the Holmes cousins here in Utah.
Mackley line, Isle of Wight, England,
Mackley line, New Zealand.
all have shared theirs decendants information.
It has been a pleasure to meet these men and their families.
Forbush Line with the ade of Gedcom and Harold's books.
Catherine's descedants from the help and Gedcom , Cathy sent me.
If anyone one wants any information on any of these findings.
Paul Cheney Sent me photos of the Lawson Lines.

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