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Albert James Mackley
A more detailed story of Albert of his life in England can be found on     " Jay'sPage"

I am a  Grand daughter of Albert James Mackley from Norwick, Norfolk, England.
That come to America with his mother in ----.
Met Catherine Braithwaite in ----. Married ---- and had a total of 14 kids of which 11 lived to maturity.
In this page I want to address these Uncles and Aunts. And the postery of Grandpa Mackley.
I know that the total for each family will not be a totally acurate, but close.

Albert Charles Mackley;                                  Children, 9                    Grand children, 33             g-garnd children, 39
    married, Pearl Alice, 17 Sep 1923

Spencer Mackley,                                            Children, 4                    Grand children, 12 reported on two of the kids
    married Alga Elace, 7 May 1919

Blanch Mackley,                                              Children, 11                  Grand children, 35              g-grand children
    married Elmer, 27 Dec 1919

Robert David mackley,                                    Children, 8                    Grand children,
    married Mary Eliza, 11 Mar 1927

Mary Ellen Mackley,                                       Children, 4                    Grand children, 12               g-grandkids,
    married Darrell, 1 Nov 1923

Eva Mackley                                                    Children, 4                    Grand children, 13              g-grandkids, 3
    married Carl  27 Oct 1928
         and Elmo, 10 Aug 1964

Elmer Holmes Mackley                                    Children, 5                    Garnd children,  29               g-grandkids, 35
married Bertha, 18 Nov 1940
        and Rose,

Arthur Henry Mackley                                      Children, 4                    Grand children, 17                g-grandkids
    married Vadna 16 Sep 1931

Florence Mackley,                                            Children, 5
    married Carl, 15 Nov 19832

Catherine Mackley                                            Children, 4                        Grand children, 12
    married Benjamin, 4 Aug 1933
        and Frank , 19 Jul 1955
        and Living

Albert James Mackley born 1918 - 1918

Martha Mackley                                               Children, 4                         Grandchildren, 10
    married Rex,  28 Feb 1943

Twins Mackley born 1921- 1921

Grandpa was a small man in size, but he seems larger than life, as we all carry on his line.
We take time to pause and say thankyou for all the hard work he must have done to live in this time frame and hard ships.
Three of his sons fallowed him into the Shoe repair shop work.
The is a few of his tools and Elmer's  tools are in the Rigby, Museum at Rigby, IDaho.

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