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The History and Genealogy of Monroe County, Illinois

compiled by Ron Johnson

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I am trying to add at least one new page of information every day, plus as many scanned documents as a I can. So if you are looking for something and don't find it, come back often! No telling what will show up tomorrow or the next day.
ANY AND ALL CONTRIBUTIONS (of documents, photos, and information) ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have something you would like to contribute. I will add it to the site and make sure that you are given proper credit for it. (Contact info is at the bottom of this page.)

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I have been working on my own family's genealogy since the early 1990's. My mother was born in St. Clair Co., IL, and my father in Bond Co., IL. I was born in St. Louis Co., MO. I have blood relations all over southern IL, especially in Bond, Madison, St. Clair, Franklin, Jefferson, and Williamson Counties. (Not to mention in Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, and probably every other state in the Union!) So, even though this website is titled "Monroe County", and is dedicated primarily to that area, I have included a lot of information and documents from my own ancestry and relations, from wherever they may be found.

I married a Monroe Co. girl in 2004, and moved there from St. Louis. Being from a "big city", the "small town" mentality was something new and fascinating for me. No matter where Debbie and I go in southern IL, we seem to run into someone that she is related to, went to school with, or some such thing. It is truly amazing to me. I'd never seen anything like it before. St. Louis has often been called "the biggest small town in America", and until recently I accepted that. But I now know that whoever coined that phrase had never spent any significant time in a rural area. There is no comparison.

I started working on my new wife's family, and soon discovered that although that county is rural and relatively small, it's history and genealogy is fascinating. So, besides my own and my wife's family, I am including as much information about that really intriguing county and its denizens that I can put together, even though it may not have a direct relationship to me or to Debbie. And even though I have moved us back to my home town of St. Louis last year (2013), we stay in touch with her family just across the state line, and my research into that county continues unabated.

Family history and genealogy is not "etched in marble". We continually discover new things. Previously unknown ancestors. A long-lost branch of a family. I am always open to suggestions. So feel free to e-mail me about anything you may see or read on this site. Or, write to me at:

Ron Johnson
710 Loughborough Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63111

I will be more than happy to add to the next edition of this history any new details, photos, documents, corrections, updates, etc. that you may have.
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