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Inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement of their content, but only offers a starting point in your research.  

You may want to access a search engine such as Google or Dogpile to gather additional information.  In doing so be aware that Native American names are often spelled a variety of ways.  

For example:  Pottawatomi, Potowatomie, Pottawattomi, Pottawatomy; Waubonsee, Waubonsie;

Algonquin, Algonkin


Native American History (link to St. Charles History Centre)

Black Hawk War

Illinois History

Ottawa & Pottawatomi

Pottawatomi Info

Pottawotomi Stories - Bibliography by Gary Mitchel                                                                        

Indian History by Dick Shovel


Aurora University Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures

Cyndi's List of Native American Information



The Indians of Illinois - Helen Cox Tregillis. Two chapters are devoted to the history and customs of Indians in the area of present-day Illinois, beginning in ancient times and continuing through the 1800s; transcribed accounts from newspapers of the late 1800s and early 1900s provide a first-hand look at whites and their interactions with the Illinois Indians during recent history. (A brief chapter covers the non-Illinois tribes of Fox, Sauk, Miamis, Winnebago, Kickapoos and Pottawatomi who moved into the area.)


The bulk of the book is made up of selected biographies of local early Native Americans, including such well-known Indians as Big Foot, Black Hawk, Pontiac and Tecumseh, among many others. There is also a lengthy roster of Indians who appear in Illinois records (1642-1861) which typically gives a date, place and event with which the individual was associated. 1991, 158 pp., illus., index, paper, $26.00 #ZT612 Heritage Book

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