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Hampshire Township

Old Hampshire - New Hampshire - Hampshire Center -

Hen Peck - Holstein

Kane County, IL


Town 42 N - Range 6 E


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The area is NOT mountainous as depicted here.

Hampshire and Rutland were originally one district, named Deerfield Precinct.

 Hampshire, located off the line of early travel was late in being settled.  

Rev. Robert WILLIAMS was the first preacher in the township and served the people for many years.


       The post office was at "Garland's Tavern" on the Galena Road.  In 1875 it was removed to the new Hampshire village.  In 1876 it was known as Holstein and discontinued about 1884.

       The old state road to Galena passed through the township and for years was the only highway east and west.  The next road was opened from St. Charles to Marengo, running through Hampshire township.  During the excitement and rush for the newly discovered lead deposits near Galena, the Galena Road was much traveled.  An old settler has stated that he had seen as many as 200 teams pass his place in a day.  That would mean a dozen every hour.  In those days "Hen Peck" was one of the important centers of the county.  Its location made it an excellent camping place and often as many as fifty men would be in camp at one time.  

       The first school house was on the WHITTEMORE farm and made of unhewn logs.  The earliest known school trustees were Lenas ALLEN, Samuel HAWLEY and T.C. WHITTEMORE.  The district was incorporated by vote on March 5, 1842.  There were 114 pupils in 4 districts then.  By 1850 there were 8 districts and 430 students.  In 1871 there were 600 students, eight teachers and 8 school houses.  








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