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Burlington Township

Burlington P.O. - East Burlington P.O.

Pleasant Grove

Lilly Lake - Lily Lake

Kane County, Illinois



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In 1836 when Kane County was established this area was part of the Pleasant Grove precinct.

Today, Lily Lake residents attend Burlington Schools, but are in located in Campton Township.  Most have a St. Charles address.



STEPHEN VAN VELZER claimed nearly the whole township.  Settlers who followed were forced to buy land from him, or face controversy.

ALLISON BANKER of New York arrived and later married one of the daughters of Solomon Wright who arrived the following year.


SOLOMON WRIGHT came from Putnam County, New York.  The property he settled later became the HAWLEY Farm.

P.R. JOSLYN came from New Jersey


RILEY JOSLYN, son of P.R. JOSLYN arrived from New Jersey.

O.H. ELLITHORPE of Franklin County, Vermont

T.C. ELLITHORPE of Franklin County, Vermont

JOHN HOLDEN of Pennsylvania

A.W. LAURENCE of New ;York

C.M. ANDREWS of Hampshire County, Mass.


STEPHEN GODFREY of Orange County, Vermont -   In 1908, his son CHARLES B. GODFREY still owned the land.


DAVID SHOLES of Genesee County, NY arrived.  He died in October 1881 owning 1900 acres of land.  His son, JOHN SHOLES, also relocated here.

Source: History of Kane County by Joslyn & Joslyn 1908

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