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Biographies from The History Of Kane County, IL



        BROWNSON, Jacques Calman - Architect

       COPLEY, Ira - Newspaper Publisher

       GARDNER, Marshall B. - Hollow Earth Theory Patent

       GILPATRICK, Louis Oliver - Chemist

HARDING, Alexander - Buried on the corner of Curry and Wilder streets, Harding was born a slave in Kentucky in 1793, became a famous jockey and later owned a successful draying (hauling in horse-drawn wagons) business. After acquiring considerable wealth, he moved to Aurora in 1867, where he resided until his death in 1908 at the age of 114. The fact that he lived in three centuries even put him on the pages of Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        JORDAN, Hector  - Federal Bureau of Narcotics

       McDOLE, Samuel P.  - pic & bio

        Norton, Dr. Garrett

        OBERWIES, Peter

        OLIN, Alfred - Detective Aurora, Illinois, P.D.

       PELICAN, Peter - Civil War soldier

       RICHARDSON, Thompson - Police Officer

       STONE, David  & family of Aurora, IL & Aurora, NE

       WHITE, Fred O. - Illinois Veterans Home Site Location Comm.

       WILLIAMS, Albert  - Escaped Slave


       THURM HOOVEN, Marilyn Katherine aka THORNE, Marilyn - entertainer





Julia Gay, who made a grand tour of Europe in 1912, sending a enthralling series of letters back to her family. She studied at Boston and Chicago universities, and went on to become the first female superintendent of schools in America, serving six years in that role in Dundee, Illinois.

Judge Hewitt was born in Oppinham, Montgomery County, New York, in 1809. While he was a small boy, his family moved to Dundee, Illinois, and later to Elgin, Illinois, where he studied law.

Allan Pinkerton the Dundee barrel maker who established a renowned private detective agency. Link to Elgin Courier article by Mike Alft of 04/25/1999






        Robert A. Frahm - Police Officer - Died: 12/04/75

       Lloyd Augustus Hall - Chemist

       James T. Gifford - Elgin Founder moved to Grafton, Wisc

       Lester Teeple

       Alexander Tyler -  Veterinarian

       Brigadier General Lloyd T. Waterman






       HOOVEN, Marilyn Katherine - Entertainer

       THORNE, Marilyn

       THURM, Millie



Kames, Donald - motorcycle safety - Elburn Herald

Schneider, John & Lena - Elburn Herald article

Yarnal, Edward - Elburn Herald article

Yarnal, Alice (Wohrer) - Teacher, Author, Insurance, Rock collector, Historian & more -                                                                                                         Elburn Herald article




St. Charles

       St. Charles History Archives - Biographies Great resource!

       Colonel Edward Baker (under construction)

       Norris Family Records - Regional History Center Archives at Northern IL Univ.

       Robert E. Roland, Ph.D.

       J. McWilliams Stone - Operadio (DuKane)

       Sam Sublet - Illinois Youth Center

       Trude, William

       Brian Wilson - Beach Boys



       Ella Osburn





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Biographies from The History Of Kane County, IL

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