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The Saliard Family

My Grandma's Family

The Saliard name today, is spelled as such by living descendants. The census and vital records however are a different story and Thomas Saliard has had many different spellings. Such as Sallier on the 1850 census, Salliards on the 1860 census, Salyard on the 1870 census, and Saliard on his death record.
It is with most certainty that the Saliard's living in Oakland, Macomb, Huron Counties, are descendants of Thomas B. Saliard and his wives Mary Ann Ribble and Matilda Appleman.


Born November 3, 1821 in Pennsylvania, moved to NJ, when is not certain, and whether he made the move with family is unknown. In the 1830 census there is only one Saliard in PA, Reuben Saliard age 20-30 years in Huntington Co, PA, he is certainly a possibilty as Thomas' father.

Thomas married first Mary Ann Ribble. Mary Ann was born in February 1824 although the census records shaves a few years off of that date. Even 150 years ago women didn't want to tell the truth about their age. Mary Ann's surname is derived from the presence of a young woman living with her and Thomas in the 1850 census Hope Twp, Warren Co, NJ; by the name of Susan Ribble. She was not listed as employed by the family, nor as a boarder. I believe she was a sister to Mary. There were Ribble's in the area and in the area of Berks & Northampton Counties, PA which is where I believe Mary and Thomas may have come from.

Thomas moved his family consisting of his wife and two daughters Lucy and Margaret to Oakland County, Michigan between the 1850 census and 1854 when their son John W. Saliard was born. His birth and that of his brother Charles H. were both in MI, based on census and death information. In June 1863 Mary Ann died at the age of 39 years, she is interred at Kline Cemetery, in Addison Twp.


Thomas second married Matilda Appleman between 1863 and 1865 or early 1866. Matilda appears in the same 1850 census as Thomas and Mary Ann in Washington Twp, Warren Co, NJ. Matilda is in the home of her father and age 21. It is not known if she may have traveled to MI with the family as a nanny, perhaps Susan Ribble didn't make the move, in any case the 1860 census in MI shows only the family in the home. How Thomas met with Matilda is a mystery and pure speculation, he may have returned to NJ to tell her parents of the death, and returned with a new wife to MI. She may have been in his hire, or her family may have came in a group with the Saliards to MI. As I said purely speculation.

Thomas and Matilda appear in the 1870 & 1880 census in Oakland Co, MI, 1870 in Lakeville, Addison Twp, and 1880 in Oakland Twp. The 1890 is not available as you know. Thomas died in 1899 and Matilda in Jun 1900. Their death records are on file at the Oakland County Clerks office. Matilda's parents were William Appleman and Rebecca Biddleman, both NJ.

A search of several cemetery transcriptions for the Oakland Twp, and other areas the Saliard's lived has turned up only Mary Ann's tombstone. It is probable since Thomas and Matilda were still residing in the area that they were also buried in the same cemetery and the names were never added to the exsisting tombstone. Many of the cemeteries in Oakland and Macomb County are still not transcribed, updated or online.


The children of Mary Ann are as follows; Lucy M. she was born in NJ was 3 years old in the 1850 census. I have not been able to locate her after the 1860 census in MI. She probably married, but if before 1867 there won't be a record at the clerks office. Lucy nor her sister Margaret whom was 1 year old on the 1850 census, are listed in the marriage records in Oakland County, MI. Margaret appears in the 1870 census in Orion, MI living as a servant in the Ambros Alexander home. After this nothing more is known of the two girls.

John W. and Charles H. can both be followed in the census records and death indexes. John married sisters Emma in 1879 in Oakland Co, and Vilatia Soules. He had 3 children with Emma. They were Blanche, Wayne and Fay, Wayne can be found in the census and death indexes for Macomb Co, MI. John stayed in Macomb County after his marriage to Emma. His family did the same. Charles H. appears in the 1870 Orion, MI census as age 13 in the house of Geo. Andrews as "works for board." In 1880 Oakland Twp, MI census, he is 22 and a servant in the house of Walter Cobbs. Charles married Mary Haley. The family reports 4 children. I have located in the 1920 census for W. Bloomfield, Oakland Co, MI a John Saliard age 24 and George Saliard age 18 working as laborers in another family home. Since the two are together and their ages fit for Charles' oldest son John, I have to wonder if George isn't one of the children as well.


The children of Matilda are; James B. known as Jay B. Saliard after 1870 census, Catherine known as Katie on her marriage record, and Thomas J.

Jay appears in the 1870 & 1880 census with his parents in Feb 1891 he married Inez Ellsworth, they lived in the Pontiac area. In 1934 Jay was walking to the mailbox along the road. He was hit by a car, the impact sent Jay several feet into the high grass. The driver found him, placed him in the passenger side and drove him about 4 miles to the hospital. He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died. Jay was my great grandpa. PHOTO

Katie married Alvin Sabin Jacoby in Oakland Co, MI in Sep 1891, I have not been able to locate them yet in the 1900 or 1910 census. In the 1920 census Macomb Co, MI, Alvin is widowed with a son, George. Katie must have died before 1920, I have not found a record in Oakland Co, so it may be in Macomb.

The youngest of Thomas B. Saliard's children was Thomas J. Saliard. I only recently learned of him through the 1880 census, and have not begun the search in later census, but it does appear that he may have settled in Bay City, MI.

If you believe you may descend from Thomas & Mary Ann or Matilda please sign my guest book or drop me an email below. I would love to hear from you.



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