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Tracking the Ancestors & Descendants
Of Elisha Fox and Sally Hedger
From New York to Michigan

While searching on the internet for Elisha and Sally (a.k.a. Sarah)I came across many databases that showed Elisha and Sally along with their children. I always found the same info Elisha born 1765 in Whethersfield, CT to Elisha 1735 and Eunice. I found and bought a booklet called "The Descendants of Isaac Fox 6th son of Thomas Fox of Concord" by Henry Fox 1938. This booklet also showed Elisha 1765 son of Elisha 1735 and Eunice, and husband of Sally Hedger married 1804.

A cousin who descends from Elisha and Sally's eldest child Laura Fox has raised questions about the information I had on my website and GEDCOM file and with the information in the booklet. His Laura the eldest of Elisha and Sally's children was born in 1799 and the three of them appear in the 1800 Census together. This leads us to believe the marriage date of 1804 is incorrect and should be 1798/99.
Here is what we know at this time through census and land records. Elisha's age based on census records provides a DOB of 1779,this puts his age much closer to that of Sally who was born abt 1780. We do not have exact dates as neither myself or the other cousin doing this research have possession of a Family Bible. Elisha and family can be traced through the NY census records from 1800-1840. He purchased land both in NY and MI, residing in Columbia Co, and Genesee Co, NY and Lapeer Co, MI.

He did not move to Mercer Co, PA nor did he serve in the War of 1812. This is the Elisha 1765 who is the son of Elisha and Eunice 1735. I will explain this further on.

Confused Yet?

Elisha and Sally owned a family burial plot in Alexander Cemetery in Alexander, Genesee Co, NY, their daughter Fidelia is buried there, an unnamed child of theirs is also there. The surprise is that the unnamed child of Benjamin Fox and Eleanor Delano is also buried there.
Were these two close relatives? According to Benjamin's descendants through his daughter Margery Fox he did not have a brother named Elisha, if indeed their family line is correct. Benjamin may be descended from Thomas Fox of Cambridge. And if this is true, then why is his child buried in Elisha's family plot? Unless Elisha comes from the Cambridge line rather than the Concord line, (There is a forest fire burning in my family tree)which is one of the things we are trying to figure out.

Elisha and Sally are both buried in Whigville Cemetery, Dryden, Lapeer Co, MI. The markers were wooden crosses and long ago disappeared from the graves. There are no records available to indicate where in the cemetery they are buried. Also in Lapeer Co, the same Benjamin whose child is in the NY plot, is buried in Columbiaville, Lapeer Co, MI. Several connections but nothing that gives a relationship between these two Fox men. Many of Elisha and Sally's children moved to the Midwest, and maybe some stayed in NY, I haven't tracked them all down yet.

The two Elisha's have these distinct differences when all the information is looked at one can see where we have made our mistakes.

Elisha 1765 was born in Whethersfield, CT; Never lived in NY; This Elisha married Anna (not "Anna Fitch") and had several children born in Hartford and in Granville, MA, the birth records are online at

He served in the War of 1812 for MA, pensioned in Mercer Co, PA

He died 1842 in Pymatuning, Mercer Co, PA; buried in Stateline Cemetery.

He had a son Elisha Jr. who was born 1790 and lived in PA. This Elisha married Rebecca Fell (dau. of Nathan Fell) and they appear in the census for Mercer Co, PA. Several members of the Fell family live nearby.

Elisha 1779 was born in Alexander Co, NY; Never lived in PA; Father is unknown at this time.

He died in 1844 in Lapeer Co, MI; is buried in Whigville Cemetery.

He had a son Elisha Jr. who was born 1809 in NY he lived in NY and IL married Eveline Kelsey.

On the census for NY, on the same pages and areas for Elisha appears several other men who could be his brothers or possible father. Charles Fox and Rueben Fox show up nearby, and Jonathan Fox shows up near William Hedger, Sally's father. We have not been able to yet locate facts that would provide proof of who Elisha's father is or his siblings. We speculate that Johnathan/Jonathan born 1713 and Abigail Brockway are the grandparents and their son Jonathan born 1741 CT may be the father of Elisha 1779. At this time I have not located a wife or children for this Jonathan. Jonathan and Abigail had only two children a son and daughter named Mary, this information comes from a Brockway family historian. This line also descends from Samuel Fox son of Thomas of Concord and brother to Isaac Fox ancestor of Elisha 1765. We do feel we have enough information to be able to say that Elisha 1765 is not the Elisha whom married Sally Hedger, that Elisha is certainly the one born 1779 in NY. This is still a work in progress.

If you have any documented information (real proof) that will help us in the search for Elisha's parents or have comments on this information, please email me at the link provided below. My world connect database reflects the change in parents of Elisha, returning Elisha 1765 to his correct family of Elisha and Eunice and grandson of Thomas Fox and Mary Boardman, descendant of Isaac Fox and Thomas of Concord. TODAY I am working on the "other" Elisha 1765 and wife Anna, if I can prove his parentage then my Elisha 1779 may fall right into place. The 1765 Elisha may have had a brother David whom had a son David Jr. and both were living with their families in Granville in the 1800 census.

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