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Caleb Elsworth,

His Ancestors & Descendants

The information on the Aylworth,Aylsworth, Elsworth, & Ellsworth comes from the book "Arthur Aylsworth and his Descendants in America, by H.E. Aylsworth, 1887, second edition 1980, in my possession. Also from the Aylesworth Family Website,  my own research and that of others in my Ellsworth line.

CALEB ELSWORTH was the great grandson of Arthur Aylworth the Emigrant of Rhode Island. The grandson of Philip Aylworth and Rachel Greene, and the son of Philip Jr. and Deborah Waite. Caleb was an assessor for the 1798 Hallowell Assessment. This assessment shows many of the family, uncles, grandparents, and husbands of the daughters.
Caleb was born about 1750 in West Greenville, Rhode Island. He married Huldah Wightman or Weightman. They had 11 children, lived mostly in Hallowell Twp. Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Of these children Noel Ellsworth moved to Michigan after the death of his wife Rebecca Maria(h) Hubbell, daughter of Nehemiah Hubble and Sarah Whitney. Noel had two known sons born in Ontario, Justus and George, and probably more. Noel is buried in Webster Cemetery with his son George and wife Catherine Smith. Justus Ellsworth married Nancy Hedges it is believed in Ontario. Nancy died in Michigan and is buried at Dryden Center Cemetery in Lapeer County where the family lived. Justus being alone, may have moved west with his son Charles Hedges Ellsworth after 1872. From Justus descends my line through his son Robert Ellsworth whom married Laura Ann Fox widow of Civil War soldier, Colbart Watson. Robert and Laura had Ira Byron and Inezella B., one son Eben died young. Inez was my great grandmother.


PHILIP AYLSWORTH, JR. and Deborah Waite were married in 1753 and resided in Kingstown, RI, Dutchess Co, NY, and in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Philip sold land and each time he signed his name "Aylworth" he did not use a mark. Deborah died shortly after they arrived in Ontario about 1790 at the home of her son Barret Dyer (from her first marriage). Philip returned to Columbia Co, NY after Deborah's death and returned to Prince Edward to the home of his granddaughter Elizabeth & Asa Werden, where he died suddenly while working in the fields. Deborah was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Waite, Jr., born July 11, 1725 she first married William Dyer, whom she had two children with Barret and Waty.

PHILIP AYLWORTH, SR. and Rachel Greene were married about 1718 based on the births of their 12 children, 5 died young, in Rhode Island. Philip was the third eldest of Arthur the emmigrant and Mary Browne's children. He inheirted the family homestead after his parents deaths and he and Rachel lived their until their deaths. Rachel was the daughter of Daniel Green and Rebecca Barrow.

"ARTHUR AYLWORTH came to America from either England or Wales previous to July 29, 1679, * possibly previous to King Philip's War, married Mary Brown of Providence, a daughter probably of Rev. John and Mary (Holmes) Brown," and settled permanently in Quidnesset, where he died between Nov. 7, 1725 and Sept. 13, 1726. Her death doubtless preceded his a number of years. The natural order of their children's names is not known, but the names of the sons apart from the names of the daughters, as given the following lists stand probably in their natural order, excepting the name of Thomas, though John may have been younger than Philip:
2. i Robert (2) eldest son, m. Ann Davis.
3. ii Arthur (2) m. Mary Franklin.
4. iii John (2) m. Dorcas Jones.
5. iv Philip (2) b. 1692, m. Rachel Green.
6. v Chad (2) b. 1696, m. (1) Elizabeth Major, (2) Mary Wood.
vi Thomas (2) was deaf and dumb; no issue. [Register.]
7. vii Mary (2) eldest daughter, m. John Greene.
8. viii Elizabeth (2) m. ..... Green.
9. x Martha (2) m. John Davis."

Note* "July 29, 1679, Arthur Aylworth and forty-one others of Narragansett signed a petition to the King praying that he would put an end to these differences about the government thereof, which hath been so fatal to the prosperity of the place; animosities still arising in peoples' minds as they stand affected to this or that government." -Arthur Aylsworth & Descendants, Page 36.

The Will of Arthur Aylworth

  [In the name of God. Amen. I Arthur Aylworth of the town of King's Town in the county of Kings in the Rhode Island and Providence Plantations being * * * as to bodily health but of a] Perfect mind and memory [thanks be given un] to God. The refore calling unto [mind the mort] ality of my body and knowing [that it is appo]inted for all men once to dye do make [and ordain] this my Last will and Testament that [is to say prin]cipally and first of all I give and Rec[ommend my] Soul into the hands of God that gave [it an]d my body I recommend to the earth to be [burie]d in a decent Christian Buriall at the [discre]ssion of my Executor, and as touching [such] Worldly Estate where with it hath pleas[ed God to] bless me in this life. I give Disp[ose and bequeath the] same in this following manner and form.
I Give and bequeath, after my Just debts last sickn]es and funerall charges is payd as hereafter direct]ed, unto my son Phillip Aylsworth and to [the male] Heire Lawfully begotten of his body foreve]r, whom I] Constitute make and Ordaine my whole [and sole Executor of this my last will and [testament, to him] all my whole Estate both Reall a[nd personal, that is] to say, my said farme with all the [appurtenances and]Priviledges thereunto belonging [I give demise] and Bequeath to my son Phillip Aylworth [and to the male] Heire of his body forever. [But if my son Philip Aylworth should die without such heir then my will is that my said farm shall ascend to the male heir of my] son Chad Aylworth [and his heirs forever and that he] shall enjoy said farme as [his own. But if] my son Chad should dye without [a male heir] Lawfully begotten of his body my will is [that my said] farme Shall Ascend to the malle heire [of my son] Robert Aylworth and his heires forever.
I Give and Bequeath unto my Eldest son Robert five pounds Currant mony of this Colony.
I give (and bequeath)unto my Son Arthur Three [pounds] in Like mony.
I Give unto my son John Three pounds in Like mony.
I Give and bequeath to my Son Chad Ay1worth [a] moiety or halfe part of all my Personall [estate and] fourty pounds Currant mony of said Colony.
I give unto my Eldest Daughter Mary Green [Three ? ] Pounds in Like mony.
I give unto my Daughter Eiizabeth Dolliver T[hree] Ditto.
I give unto my Daughter Katharine Three pounds [and] one feather Bead and beading.
I Give unto my Daughter Martha Three pounds and a bead and beading.
Which [several] Bequests before mentioned I do order [my son] Phillip shall pay the same Severall [bequests to be] Given in Some Convenient time after [my decease].
I do hereby Constitute my son Phillip [Aylworth the whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament whom I order to pay and satisfy my just debts, last sickness and funeral charges and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and dis]annul all and [every other former testaments] Wills Legacies and Bequests a[nd Executors b]y me in anywise before nam]ed willed and bequeathed ratifyi]ng and Conforming This and no other [to be] my last will and Testament.
In Wittness [ where of I the said Arthur Aylworth have [here] unto Sett my and Seall this Eighth [day ] of May one Thousand Seven hnndred and [ -t]een Anno Que                                                ARTHUR AYLWORTH. {Seal}

Signed sealed] published Pronounced and declar]ed by Arthur Aylworth to be] his Last will and testament] in the presence of us the sub]scribers
[Edw ?]d Green and Mr: Jeremiah Gould Both personally [appeare]d before the Town Councl of North King's Town [this 13th d]ay of September 172 and on their Sollem [engagemen]t Declared that they Saw Arther Aylworth Decd [sign] publish Pronounce and Declare the above [written] Instrament to be his Last will and Testament [and that at] the Signing thereof he was or a Sound and [disposing] Minde and Memory and at the same time [they subscrib]ed to the Same as Wittnesses and saw [each other sig]ne as a Wittness. Signed pr order of [the town council] -Arthur Aylsworth & Descendants, Page 37-39.



[I Arthur Aylworth being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my codicil to my last will and testament written on the oth]er Side bareing date [May 8th 17-'teen and] I the said Arthur Aylworth [do by this cod]icell Confirme my Said Will and do [give my son] Chad Aylworth my bead and beading wich [I now lie] on in Liew of the one Moiety or halfe part [of my] Personall Estate given him in my said [will and] my will and meaning is my son Phillip [Ayleworth] Shall have and enjoy all my personall [estate, it] being but part of what I then had Left [having] Given to my Children Since for their Comfort. [And] further my will and Meaning is that my [two] daughters Katharine and Martha Aylworth [shall] not by Virtue of the within mentiuned [will have] the bead and beading they nor either of [them they] having had the same already since [my said] will beares date, and my will and mind [is] that this Codicell Shedule be part of [my] Last Will and Testament bareing date [as afore]said.
In Wittnes whereof I Sett to my ha[nd] This Seventh day of November, 1725.                                                                                      ARTHUR AYLWORTH

[In presence] of [JO]HN ALLEN

Mr Jeremiah Gould and-- -- both appeared before the [town council of] North King's Town the 13th day [of September 1726] and on their engagement declared that the[y saw Arthur Aylworth dec'd sign] seall publish Pronounce [and declare the above written instrument to be his codicil, etc. -Arthur Aylsworth & Descendants, Page 39.



…………………Wearing Apparel ……

………2 old beadsteds, 2 old books    

£14.  -.0

…. Kee]ler and old warming pan two bottles }

onej]ug & a Small old Malter all at    

“  2. 12. 0

Carpe]nters tools a bell a pair of worsted combs    

 “ 2. 11. 0

One] old Iron pott an Iron Kittle a pair of

..An)dirons 2 old Tramels old fire tongues 

……..e a pair of small Stillards one            

……..Pan a small Cag all at   

 “ 3.   9. 0

Beetle] Rings Wedges and other old Iron one Clevis    

14. 0

One W]oolen Wheel foure old chaires    

16. 0

………….t an old Table Spectacles and Case    

12. 0

One plow]shear and Colter   

 9. 0

..., Sheep and 3 Lambs     

“ 3.  6. 0


 “10.  -. 0

…H]effers each Three years old   

 “ 9.16. 0

…Stears Each Two Years old   

 “ 8.   -.0

One] Stear a year old   

 “1.   -.0

………..Small Seder Tub 3 old Trays an old Churn   


………..Geese young & old   

 “1.  12.0

………..on hill fowles   


[Corn ?] Standing   

 “ 3.  7. 0




£71.  1. 0

[Presen]ted pr Jeremiah Gould (and] Daniel Green Jr
There are complete or partial records of seven receipts given to the executor for the legacies in Arthur Aylworth's will, all "in full" except perhaps that of Chad:
“Robert Ayleworth," by mark, Oct. 13, 1626.
“Arthur Aylworth," by autograph, Nov. 25, 1726.
“John Aylworth," by mark, Oct. 7, 1726.
Chad Aylworth- record of signature destroyed.
John Green for his wife Mary Green - date destroyed.
Peleg Card for his wife Elizabeth Card, Nov. 23, 1726.
John Davis for his wife Martha Davis, Dee. 1, 1727.

It is evident the author of the Register did not consult the Rhode Island town records. 'The North Kingstown records then in their entirety would have furnished him abundant material. Little can be obtained from them now relating to years previous to 1700.

The immigrant was appointed to some kind of inspectorship Feb. 6, He was elected ratemaker May, 1699, and viewer of fences and supervisor of highways June 5, 1699. He deeded a quantity of land to Henry Tibbets Sept. 21, 1697. Neither the bounds, number of acres, nor consideration can be scertained. The deed was acknowledged October, 1697. The record of his signature remains distinct. -Arthur Aylsworth & Descendants, Page 39-40,

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