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Somewhere deep in the heart of the Weald ,
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A mysterious place

Ingleden Park as it is now called is a private estate and the following pictures are of a recent manor house built on the site.


KENT Deeds 544 (Iggleden References Underlined)

Will of Henry Esteghere, 1439, July 22. 17 Henry VI. 1 item : parchment ; 23 x 31 cm. SUMMARY: Will of Henry Esteghere of Tenterden confirming to Thomas Haymys, Robert Dunne, Thomas Robyn of Tenterden, and Henry Coldynge of Benynden all his lands and tenements, etc., in the parish of Tenterden, Halden, Wodcherche, and elswhere in the county of Kent as in the deed is more fully set out; and willing that if his wife Joan survive him, she is to have all the tenements aforesaid in the parishes aforesaid and elswhere in the county of Kent with their rents, etc. After her death, Thomas Austyn, son of the aforesaid Joan his wife, is to have the capital messuage and 40 acres of land in the said parishes in the tenure of the courts of the prior and convent of Christ Church, Canterbury viz. , Brynchisle and Ikhome, bounded by the king's highway leading to the gates of the aforesaid capital messuage to the south , the land of William Teylair to the east and north, and between the land of Henry Tepinden to the west. Furthermore, John, Thomas, William, and Isabelle, the children of Isabelle Browne his sister, are to have in equal shares 20 marks within 4 years after his death and that of Joan his wife, to be raised from his land of Botyforthe, containing approximately 20 acres. Also, that after their deaths, that when his "confilius" Henry Austyn attain the age of 20 years he should have 40 acres called Smythisham and Gybbyston lying in the parish of Tenterden upon the denne of Igolden; also to John Locas, the son of Joan his wife, and his heirs 15 marks within 2 years after his death and that of Joan his wife; also 6s. 8d. to his feoffors. Given at Tenterden on 22 July, 17 Henry VII. WITNESSES: Thomas Jan, Thomas atte Hegge, William Wyllys. With 1 seal (2 cm.) of red wax, with rushbands, bearing initial "I". HOL# -BCV7570-1 I. Esteghere, Henry. II. Haymys, Thomas. III. Dunne, Robert. IV. Robyn, Thomas. V. Coldynge, Henry. VI. Browne, Isabelle. VII. Browne, John. VIII. Browne, Thomas. IX. Browne, William. X. Esteghere, Joan. XI. Austyn, Thomas. XII. Teylarr, William. XIII. Tepinden, Henry. XIV. Austyn, Henry. XV. Lucas, John. XVI. Jan, Thomas. XVII. Atte Hegge, Thomas. XVIII. Willis, William. XIX. Canterbury Cathedral. SUBJECTS: 1. Deeds--England--Kent. 2. Deeds--England--Tenterden. 3. Deeds-- England--Halden. 4. Deeds--England-- Woodchurch. 5. Deeds--England--Ickham. 6. Deeds--England--Ingleden. 7. Kent (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 8. Tenterden (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 9. Benenden (England) 10. Woodchurch (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 11. High Halden (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 12. Ingleden (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 13. Ickham (England)-- Charters, grants, privileges.


Grant, 1281/82 10 Edward I. 1 item : parchment ; 8.5 x 23.5 cm. SUMMARY: Grant by Edmund, son of Adam Newman, to Sir Walter Malomeyns of Waldwarschar' for 60 shillings in hand of 3 pieces of land containing 8 acres in a place called ate Grove in the parish of Plukele (bounds given). In the year 10 Edward I . WITNESSES: William and Hamo de Plukele, Robert Serles, John Elys the Elder, John ate Breff', William son of William ate Grove,Robert and William Dul, John Pereman, Adam de Igulfindenn, Roger Russel, Roger the clerk. With 1 seal (2.5 cm.) of red wax bearing a device and the legend: +S EVSTAC F....I. HOL# -APW6211-2 I. Newman, Adam. II. Newman, Edmund. III. Malmains, Walter, Sir. IV. De Pluckley, William. V. De Pluckley, Hamo. VI. Serles, Robert. VII. Elys, John. VIII. Ate Bregg, John. IX. Atgrove, William. X. Dul, Robert. XI. Dul, William. XII. Pereman, John. XIII. De Igulfindenn, Adam. XIV. Russel, Roger. XV. Roger, the clerk. SUBJECTS: 1. Deeds--England--Kent. 2. Deeds--England--Pluckley. 3. Kent (England)--Charters, grants, privileges. 4. Pluckley (England)--Charters, grants, privileges.

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