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Selected Families and Individuals

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HYDER, Phoebe b.1571


HYDON, John de b.1134
HYDON, John de b.1159
HYDON, John de Knight b.1215
HYDON, Margaret de b.1276
HYDON, Ralph de b.1247
HYDON, Richard de b.1185
HYDON, Richard de Knight b.1245


HYFAIDD, Llywarch ap King of Dyfed b.867


HYLAND, Ann b.1623
HYLAND, Annah a.1636
HYLAND, Deborah b.1644
HYLAND, Elizabeth b.1614
HYLAND, Elizabeth a.1632
HYLAND, John b.1553
HYLAND, John b.1601
HYLAND, Josias a.1617
HYLAND, Mary b.1620
HYLAND, Mary a.1598
HYLAND, Mary a.1631
HYLAND, Nicholas a.1609
HYLAND, Peter b.1550
HYLAND, Peter a.1608
HYLAND, Richard b.1525
HYLAND, Ruth b.1641
HYLAND, Samuel a.1606
HYLAND, Samuel b.1639
HYLAND, Sarah a.1634
HYLAND, Thomas a.1581
HYLAND, Thomas a.1629
HYLAND, Thomas a.1604
HYLAND, William a.1612


HYNDE, Edward b.1565
HYNDE, Francis Knight b.1525
HYNDE, Jane b.1559
HYNDE, John b.1568
HYNDE, Ursula b.1561
HYNDE, William b.1563


HYRNE, Clement Esquire a.1585


HYTHUS, Adam de b.1120
HYTHUS, N.N. de b.1160


HYWEL, Angharad ferch b.911
HYWEL, Cynan ap b.924
HYWEL, Cynwrig ap b.1190
HYWEL, Dafydd ap b.1313
HYWEL, Dyfnwal ap b.920
HYWEL, Edwin ap b.922
HYWEL, Einion ap b.926
HYWEL, Goleuddydd ferch b.1179
HYWEL, Gwenllian ferch b.1322
HYWEL, Gwilym ap b.1255
HYWEL, Gwilym ap b.1310
HYWEL, Gwrgeneu ap b.1079
HYWEL, Hawis ferch b.1236
HYWEL, Hopkin ap b.1270
HYWEL, Hywel "Fychan" ap b.1300
HYWEL, Joyce ferch b.1240
HYWEL, Lleucu ferch b.1246
HYWEL, Llywelyn "Fychan" ap b.1325
HYWEL, Llywelyn ap b.1270
HYWEL, Maredudd ap b.914
HYWEL, Meurig ap b.1260
HYWEL, Owain ap King of Powis b.912
HYWEL, Rhodri ap b.916
HYWEL, Rhyn ap b.918
HYWEL, Rhys ap b.1265
HYWEL, Watkin ap b.1300
HYWEL, William ap b.1260


IAGO, Cadfan ab King of Gwynedd b.569
IAGO, Cynan ab b.1014
IAGO, Tegid ab b.314


IBELIN, Eschive de b.1154


IDDENDEN, Elizabeth a.1577
IDDENDEN, George a.1564
IDDENDEN, John a.1587
IDDENDEN, John b.1544
IDDENDEN, Judith b.1580
IDDENDEN, Katherine a.1578
IDDENDEN, Mary b.1573
IDDENDEN, Rebecca b.1644
IDDENDEN, Rebecca a.1575
IDDENDEN, Sarah a.1572
IDDENDEN, Susan a.1570


IDWAL, Cynan ab b.915
IDWAL, Iago ab King of Gwynedd b.908
IDWAL, Iago ab King of Gwynedd b.974
IDWAL, Idwal "Fychan" ab b.912
IDWAL, Ievaf ab b.915
IDWAL, Meurig ab b.917
IDWAL, Rhodri "Molwynog" ab King of Wales b.690
IDWAL, Rhodri ab b.910


IDWALLON, Ithel ab b.990


IESTYN, Cadwgon ab b.1108
IESTYN, Caradog ab b.1100
IESTYN, Catrin verch b.1072
IESTYN, Cynwrig ab b.1080
IESTYN, Gruffydd ab b.1102
IESTYN, Gwenllian verch b.1076
IESTYN, Iorwerth ab b.1082
IESTYN, Madog ab b.1104
IESTYN, Nest verch b.1074
IESTYN, Rhiwallon ab b.1078
IESTYN, Rhys ab b.1106


IEUAN, Gwenllian verch b.1298
IEUAN, Malt verch b.1337


IFIELD, Dorothy b.1475


IFOR, Adam ab b.1170


IFOR BACH, Cadwallon ab b.1144
IFOR BACH, Gruffydd ab b.1140
IFOR BACH, Gwenllian ferch b.1149


IGGLEDEN, Dionys a.1601
IGGLEDEN, Elizabeth a.1634
IGGLEDEN, Elizabeth a.1630
IGGLEDEN, Elizabeth a.1621
IGGLEDEN, Hannah a.1636
IGGLEDEN, James a.1584
IGGLEDEN, James a.1586
IGGLEDEN, John b.1548
IGGLEDEN, John a.1580
IGGLEDEN, John a.1611
IGGLEDEN, Joseph b.1593
IGGLEDEN, Lettice a.1578
IGGLEDEN, Margaret b.1596
IGGLEDEN, Margaret b.1550
IGGLEDEN, Margaret a.1616
IGGLEDEN, Mary a.1623
IGGLEDEN, N.N. b.1604
IGGLEDEN, Richard a.1589
IGGLEDEN, Ruth a.1631
IGGLEDEN, Sarah a.1609
IGGLEDEN, Stephen a.1552
IGGLEDEN, Stephen a.1582
IGGLEDEN, Stephen a.1608
IGGLEDEN, Susan a.1618
IGGLEDEN, Thomas a.1613
IGGLEDEN, William b.1510
IGGLEDEN, William a.1587


ILAM, Margaret b.1467


ILES, John b.1567


INCE, Gilbert de b.1288
INCE, Helen de b.1383
INCE, Henry de b.1303
INCE, Henry de b.1230
INCE, Hugh de b.1300
INCE, John de b.1297
INCE, Jonathan b.1630
INCE, Margery de b.1340
INCE, Richard de b.1291
INCE, Richard de b.1260
INCE, Richard de b.1345
INCE, Robert de b.1307
INCE, Thomas de b.1294


INGALLS, Anne b.1654
INGALLS, Edmund b.1590
INGALLS, Elizabeth a.1619
INGALLS, Faith a.1622
INGALLS, Henry b.1630
INGALLS, John a.1624
INGALLS, Mary b.1636
INGALLS, Robert a.1620
INGALLS, Samuel a.1628
INGALLS, Samuel a.1632
INGALLS, Sarah a.1626


INGE, Joan b.1300
INGE, William Chief Justice b.1275


INGERSOLL, Alice a.1585
INGERSOLL, Alice a.1612
INGERSOLL, Andrew b.1725
INGERSOLL, Bathsheba a.1629
INGERSOLL, David a.1695
INGERSOLL, Dorcas b.1722
INGERSOLL, Dorcas b.1689
INGERSOLL, Elizabeth a.1597
INGERSOLL, Elizabeth b.1651
INGERSOLL, Elizabeth b.1648
INGERSOLL, George b.1686
INGERSOLL, George b.1555
INGERSOLL, George a.1618
INGERSOLL, George b.1643
INGERSOLL, Hannah b.1663
INGERSOLL, Hannah b.1653
INGERSOLL, Joan a.1590
INGERSOLL, Joan a.1625
INGERSOLL, Joel b.1709
INGERSOLL, John b.1644
INGERSOLL, John a.1615
INGERSOLL, John a.1620
INGERSOLL, John b.1733
INGERSOLL, John b.1714
INGERSOLL, John b.1645
INGERSOLL, Jonathan b.1693
INGERSOLL, Joseph b.1661
INGERSOLL, Joseph b.1693
INGERSOLL, Joseph b.1646
INGERSOLL, Josiah b.1687
INGERSOLL, Judith b.1717
INGERSOLL, Mary b.1657
INGERSOLL, N.N. b.1655
INGERSOLL, Nathaniel b.1647
INGERSOLL, Nathaniel b.1631
INGERSOLL, Nehemiah b.1705
INGERSOLL, Rebecca b.1691
INGERSOLL, Richard b.1651
INGERSOLL, Richard a.1587
INGERSOLL, Ruth b.1649
INGERSOLL, Samuel b.1658
INGERSOLL, Samuel b.1710
INGERSOLL, Samuel b.1684
INGERSOLL, Samuel b.1653
INGERSOLL, Sarah b.1738
INGERSOLL, Sarah b.1655
INGERSOLL, Sarah b.1660
INGERSOLL, Sarah a.1627
INGERSOLL, Sarah b.1708
INGERSOLL, Solomon b.1729
INGERSOLL, Solomon b.1699
INGERSOLL, Thomas b.1668
INGERSOLL, William a.1601
INGERSOLL, William a.1590
INGERSOLL, Zebulon b.1719


INGESDOTTIR, Christina b.1079


INGHAM, Elizabeth de b.1317
INGHAM, Joan de Baroness Ingham b.1323
INGHAM, John de Knight b.1175
INGHAM, John de b.1320
INGHAM, John de Knight b.1258
INGHAM, Oliver de b.1315
INGHAM, Oliver de b.1228
INGHAM, Oliver de Lord Ingham b.1286
INGHAM, Philippa b.1488
INGHAM, Sarah b.1658
INGHAM, Walter de b.1201


INGLEBY, Agnes b.1439
INGLEBY, Anne b.1474
INGLEBY, Ellen b.1431
INGLEBY, Jane b.1476
INGLEBY, John Esquire b.1433
INGLEBY, John Esquire b.1472
INGLEBY, Katherine b.1436
INGLEBY, William Knight b.1452
INGLEBY, William Knight b.1407


INGLEE, Ebenezer b.1764


INGLER, Elizabeth b.1549


INGOLDESTHORPE, Edmund Knight b.1421


INGOLDSBY, Anne a.1604
INGOLDSBY, Anthony b.1560
INGOLDSBY, Edward a.1608
INGOLDSBY, John a.1614
INGOLDSBY, Olive a.1602
INGOLDSBY, Roger de Knight b.1220
INGOLDSBY, Tabitha a.1606
INGOLDSBY, William Knight b.1670
INGOLDSBY, William a.1600


INGRAHAM, Elizabeth b.1745
INGRAHAM, Isaac b.1742
INGRAHAM, Isaac b.1706
INGRAHAM, Judith b.1736
INGRAHAM, Mary b.1736
INGRAHAM, Richard b.1604
INGRAHAM, Sybil b.1739


INGRAM, Abel b.1611
INGRAM, Adele b.1146
INGRAM, Elizabeth b.1567
INGRAM, Gabriel b.1585
INGRAM, John b.1116
INGRAM, William b.1085


INKPEN, Ricarda b.1355


INNES, Isabel b.1402
INNES, Robert Knight b.1404
INNES, Walter b.1375


IONE, Gwion ap b.1134


IORWERTH, Dyddgu ferch b.1078
IORWERTH, Gwarin ab b.1220
IORWERTH, Llywarch "The Red" ab b.1139
IORWERTH, Llywelyn "The Great" ab b.1170
IORWERTH, Nest ferch b.1150


IPSTONES, Alice b.1392
IPSTONES, Christine b.1390
IPSTONES, John de Knight b.1320
IPSTONES, William de Knight b.1372


IPSWICH, Johanna b.1556


IRBY, Anne b.1554
IRBY, Anthony b.1550
IRBY, Anthony b.1490
IRBY, Audrey b.1544
IRBY, Beatrice b.1558
IRBY, Catherine b.1532
IRBY, Dorothy b.1547
IRBY, Dorothy b.1538
IRBY, Edmund b.1524
IRBY, Edward b.1553
IRBY, Edward b.1528
IRBY, Giles b.1526
IRBY, Jane b.1536
IRBY, John Gentleman b.1517
IRBY, Kellam b.1551
IRBY, Kenelm b.1534
IRBY, Leonard b.1520
IRBY, Margaret b.1530
IRBY, Olive b.1547
IRBY, Phoebe b.1549
IRBY, Robert Esquire b.1465
IRBY, Rose b.1522
IRBY, Thomas b.1515


IREBY, Alice de b.1376
IREBY, Christian de b.1240
IREBY, Christian de b.1298
IREBY, John de Sheriff of Cumberland b.1350
IREBY, Thomas de b.1290
IREBY, Thomas de b.1348
IREBY, William de b.1320


IRELAND, Agnes b.1314
IRELAND, David de b.1334
IRELAND, Emma de b.1359
IRELAND, Isabel de b.1317
IRELAND, John Esquire b.1443
IRELAND, Katherine b.1563
IRELAND, Margaret b.1510
IRELAND, Margery de b.1263
IRELAND, Robert de b.1294


IRETON, Henry Lord Deputy of Ireland a.1611
IRETON, Robert de b.1338


IRISH, Eleanor b.1788


IRVING, Clarence Archibald b.1910
IRVING, Ethel Rowe b.1912
IRVING, John b.1868
IRVING, John Hollis b.1914


IRWIN, Elizabeth Ramsey b.1810
IRWIN, Mariana b.1602


ISAAC, Anne b.1508
ISAAC, Catherine b.1334
ISAAC, Edward b.1487
ISAAC, Edward Esquire b.1510
ISAAC, Elizabeth b.1493
ISAAC, Elizabeth b.1490
ISAAC, Elizabeth b.1506
ISAAC, James b.1459
ISAAC, Jane b.1485
ISAAC, Jonet b.1338
ISAAC, Margaret b.1551
ISAAC, Mary b.1548
ISAAC, Thomas Gentleman b.1513
ISAAC, Thomas b.1306
ISAAC, William Knight b.1483


ISBELL, Benjamin b.1731
ISBELL, Eleazer b.1640
ISBELL, Hickman b.1764
ISBELL, Jason b.1758
ISBELL, Lettice b.1770
ISBELL, Nancy b.1787
ISBELL, Patsy Ann b.1762
ISBELL, Richard b.1767
ISBELL, Thomas b.1761


ISHAM, Anne b.1662
ISHAM, Anne b.1630
ISHAM, Anne b.1604
ISHAM, Anne b.1590
ISHAM, Anne a.1582
ISHAM, Anne a.1599
ISHAM, Anthony a.1603
ISHAM, Elizabeth b.1558
ISHAM, Elizabeth b.1597
ISHAM, Euseby Esquire b.1477
ISHAM, Euseby a.1626
ISHAM, Euseby a.1586
ISHAM, Euseby Knight b.1553
ISHAM, Giles Esquire b.1512
ISHAM, Gregory Esquire b.1520
ISHAM, Gregory a.1593
ISHAM, Henry b.1530
ISHAM, Henry b.1657
ISHAM, Henry b.1628
ISHAM, John b.1525
ISHAM, John Esquire b.1580
ISHAM, Mary b.1550
ISHAM, Mary a.1584
ISHAM, Mary b.1659
ISHAM, Robert Parson of Pytchley b.1516
ISHAM, Sarah a.1592
ISHAM, Susan b.1595
ISHAM, Thomas b.1555
ISHAM, Thomas a.1600
ISHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1455
ISHAM, William Gentleman a.1588


ISLE BOUCHARD, Bartholomew de l' b.1049
ISLE BOUCHARD, Dangereuse de l' b.1079


ISLEY, Sarah b.1655


ISTRIA, Poppo II of Margrave of Istria b.1065
ISTRIA, Sophia of b.1100


ITALY, Adalbert of Marquis of Ivrea b.938
ITALY, Berengar I of King of Italy b.850
ITALY, Berengar II of King of Italy b.900
ITALY, Gisela of Nun b.946
ITALY, Gisela of b.880
ITALY, Rosela of b.952


ITHEL, Gwrgan ab b.1020


IVANGRCH, David ab b.1328


IVARSSON, Eystein "Glumra" Earl of More b.788


IVE, Rose b.1557


IVES, Esther b.1740
IVES, Grace b.1625
IVES, Isabel b.1459
IVES, John Gentleman b.1434
IVES, John a.1644
IVES, Joseph b.1648
IVES, Martha b.1646
IVES, Mary b.1734
IVES, Nicholas b.1587
IVES, Phebe a.1642
IVES, Sarah b.1639
IVES, Thomas b.1649
IVES, William b.1618


IVEY, Agnes b.1666
IVEY, Aliff b.1612
IVEY, Aliff b.1684
IVEY, Anne b.1600
IVEY, Anthony b.1672
IVEY, Avice b.1604
IVEY, Barbara b.1608
IVEY, Elinor b.1593
IVEY, Elizabeth b.1535
IVEY, Elizabeth b.1675
IVEY, Ferdinand b.1626
IVEY, Ferdinando b.1553
IVEY, Fortune b.1565
IVEY, Frances b.1624
IVEY, Frances b.1678
IVEY, George b.1602
IVEY, George Knight b.1577
IVEY, George Esquire b.1596
IVEY, Giles b.1547
IVEY, Hugh b.1562
IVEY, Hugh b.1620
IVEY, Jane b.1610
IVEY, Joan b.1538
IVEY, John b.1630
IVEY, Judith b.1551
IVEY, Katherine b.1664
IVEY, Lemuel b.1681
IVEY, Leonard b.1544
IVEY, Ludiford b.1669
IVEY, Margaret b.1532
IVEY, Martin b.1622
IVEY, Mary b.1559
IVEY, Mary b.1606
IVEY, Mary b.1660
IVEY, N.N. b.1602
IVEY, N.N. b.1608
IVEY, N.N. b.1600
IVEY, N.N. b.1614
IVEY, N.N. b.1616
IVEY, N.N. b.1618
IVEY, Richard b.1556
IVEY, Richard b.1541
IVEY, Richard b.1578
IVEY, Richard b.1505
IVEY, Susan b.1606
IVEY, Susan b.1610
IVEY, Thomas b.1530
IVEY, Thomas b.1480
IVEY, Thomas b.1598
IVEY, Thomas Knight b.1598
IVEY, Thomas b.1662
IVEY, Thomas b.1575
IVEY, Thomas Vicesimus b.1632
IVEY, Walter b.1628
IVEY, William b.1579
IVEY, William b.1604


IVORY, Dorcas b.1644


IVREA, Adalbert "The Rich" of b.875
IVREA, Adelaide of b.1028
IVREA, Ardicino I of b.981
IVREA, Ardicino II of Count of Ivrea b.1025
IVREA, Ardoino I of King of Italy b.960
IVREA, Ardoino II of b.1004
IVREA, Conrad of Margrave of Ivrea b.949
IVREA, Gerberga of b.943
IVREA, Guido of Margrave of Ivrea b.940


IVRY, Asperling d' b.900
IVRY, Emma d' Abbess of St. Amand b.985
IVRY, Hugh d' Bishop of Bayeux b.980
IVRY, Raoul d' Count of Ivry b.944
IVRY, Robert d' b.1010
IVRY, Robert d' b.1040
IVRY, Roger d' b.1056
IVRY, Waleran d' b.1136


IWARDBY, Anne b.1430
IWARDBY, Elizabeth b.1433
IWARDBY, Elizabeth b.1475
IWARDBY, Ellen b.1480
IWARDBY, Jane b.1479
IWARDBY, John Esquire b.1375
IWARDBY, John K.B. b.1440
IWARDBY, John Esquire b.1397
IWARDBY, John Esquire b.1449
IWARDBY, John Esquire b.1425
IWARDBY, Margaret b.1477
IWARDBY, Nicholas Esquire b.1427
IWARDBY, Richard b.1452


JACKAMAN, Ambrose b.1541
JACKAMAN, Elizabeth a.1567
JACKAMAN, Eunice a.1576
JACKAMAN, Joan a.1569
JACKAMAN, John a.1572
JACKAMAN, John b.1514
JACKAMAN, John b.1539
JACKAMAN, Margaret b.1545
JACKAMAN, Matthew b.1574


JACKMAN, Edward b.1520


JACKSON, Caleb a.1638
JACKSON, Deborah b.1645
JACKSON, Deborah b.1647
JACKSON, Edmund b.1721
JACKSON, Edmund b.1672
JACKSON, Edmund b.1654
JACKSON, Edmund b.1669
JACKSON, Edmund b.1668
JACKSON, Edmund b.1694
JACKSON, Edmund b.1610
JACKSON, Edward b.1652
JACKSON, Edward a.1605
JACKSON, Elisha b.1658
JACKSON, Elizabeth a.1637
JACKSON, Elizabeth b.1641
JACKSON, Elizabeth b.1658
JACKSON, Elizabeth b.1701
JACKSON, Elizabeth b.1656
JACKSON, George b.1645
JACKSON, Hannah b.1639
JACKSON, Hannah b.1727
JACKSON, Hannah b.1641
JACKSON, Hannah b.1660
JACKSON, Hannah a.1634
JACKSON, Hannah b.1636
JACKSON, Henry b.1719
JACKSON, Hepzibah b.1733
JACKSON, Hopestill b.1743
JACKSON, Isaac b.1651
JACKSON, Isaac b.1649
JACKSON, Israel a.1631
JACKSON, Jeremiah b.1735
JACKSON, Jeremiah b.1645
JACKSON, John b.1642
JACKSON, John b.1644
JACKSON, John b.1609
JACKSON, John b.1623
JACKSON, John b.1638
JACKSON, Jonathan b.1641
JACKSON, Jonathan b.1650
JACKSON, Joseph b.1650
JACKSON, Joseph a.1639
JACKSON, Lydia b.1656
JACKSON, Margaret a.1633
JACKSON, Martha b.1635
JACKSON, Martha b.1713
JACKSON, Martha b.1662
JACKSON, Mary b.1637
JACKSON, Mary b.1640
JACKSON, Mary b.1725
JACKSON, Mary b.1696
JACKSON, Mary b.1647
JACKSON, Mary b.1674
JACKSON, Michael b.1738
JACKSON, Rebecca a.1636
JACKSON, Ruth b.1664
JACKSON, Ruth b.1705
JACKSON, Samuel b.1731
JACKSON, Samuel b.1723
JACKSON, Samuel b.1643
JACKSON, Samuel b.1691
JACKSON, Sarah b.1650
JACKSON, Sarah b.1660
JACKSON, Sarah b.1707
JACKSON, Sebastian b.1643
JACKSON, Susanna b.1729
JACKSON, Susanna b.1666
JACKSON, Susanna b.1663
JACKSON, Theodocia b.1644
JACKSON, Thomas b.1640
JACKSON, William b.1611


JACOB, Abigail b.1709
JACOB, Bartholomew b.1640
JACOB, Deborah a.1643
JACOB, Elizabeth b.1634
JACOB, Elizabeth b.1670
JACOB, George b.1677
JACOB, George b.1649
JACOB, Hannah b.1696
JACOB, Hannah a.1640
JACOB, John b.1597
JACOB, John a.1630
JACOB, John b.1679
JACOB, Jonathan b.1681
JACOB, Joseph b.1729
JACOB, Joseph b.1705
JACOB, Joseph a.1646
JACOB, Joseph b.1689
JACOB, Josiah a.1642
JACOB, Margaret b.1675
JACOB, Martha b.1732
JACOB, Mary b.1744
JACOB, Mary b.1683
JACOB, Mary a.1632
JACOB, Nicholas b.1604
JACOB, Richard b.1613
JACOB, Samuel b.1740
JACOB, Sarah b.1735
JACOB, Sarah b.1636
JACOB, Susannah b.1734
JACOB, Zerviah b.1738




JACQUITH, Abraham b.1612
JACQUITH, Lorena b.1810


JAGGER, Mary b.1719


JAKES, Thomas Esquire b.1470


JAMES, Abraham a.1627
JAMES, Agnes a.1629
JAMES, Alice a.1592
JAMES, Anne b.1629
JAMES, Avice a.1644
JAMES, Daniel a.1599
JAMES, Dorothy b.1570
JAMES, Edmund a.1627
JAMES, Edmund a.1642
JAMES, Edmund b.1570
JAMES, Edmund b.1638
JAMES, Edmund a.1603
JAMES, Frances b.1564
JAMES, Francis b.1632
JAMES, Francis Marion b.1836
JAMES, Hannah b.1634
JAMES, Hannah b.1657
JAMES, Henry b.1675
JAMES, Isabel b.1414
JAMES, Jane b.1633
JAMES, Jeremy a.1605
JAMES, John Knight b.1630
JAMES, John a.1599
JAMES, John a.1622
JAMES, John b.1633
JAMES, John b.1567
JAMES, Joseph b.1680
JAMES, Lewis a.1646
JAMES, Margerie a.1596
JAMES, Margery a.1635
JAMES, Mary a.1632
JAMES, Mary a.1597
JAMES, Mary b.1654
JAMES, Nathaniel b.1660
JAMES, Nathaniel a.1641
JAMES, Peter a.1625
JAMES, Peter a.1608
JAMES, Richard a.1605
JAMES, Robert b.1550
JAMES, Ruth a.1650
JAMES, Ruth b.1663
JAMES, Samuel a.1601
JAMES, Sarah b.1647
JAMES, Thomas a.1601
JAMES, Thomas b.1629
JAMES, Thomas a.1595
JAMES, Thomas b.1529
JAMES, Thomas a.1621
JAMES, William a.1604


JANES, Abel b.1644
JANES, Abigail b.1647
JANES, Benjamin b.1672
JANES, Deborah b.1697
JANES, Ebenezer b.1660
JANES, Elisha b.1639
JANES, Elisha b.1715
JANES, Elizabeth b.1695
JANES, Esther b.1699
JANES, Hannah b.1669
JANES, Hepzibah b.1665
JANES, Hester b.1689
JANES, Jacob b.1652
JANES, Jeremiah b.1658
JANES, Jonathan b.1662
JANES, Joseph b.1636
JANES, Mary b.1692
JANES, Michael b.1686
JANES, Nathaniel b.1641
JANES, Rachel b.1700
JANES, Rebecca b.1656
JANES, Ruth b.1650
JANES, Samuel b.1663
JANES, Sarah b.1694
JANES, William b.1610
JANES, William b.1654


JANVERIN, Richard b.1650


JARDFELD, John b.1537


JARPENVILLE, Alice de b.1179
JARPENVILLE, William de Knight b.1155


JARRED, Mary b.1622


JARRELL, Elizabeth b.1782


JARVIS, Samuel b.1698


JASPER, Ann a.1577
JASPER, Daniel a.1592
JASPER, Elizabeth a.1578
JASPER, Elizabeth a.1580
JASPER, Henry a.1581
JASPER, Jeremiah a.1588
JASPER, John a.1594
JASPER, Lancelot b.1547
JASPER, Nathaniel a.1590
JASPER, Rachel a.1583
JASPER, Samuel a.1586
JASPER, William a.1575


JECLES, Maud b.1573


JEFFEREY, Joan b.1598


JEFFERSON, Anne Scott b.1755
JEFFERSON, Elizabeth b.1744
JEFFERSON, Jane b.1740
JEFFERSON, Lucy b.1752
JEFFERSON, Martha b.1746
JEFFERSON, Mary b.1741
JEFFERSON, Peter b.1708
JEFFERSON, Peter Field b.1748
JEFFERSON, Randolph b.1755
JEFFERSON, Thomas b.1743


JEFFERYS, James b.1649
JEFFERYS, John a.1689
JEFFERYS, Tufton a.1688


JEFFORDS, Moses b.1729


JEFFRAYE, William a.1558


JEFFREY, Ambrose a.1554


JEFFREYS, Margaret b.1530


JEGGLES, Bridget b.1619
JEGGLES, Daniel b.1617
JEGGLES, Elizabeth b.1623
JEGGLES, Hugh b.1625
JEGGLES, John b.1615
JEGGLES, Thomas b.1621
JEGGLES, William b.1627
JEGGLES, William b.1590


JEGON, Dorothy b.1615
JEGON, John Esquire b.1612
JEGON, John Bishop of Norwich b.1550
JEGON, Robert Esquire b.1609


JENKIN, Gwilym ap b.1309
JENKIN, Jonet ferch b.1306
JENKIN, Juliana b.1554
JENKIN, Philip ap b.1297


JENKINS, Anne a.1611
JENKINS, Daniel b.1685
JENKINS, Edward b.1586
JENKINS, Edward b.1683
JENKINS, Edward a.1617
JENKINS, Elizabeth b.1614
JENKINS, Ezekiel a.1649
JENKINS, Hannah b.1679
JENKINS, Hannah b.1646
JENKINS, Henry a.1620
JENKINS, Jabez b.1655
JENKINS, Mary a.1624
JENKINS, Mary b.1651
JENKINS, Mary b.1647
JENKINS, Nathaniel b.1805
JENKINS, Philadelphia b.1645
JENKINS, Reynold b.1608
JENKINS, Sarah b.1648
JENKINS, Sarah b.1650
JENKINS, Stephen b.1653
JENKINS, Thomas b.1681
JENKINS, Thomas b.1654
JENKINS, Vera L. b.1925
JENKINS, Zachariah b.1726


JENKINSON, Mary a.1591


JENKS, Abigail b.1673
JENKS, Daniel b.1663
JENKS, Deborah b.1690
JENKS, Deborah b.1658
JENKS, Ebenezer b.1669
JENKS, Elizabeth b.1500
JENKS, Elizabeth b.1657
JENKS, Elizabeth b.1631
JENKS, Elizabeth b.1683
JENKS, Esther b.1664
JENKS, Hannah b.1694
JENKS, Joanna b.1671
JENKS, John b.1697
JENKS, John b.1578
JENKS, John a.1611
JENKS, John b.1557
JENKS, John b.1660
JENKS, Jonas b.1580
JENKS, Joseph b.1654
JENKS, Joseph b.1607
JENKS, Joseph a.1628
JENKS, Joseph a.1599
JENKS, Mary b.1667
JENKS, Nathaniel b.1662
JENKS, Samuel b.1654
JENKS, Sarah b.1686
JENKS, Sarah b.1659
JENKS, Sarah a.1597
JENKS, Sarah b.1650
JENKS, William b.1675


JENNER, Sarah b.1687


JENNEY, John Esquire b.1522
JENNEY, Margaret b.1350
JENNEY, Margaret b.1455
JENNEY, Margaret b.1379
JENNEY, Thomas Knight b.1354
JENNEY, William Esquire b.1470


JENNINGS, Anne b.1624
JENNINGS, Anne a.1631
JENNINGS, Donald Walter b.1913
JENNINGS, Elizabeth b.1627
JENNINGS, Frances b.1649
JENNINGS, Francis a.1633
JENNINGS, George a.1635
JENNINGS, Grace b.1642
JENNINGS, John Esquire b.1651
JENNINGS, John K.B. b.1599
JENNINGS, Jonathan b.1653
JENNINGS, Joseph b.1703
JENNINGS, Martha b.1752
JENNINGS, Ralph Esquire b.1657
JENNINGS, Ralph a.1626
JENNINGS, Richard a.1654
JENNINGS, Richard a.1653
JENNINGS, Richard Esquire b.1623
JENNINGS, Robert a.1639
JENNINGS, Robert a.1636
JENNINGS, Samuel b.1684
JENNINGS, Sarah b.1660
JENNINGS, Spencer a.1629
JENNINGS, Susanna b.1656
JENNINGS, Susanna b.1722
JENNINGS, Thomas b.1592
JENNINGS, William a.1634


JENNISON, Israel b.1713
JENNISON, Mary b.1739
JENNISON, Michal b.1640
JENNISON, Samuel b.1642


JENOUR, Richard Esquire b.1510


JENSEN, Ida Victoria b.1867


JENSON, Elizabeth b.1613




JERMY, Anne b.1550
JERMY, Anne b.1513
JERMY, Bridget b.1515
JERMY, Dorothy b.1484
JERMY, Ela b.1461
JERMY, Eleanor b.1552
JERMY, Elizabeth b.1452
JERMY, Jane b.1456
JERMY, John b.1522
JERMY, John b.1554
JERMY, John Knight b.1448
JERMY, John Knight b.1250
JERMY, John Esquire b.1384
JERMY, John Knight b.1415
JERMY, John Knight b.1300
JERMY, Margery b.1481
JERMY, Margery b.1458
JERMY, Robert b.1487
JERMY, Robert Esquire b.1517
JERMY, Thomas b.1519
JERMY, Thomas b.1557
JERMY, Thomas Knight b.1324
JERMY, Thomas Gentleman b.1450
JERMY, Thomasine b.1454
JERMY, William b.1548
JERMY, William Knight b.1275
JERMY, William Knight b.1348
JERMY, William b.1614


JERMYN, Agnes b.1469
JERMYN, Agnes b.1520
JERMYN, Alice b.1460
JERMYN, Ambrose Knight b.1546
JERMYN, Ambrose Knight b.1512
JERMYN, Anne b.1579
JERMYN, Anne b.1536
JERMYN, Anne b.1517
JERMYN, Anthony b.1523
JERMYN, Barbara b.1525
JERMYN, Bridget b.1514
JERMYN, Dorothy a.1584
JERMYN, Dorothy b.1538
JERMYN, Edmond b.1515
JERMYN, Edmund b.1552
JERMYN, Elizabeth b.1518
JERMYN, Frances b.1575
JERMYN, Frances b.1528
JERMYN, Francis b.1572
JERMYN, Francis b.1475
JERMYN, George b.1550
JERMYN, Henry Earl of St. Albans a.1605
JERMYN, Hester b.1555
JERMYN, John b.1542
JERMYN, John b.1380
JERMYN, John Esquire b.1532
JERMYN, Judith b.1608
JERMYN, Judith b.1577
JERMYN, Margaret b.1548
JERMYN, Margaret b.1511
JERMYN, Martha b.1580
JERMYN, Martha b.1526
JERMYN, Mary b.1463
JERMYN, Mary b.1530
JERMYN, Robert a.1582
JERMYN, Robert a.1601
JERMYN, Robert Knight b.1544
JERMYN, Robert b.1472
JERMYN, Robert b.1521
JERMYN, Susan a.1590
JERMYN, Susan b.1540
JERMYN, Thomas Esquire b.1603
JERMYN, Thomas K.B. a.1573
JERMYN, Thomas b.1403
JERMYN, Thomas b.1425
JERMYN, Thomas b.1534
JERMYN, Thomas K.B. b.1466
JERMYN, William b.1358


JERNEGAN, Anne b.1541
JERNEGAN, Anne b.1523
JERNEGAN, Anne b.1488
JERNEGAN, Benjamin b.1772
JERNEGAN, Dorothy b.1514
JERNEGAN, Edward b.1502
JERNEGAN, Edward Knight b.1461
JERNEGAN, Ela b.1539
JERNEGAN, Elizabeth b.1545
JERNEGAN, Elizabeth b.1560
JERNEGAN, Elizabeth b.1458
JERNEGAN, Elizabeth b.1517
JERNEGAN, Frances a.1562
JERNEGAN, George b.1551
JERNEGAN, George Esquire b.1513
JERNEGAN, Henry b.1556
JERNEGAN, Humphrey b.1433
JERNEGAN, John Esquire b.1537
JERNEGAN, John b.1520
JERNEGAN, John Esquire b.1407
JERNEGAN, John Esquire b.1431
JERNEGAN, John Knight b.1490
JERNEGAN, Katherine b.1564
JERNEGAN, Margaret b.1553
JERNEGAN, Margaret b.1567
JERNEGAN, Margaret b.1486
JERNEGAN, Mary b.1540
JERNEGAN, Mary b.1455
JERNEGAN, Nicholas b.1499
JERNEGAN, Oliver b.1494
JERNEGAN, Richard Knight b.1464
JERNEGAN, Richard Knight b.1490
JERNEGAN, Robert b.1543
JERNEGAN, Robert b.1515
JERNEGAN, Robert Knight b.1496
JERNEGAN, Thomas b.1549
JERNEGAN, Thomas b.1492
JERNEGAN, Walter b.1547


JERVACE, Jane b.1476
JERVACE, John b.1472
JERVACE, John b.1447


JESPERSEN, Eleanor b.1852




JEVAN, Caradoc ap b.1190


JEWELL, Betty b.1711
JEWELL, Nathaniel b.1643
JEWELL, Thomas b.1608
JEWELL, William b.1650


JEWETT, Abigail a.1730
JEWETT, Abraham a.1634
JEWETT, Anna b.1644
JEWETT, Benjamin b.1691
JEWETT, Edward b.1580
JEWETT, Elizabeth b.1650
JEWETT, Ezekiel b.1643
JEWETT, Faith b.1652
JEWETT, Faith b.1645
JEWETT, Grace a.1610
JEWETT, Hannah b.1641
JEWETT, Hepzibah b.1724
JEWETT, Jeremiah a.1637
JEWETT, Joanna b.1677
JEWETT, John a.1637
JEWETT, John a.1639
JEWETT, Joseph b.1685
JEWETT, Joseph a.1630
JEWETT, Joseph a.1628
JEWETT, Joseph b.1654
JEWETT, Joseph a.1609
JEWETT, Josias a.1612
JEWETT, Judith a.1645
JEWETT, Mary a.1641
JEWETT, Mary b.1646
JEWETT, Mary b.1673
JEWETT, Maximilian a.1607
JEWETT, Mehitable b.1689
JEWETT, Mehitable a.1687
JEWETT, Mercy b.1681
JEWETT, Nathan b.1679
JEWETT, Nathan a.1632
JEWETT, Nehemiah b.1675
JEWETT, Nehemiah b.1683
JEWETT, Nehemiah b.1643
JEWETT, Patience b.1645
JEWETT, Priscilla b.1664
JEWETT, Purchase b.1695
JEWETT, Sarah b.1658
JEWETT, Sarah b.1614
JEWETT, Sarah a.1636
JEWETT, Sarah b.1661
JEWETT, Sarah b.1707
JEWETT, William a.1642
JEWETT, William a.1605

Surname List