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The Ancestors and Descendants of Julia Annis Tipton of Cades Cove



We, the descendants of Julia Annis Tipton welcome you to our web site.


A special thanks to Wanda “WJ” Tipton for her contributions on the Tiptons.

The information on this site represents thirty five years of her life spent documenting and compiling information on the TIPTON surname.  Wanda documented the local Tiptons herself and used various books and articles found in Blount County Public Library and other sources for information on the  historical Tiptons that helped make The United States of America a nation – and there were many!  Anyone descended from Jonathan Tipton I as well as anyone carrying the TIPTON surname can be proud of the ancestral heritage handed down by this remarkable family.


On December 26, 2004 Ms Wanda was taken to the hospital because of chest pains.  Not only did she learn that she had had a heart attack, she also learned that she had terminal cancer, and possibly only a few months to live.  In March, 2005, she consented to honoring our family by spending her last days with us.  She presented us with this, her life’s genealogical work, so it would not be lost.  We feel this is the best way to preserve her work and make it available to the greatest number of people.  We lost Ms Wanda in the early morning hours of August 11, 2005.  She was a blessing to our family in the few years we got to spend with her and every member of our extended families dearly loved her.


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Jonathan Tipton I was the first TIPTON emigrant to America, and that by way of Jamaica. He was in Ann Arundel, Port Royal, Jamaica after the earthquake of 1692.  There was a Maryland Gazette article dated January 27, 1757 that indicates he lived to be 118 years old.  That is remarkable within itself.


 Colonel John Tipton, son of Jonathan Tipton II was perhaps the most famous of the Tiptons.  He is best known, perhaps, for “whupping” Gov. John Sevier in Knoxville with his fists then besting Sevier’s troops with his own at his home in Washington County, Tennessee when Sevier came to arrest him.  John Sevier and Col. John Tipton are the two men most closely associated with the formation and dissolution of the State of Franklin.  Sevier fought for it and Tipton fought against it.  Col. John is well established in Tennessee and Virginia history as assisting, militarily and politically, in gaining America’s independence and making it a nation.


Colonel William “Fightin’ Billy” Tipton, son of Col John Tipton is another of the Tiptons made famous by his military exploits and by the fact that he was rumored to “just loved to fight”.  He fought in the Revolutionary War and was wounded three times at Savannah, Georgia.  He was also the first Tipton to own land in Cades Cove although he never lived there.  He is buried in Lakemont near the Knox County/Blount County line.  This area is named Tipton Station, having been named after him.


Capt. Jacob Tipton, son of Col. John Tipton, enlisted in the military 19 Mar 1791.  He was an impatient man and wanted to get on with the fighting, for his company was slow in getting to the front, so he left his company and joined the Militia stating, "I came here to fight and I will do it". He fell in battle, mortally wounded and his last words were "My brave fellows, I am a dead man, fight on bravely, do all you can for your country." This battle is known in history as "St. Claire's Defeat". Tipton County, Tennessee was named for him.


General Jacob Tipton, son of Capt. Jacob Tipton, enlisted in War of 1812 from Greene Co. 1st Rifle Regt. of U.S. Army 12-31-1812; Promoted to 3rd Lt. 3-12-1813 and to 2nd Lt. 1-1-1814. Made 1st Lt. 11-7-1814 and honorably discharged 6-15-1815. He reinstated 5-17-1816 as 2nd Lt. of 7th U.S. Inf. made 1st Lt. 7-5-1816 promoted to Capt. 6-1-1817 and later Gen. and Brig. Gen. of State Militia.


Johnathan Tipton III, another son of Jonathan Tipton II, was a Major in the Revoluntary war and fought in 13 battles under George Washington.  He was wounded in the Battle of Kings Mountain where he was 2nd in command of Sevier’s regiment and then served on Arthur Campbell's campaign, leading a detachment against the Cherokee at Tallassee and Chilhowee.  He was also with George Washington at Valley Forge.



John Tipton, son of Joshua Tipton and one of Sevier County's most illustrious sons, was one of the early leaders in the State of Indiana. He was the founder of several towns including Indianapolis, the state capital, Fort Wayne, Logansport, and Columbus, which was originally named Tiptonia.  John Tipton, first child of Joshua and Janet Shields Tipton, was born 14 August 1786 at the Shields fort, Middle Creek Area in Sevier County, Tennessee.  He fought in the War of 1812.  His father, Joshua, a Revolutionary War soldier, was killed by Indians on the east fork of the Little Pigeon River in Sevier County.


Below are some  families that have a TIPTON lineage:

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