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Creeveeshel, Co. Mayo

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Stephen Huane Townland Creeveeshel, Co Mayo

Child :

1. Martin Huane b. abt. 1864

 m. 1891 Cate b. 1864 in Co. Galway


A. Stephen  b. abt. 1895

m. Ann


i. Mary

ii. Kathleen

iii. Martin

      m. Eileen Stack of Cork


             a.  Anne

             b. Stephen

             c. Lelia

             d. Helena

             e. David

             f. Mattie

             g. Stella

B. Mary b. abt. 1896

C. Michael b.  21 Sep 1899 ( emigrated to Hartford, CT via Ellis Island,  aboard the ship Carmania, giving his address as Lisduff Ballindine, Co. Mayo; arrival date 25 Feb 1921, and later settled in the Bronx, NY)

i. John

ii. Martin

   m. Genevieve


              a. Denise

              b. Michael

              c. Kevin

              d. Stephen

              e. Robert

               f. Christopher

iii. Stephen

iv. Mary

v. Catherine