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Zalmon Eggleston
ca. 1790 - 1847

Descendant of Bygod Eggleston

Eggleston family tree

Information on Zalmon Eggleston and his descendants has been compiled by Judy and Gary Please email us with comments or information on this family line. Zalmon is descended from the Bygod Eggleston line (1. James, 2. Bygod, 3. Benjamin, 4. Benjamin, 5. Biggett, 6. Oliver). Source Rosalie Eggleston and Linda McBroom, Bygod Eggleston: Englishman & Colonist and Some of His Descendants). Zalmon's parents were Oliver Eggleston and Cynthia SKINNER FHL IGI record. See also Eggleston Family Homepage, Jeannie's Home Page and

1. Zalmon Eggleston ca. 1790 in Washington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and died in 1847 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan. Zalmon married (1) Laura LYMAN on 10 September 1821 in Portage County, Ohio (Note: Zalmon's sister, Cynthia, married a Lyman). Laura was born ca. 1801, and died of dropsy of the heart on 12 April 1842 in Mantua, Portage County, Ohio. Parents of Laura were Jeremiah Lyman, born 6 January 1766 and died ca. 1845 in Windham, Portage County, Ohio and Rhoda -?-, who died on 16 June 1811 in Beckett, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Children of Zalmon and Laura:

  1. Female (probably Fidelia) born ca. 1830-1835

  2. Male (probably Erastus) born ca. 1830-1835

  3. Female (probably Angeline) born ca. 1829 and died on 11 July 1859 in Portage County, Ohio. Angeline is listed with her Uncle Jesse Lyman on the 1850 Windham, Portage County, Ohio Census, age 21, along with her Grandmother Lyman.

Zalmon married (2) Polly BUNDY on 01 September 1842 in Portage County, Ohio. She was born ca. 1805 in New York, and died after 1850. Polly was probably married previously, since she is listed as head of household with five children in the 1840 census. Her maiden name is unknown. [1].

Child of Zalmon and Polly (other children unknown, Zalmon died just five years after marrying Polly):

  1. Charles H. L. Eggleston was born on 24 March 1845 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan and died on 22 March 1911 in Thompsonville, Benzie County, Michigan. [2]. Charles was a mason, a mechanic, owned a lumber mill, owned sawmill in Gilbert, Michigan and was a farmer [3]. Charles married (1) Sarah WHITCOMB on 28 October 1869 in Byron Township, Kent County, Michigan, when Sarah was only fourteen. Sarah was born on 8 March 1855 in Byron Township, Kent County, Michigan and died on 22 April 1929 in Ravenna, Muskegon County, Michigan. Her parents were possibly A. Riggs WHITCOMB and Elizabeth Hannah STEVENSON. Sarah married (2) Hiram PLACE, possibly on 15 October 1887 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Charles married (2) Alwilda M. EDWARDS on 19 August 1886 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Alwilda was the daughter of Elias EDWARDS and Nancy DOLES. Alwilda was born on 12 August 1868 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana and died on 10 April 1934 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After Charles' death, Alwilda married Jacob HOLTZAPPLE on 25 July 1912 in Honor, Michigan, and divorced Jacob about fifteen months after their marriage. Alwilda married once more, but her third husband's name is unknown. She is listed as Alwilda Eggleston on her death certificate. [4]

    There are a number of interesting family stories about Charles. He was supposed to have built violins, carved Merry-go-round/Carousel horses, built the first suspension bridge in Michigan and was sort of a faith healer - able to stop bleeding from a long distance. [5].

    Charles H. L. Eggleston tombstone

    Charles H. L. and Alwilda Eggleston tombstone, Cemetery, Thompsonville, Michigan.
    Note that tombstone gives possibly incorrect birth date for Charles. [6].

    Gilbert, Michigan ca.

    Charles and Alwilda Eggleston with daughter Luvenia

    Charles and Alwilda Eggleston with their daughter Luvenia, 1891

    Photo is from a Cadillac newspaper: "Eggleston family. A full flowing moustache was worn by Charles Eggleston when he had his picture taken with his wife and daughter in 1891. Eggleston operated a saw mill in Gilbert, north of Cadillac..." Charles was about age 50 and Alwilda about age 23.

    Charles and Sarah had the following children [7]:

    1. Eva Mae Eggleston [8] was born on 03 October 1873 in North Dorr, Allegan County, Michigan and died on 25 September 1954 in Newaygo, Newaygo County, Michigan. Eva married Daniel McNITT. Eva and Daniel had three children: Sadie, Gerald, and Seldon.

    2. Fred Eggleston was possibly born in 1879 [9] Fred took the name of PLACE after his mother left Charles Eggleston.

    Charles and Alwilda had the following children [10]:

    1. Mary Luvenia Eggleston was born on 27 March 1890 and died on 10 November 1978, probably in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan. Mary Luvenia married (1) James LITTLE on 30 December 1907 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Michigan, (2) Paul CLEMONS .

    2. Sylvia Eggleston was born on 31 December 1893 in Gilbert or Manton, Wexford County, Michigan and died on 27 December 1973 in Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin. Sylvia married Fuller Edwin FORSYTHE on 29 August 1913 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Fuller was born on 15 June 1888 in Beaver, Marinette County, Wisconsin and died on 24 August 1955 in Wakefield, Gogebic County, Michigan. They had one son, Gordon, who died at age 21 on 18 February 1936.

    3. Goldie Ellen Eggleston was born on 11 November 1902 in Thompsonville, Benzie County, Michigan and died on 04 September 1975 in Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin. She married Bruce D. GRIFFIN on 15 January 1922. They had four children. Goldie was only about eight when her father died and about ten when her mother divorced Jacob Holtzapple. She was only fourteen when her mother Alwilda first entered the state hospital. Goldie had been taking care of her mother in Thompsonville. Her sister Sylvia was in Iowa and her sister Mary Luvenia was living in Traverse City, Michigan.

      Goldie and probably her mother, Alwilda

      Alwilda and Goldie

    [1]. Zalmon Eggleston Probate Record 151, Branch County Courthouse (microfilmed). Zalmon is listed as Soloman on marriage entry in Portage County, Ohio, Zalmon in other records. Zalmon's probate record only included the bond for Polly Eggleston and Henry B. Stillman and a copy of one of the newspaper probate notices. It is not known if there is more to this probate record that did not get microfilmed or may have been misfiled in another record. Two of the Coldwater Sentinel newspaper notices were located which indicates that at one time there was probably more to this probate record. The bond for the administrators of Zalmon's estate was witnessed by an Alonzo Bunday.

    Western Reserve Cabinet - Newspaper dated 12 April 1842. Eggleston, Laura - Mantua, 4i, dropsy of the heart, 41y, wife of Zalmon, dau of Jeremiah LYMAN of Windham. There is a Jeremiah LYMAN b. 6 Jan 1766 d. 1840-1850 Portage County, Ohio, married (1) Rhoda __?__ (Rhoda died 16 June 1811 Beckett, Berkshire County, Massachusetts). Jeremiah LYMAN married (2) on 31 Dec 1812 Trumball County, Ohio, Hannah SPERRY (born 11 Jan 1777 and died 12 Jul 1863 Portage County, Ohio). Hannah's parents were Alexander SPERRY and Eunice WOOSTER).

    Possible children of Polly BUNDY (her married or maiden name?) and Unknown from 1840 census:
    Polly Bundy b. 1800-1810
    Female b. abt 1820-1825, probably Mary A. (took Eggleston name) who married __?__ FREELOVE (children of Mary A. and Unknown FREELOVE were: Helen, born ca. 1842 in Ohio; Cynthia S. born ca. 1846 in Ohio)
    Male born ca. 1820-1825
    Female born ca. 1825-1830 who was probably Mary J. Eggleston (took Eggleston name)
    Male born ca. 1825-1830
    Male born ca. 1830-1835

    1850 Federal Census, Coldwater Township, Branch County, Michigan (all of these individuals were listed in the Polly Eggleston household):
    Polly Eggleston, age 45, born NY (Polly Bundy who probably married before her marriage to Zalmon).
    Meedo?a Eggleston, age 27, male, farmer, born NY. (b. abt. 1823). Try as hard as I can, I cannot make out his spelling on the census record.
    Mary A. Freelove, age 25, female, born NY. (b. abt 1825).
    Mary J. Eggleston, age 20, female, born NY. (b. abt 1830).
    Erastus Eggleston, age 15, male, farmer, born OH. (b. abt 1835). Is this a different Erastus than the child of Zalmon Eggleston & Laura Lyman?
    Charles Eggleston, age 5, male, born MI. (b. abt 1845).
    Helen Freelove b. abt 1842 OH. Possible child of Mary A. above who married a Freelove?
    Cynthia S. Freelove, age 4, female, (b. abt 1846 OH) Possible child of Mary A. above who married a Freelove?

    Polly is listed as Polly Brendy on the LDS marriage record of Solomon Eggleston. She is listed as Polly Benson on her son Charles' marriage certificate (a possible third marriage for Polly?), but these could be her married name from an earlier/later marriage or transcription errors, see 1840 census information below.

    On the 1840 Mantua Portage County, Ohio census Polly Bundy was listed with:
    (1) 5/9 m
    (1) 10/14 m
    (1) 15/19 m
    (1) 10/14 f prob Mary J.
    (1) 15/19 f prob Mary A.
    (1) 30/39 f Polly - which indicates she was a widow.

    [2]. Birth date is approximate. The 1910 Michigan census lists him as 68 or 65, putting his birth in 1841 or 1844 +/- 2 yrs. His death certificate lists his birthdate as 21/24 March 1845 (from age at death 65y 11m 29d). His gravestone lists his birth as 1842. Gravestone lists death as 1911. Death record: Charles H. L. Eggleston, d. Weldon Twp, MI of La Grippe, 22 March 1911, M, White, married, 65y 11m 29d, occupation Mason, father Soloman Eggleston, mother Polly Benson, recorded 5 April 1911 (Wexford County Courthouse, record #30).

    [3]. Census records.

    [4]. 1870 Michigan Census, Newaygo County, Town of Grant.
    Dwelling 2
    Chas H., 24, M, W, Farmer, personal estate $100, b. Michigan
    Sarah, 16, F, W, housekeeper, b. Michigan

    Note: Dwelling 3
    Erastus, 34, M, W, Farmer, personal estate $100, b. Michigan
    Estella, 24, F, W, housekeeper, b. Michigan
    Edward, 7, M, W, b. Michigan
    Emma?, 4, F, W, b. Michigan
    Nellie, 1, F, W, b. Michigan

    This is probably the Erastus Eggleston listed with Polly Eggleston in the 1850 Branch County, Michigan Census. He is possibly the son of Polly's marriage to BUNDY. An Erastus is also listed in the next household after Charles and Alwilda in the 1910 census.

    Marriage information for Charles Eggleston and Sarah Whitcomb and on Sarah Whitcomb is from FHL Pedigree Resource file, Compact Disk #5, Pin #s 232730, 232628, 232716, 232731. Accessed on-line on April 23, 2001.

    Alwilda's obituary states that she married twice after Charles Eggleston died.

    [5]. Family stories are from Charles' daughter.

    [6]. Personal visit to cemetery.

    [7]. Information from a son of Seldon McNitt.

    [8]. Information from a son of Seldon McNitt.

    [9]. Information from a son of Seldon McNitt.

    [10]. In the 1910 census, Alwilda states she had four children, three living. Sylvia listed her father's name as John Eggelston on her marriage license, Goldie listed her father's name as John Eggleston on her marriage license. Lu (Mary Luvenia) listed her mother as Mary Edwards on her marriage license, her father as Charles Eggleston.