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How my search began with the Husk family was with my great grandmother Mary Jane Husk.I only knew at the time that the last name was Husk and her father was Uriah Husk.I have photos of her and Uriah and her siblings.Anyway I knew she was born in Indiana and that when she was a child her father moved to Missouri.I have Uriah's marriage record from his second marriage and it was in Warrick County, Indiana.On his death cert. it listed his father as D. P. Husk born in Kentucky and his mother as Nancy McCoy born in Spencer County, Indiana.Said he was born in Indiana.He was born 1865 in Indiana.So I looked and looked and could not find him anywhere.Then I looked for his mother.I found one Nancy McCoy from Spencer County, Indiana that married in 1841 Doke P. Hurst.Then I looked for them and found them in the census Warrick County, Indiana and 1850 listed him as Doke P. Hurst and 1880 listed him as Doke Hust and he had a son Uriah in his household right age for my Uriah.Uriah Hust I thought that has to be him.I knew from Uriah's obit how many brothers and sisters he had and one was mentioned by name because she lived by him.Anyway her name was Lucinda and she married John T. Byers in Warrick County, Indiana.Lucinda is buried in the same cemetery in Sikeston, Missouri as Uriah in fact her son and grandson are buried right behind him.In Lucinda's obit it says she was born in Boonsville, Indiana 1857 which is Warrick County.Her death cert. says her father was a Hurst and her son's death cert. says his mother was Lucinda Husk.Uriah had one brother William who was a couple of years older then him.They are both living in the 1900 census Dubois county, Indiana and both listed as Husk.This is shortly before Uriah moved to Missouri.William married in Warrick County, Indiana and that record had Hurst on it as well as the birth of some of his children.By 1900 both Uriah and William keep the Husk spelling.Uriah and William had many sisters and on records for them it has all three spellings Hurst, Hust and Husk.I started working on Doke and Nancy McCoy Hurst/Hust/Husk.I use all three spellings because different branches of the family to this day go by the different spellings.The ones that stayed in Henderson County, Kentucky go by Hust, the ones in Daviess County, Kentucky go by Husk, my family goes by Husk, the ones that went to Arkansas go by Hurst and the ones in Missouri by Hust and Husk.Our family and others I have talked to from this family have always known that name started out as Hurst.In all the old records they always but a X his mark on there so they probably could not read or write.They were pronouncing Hurst as Hust which lead to the Hust and Husk spellings.Uriah's parents Doke and Nancy McCoy Hurst/Hust/Husk I was always told were first cousins.Her mother was Jemima Hurst so I knew that her brother would have to be Doke's dad.I noticed a large amount of Husts in Henderson County, Kentucky which is next to Spencer and Warrick Counties, Indiana.I also knew that Doke was born in Kentucky.So I looked though wills and deeds and found the will of Doke grandpa John which listed his daughter Jemima intermarried with John McCoy.I also found the will of Doke's mother Jane which listed Doke as her son.Then Lena Hust sent methe heirs list of Isaac (son of John) which listed Doke as his son.(Lena thanks for all of your help with copying records). After that I started researching all of the Husks and Husts and Hursts surrounding Henderson County, Kentucky.Then the tax records filled in a lot for me.What lead me to James as the father to John was brother William who married Elizabeth Tadlock in Greene County, TN and later moved to Christian County and Trigg County, Kentucky.Her dad in 1790 moved right next to James Hust in Greene County, TN a year later William married Elizabeth Tadlock. I kept finding all of these Hurst/Hust/ and Husks living by each other and in a lot of records with each other.†† Wish I knew more about James but I do believe the children I have for him are right I have many records and documents.There is still a lot of work to be done.We need to find out who James married and if he had any other children.We need to find out which branch of the Hurst family he belongs to.Through DNA we know who we are related to but need to find some documents to prove it.




What I know about James Hurst/Hust/Husk(Probably born about 1740 Virginia):

James is in Montgomery County, VA - 1782 tax list name appears as James Hust.1780-1783 Flower Swift Militia Montgomery County, Virginia listed James Hust in 1782.James's son Absolum had two children who married Sailings.They were from Montgomery County, Virginia.So their grandfather and the Sailingís grandfather were in the same place at the same time.


1784 North Carolina ceded and it became the State of Franklin, formed but only lasted until 1788, then it was Greene County, North Carolina then in 1789 N. C. ceded west lands again and 1790 Greene County became part of Territory of the U. S. south of Ohio River.In 1795 Tennessee becomes a state and Greene County becomes Greene County, TN.


Petition of the inhabitants of the western country (State of Franklin, 1787) from the State records of North Carolina, Vol. XXII, pp. 705-714.James Hust and his son William Hust signed with their mark.


Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts 1785-1810


Indenture August 4, 1788 Richard Condry and James Hust, both of Greene County, N.C., 60 pounds paid, 100 acres as set out.Wit: Moses Kennedy, Alexander McGentry.


Indenture February 6, 1790 James Hust and Thomas Tadlock, 100 punds, tr. On Christianís War road between George Martin and Gervit Wingat lands, tr. Being 100 acres of patent land granted by N. C. to Hust.Wit: Assakel Rawlings, Israel McBee.


Indenture January 23, 1798 Thomas Tedlock, Greene County, TN, one part and William Parker of same place other part 60 pounds pd, 120 acres on branch of Clear fork of Lick creek, including a spring on head of sd branch, adj to James Hust land, tr being original grant no 945, dated November 17, 1790, and also tr of 12 acres as set out.Wit: Andrew English, James Condra, John Collier.


From North Carolina Land Grants:No. 945.Thomas Tadlock- 100 acres on Clear Creek in Washington County, adjoining James Hust.Alexander Martin at Fayetteville, November 17, 1790.

James Hurst/Hust/Husk's son William married Thomas Tadlock's daughter Elizabeth Tadlock.



I am sure there are more children for James but only have info on the following.I do not at this time know who James's wife was.


1.John Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1765 in Virginia died 1841 in Henderson County, Kentucky.

2.William Hurst/Hust/Husk born between 1765-1770 in Virginia died 1840 in Trigg County, Kentucky.

3.Valentine "Felty" Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1770 in Virginia died 1826 in Daviess County, Kentucky.

4.Nancy Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1772 in Virginia died ?

5.Absalom Hurst/Hust/Husk born 1774 in Virginia died after 1850 in Iowa.

6.Elizabeth Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1776 in Virginia died ?

7.Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1782 in Virginia died in Oregon County, Missouri.


(Note there is a marriage in Greene County, TN of James Hust and Lydia Brown 1792 security by Lewis Tadlock and Thomas Brown.This is either a second marriage for James or he had a son James as well as the children listed above.)


John Hurst/Hust/Husk (son of James and unknown) was born about 1765 in Virginia. This is my line.


John was married first to Mary last name unknown.†† He is not with the family in Greene County, TN but believe the John Husk in the tax list of Sumner County, TN 1791, 1793 and 1794 is he.The family is in Warren County, TN; in 1794 there was no Warren County, TN it was part of Sumner County.I am not sure where John was first married.John is in Henderson County, Kentucky by 1807 as he shows up in the tax lists and his daughter Mary married William Strain there in 1807.John is in the census 1810 Henderson County, Kentucky as John Husk (indexed as Hush)next door is his son in law William Strain.John's first wife died before 1817 and he marries a second time to Nancy Junell.I have several heirs list of her father Andrew Junell listing her as wife to John Hust and her children with him Absalom, Valentine "Felty", and George.John leaves Henderson County, Kentucky and moves to Warren County, TN where his father and several of his brothers are.I have several deeds from Warren County, TN between 1815 and 1820 with James, Isaac, Absalom, and John.Oneis of James Hurst of Warren County, TN selling a slave to John Hurst of Henderson County, Kentucky in 1818.Later thatyear there is one with John Hust selling back the same slave to James Hust now both of Warren County, TN.John's daughter Catherine born about 1810 in Henderson County, KY married John Hibdon Jr. of Warren County, TN and the couple lived there and by 1850 moved back to Henderson County, Kentucky.John's second wife died before him as she is not mentioned in his will.In the 1840 census he is living with his son William in Henderson County, Kentucky.John died 1841 in Henderson County, Kentucky.


John Hurst/Hust/Husk's willHenderson County, Kentucky book C page 34


In the name of God amen- I John Hust of Henderson County and state of Kentucky being both sound in mind and body but knowing the frailty of human nature, do constitute and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others, I resign my body to the dust from whence it came, and my soul to God who gave it hoping in Jesus Christ for the remission of all its sins- The disposition of the property God in mercy hath givin to me, I direct in the following manner Item 1 I direct all my just depts to be paid Item 2nd I give and bequeath to my three sons Absolem, Phelty, and George Hust all my real and personal estate to be divided equally between them- It is further expressly to be understood that by a former marriage I have other children named as follows, Isaac, Mary intermarried with William Strain, Nancy intermarried with Francis Johnson, Jemima intermarried with John McCoy, Sarah intermarried with Samuel Pirtle, Elizabeth Penrod, James, William, Catherine intermarried with John Hibdon all of which I have heretofore made such provisions for as my circumstances would justify.I therefore give them no more, and that this my last will and testament may be carried into full and complete effect I do herby appoint John H. Priest and James S. Priest my executors of this my will-In testimony where of I have hereunto sit my hand and affixed my seal this 1st day of Oct. in the year of our Lord 1840.


In presence of

†† Ab Hatchill Jr.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††His Mark

†† Caleb Hall††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††John X Hust Sr. (Note he probably but Sr. because he had a grandson John born about 1811

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††living in Henderson County, Kentucky at the time.)



August County Court 1841

Henderson County

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† This last will and testament of John Hust decd was proved in open court at the Mary term 1841 by the oath of Calib Hall a subscribing witness thereto, and again at the present term of said court the same was further and fully proved in open court by the oath of Abraham Hatchell also a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded

†††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Attest Will D. Allison Clk.



Children of John Hurst/Hust/Husk and first wife are:


1. Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1785 in Virginia he married Jane Willingham.Isaac died before his father In 1839.I have heirs list for Isaac which mentions all of his children.One being my g/g/g grandfather Doke Pruitt Hurst/Hust/Husk.Isaac was married about 1809 - not sure can't find marriage record.Isaac is in the tax records with his dad John for Henderson County, Kentucky.Isaac at some point moves from Kentucky to Missouri back to Kentucky where he died in 1839.Isaac left no will but I have an heirís list which names all his sons and his daughters and their husbands.Isaac's wife Jane died in Henderson County, Kentucky 1845 I have a copy of her will which names all of her children one being my g/g/g grandfather Doke.


2.Mary Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1790 in either Virginia or N.C. Mary married William Strain in Henderson County, Kentucky 1807.The 1810 census shows them with one child.William Strain died in Henderson County, Kentucky 1839.I am not sure where they were at between 1810 and 1839.I have also not been able to locate what happened to Mary or any children she may have had.


3.Nancy Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1794 in what is now TN.Nancy married Francis Johnson and appears in the 1810, 1820, 1830 census for Henderson County, Kentucky.They are shown as having several children.Johnson is such a common name that I am not sure what happened to Nancy or her children.


4.Jemima Margaret Hurst/Hust/Husk was born June 6, 1795 in Tennessee and died May 26, 1864 in Spencer County, Indiana.She married the Rev. John McCoy and had several children one being my g/g/g grandmother Nancy McCoy who married her first cousin Doke P. Hurst/Hust/Husk.


5.Sarah Sally Hurst/Hust/Huskwas born about 1798 in TN she married Samuel Pirtle July 22, 1821 in Rutherford County, TN.Sarah stays in TN for a while then they move to Henderson County, Kentucky.


6.Elizabeth Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1800 in TN.She married John Penrod 1818 in Warrick County, Indiana.I believe that Elizabeth divorced or at least left John as in the 1820 and 1830 census Henderson County, Kentucky John Penrod has a wife and children in his household by 1840 he is living alone.This would explain why her dad John mentions her as Elizabeth Penrod in his will and doesn't mention her husband.


7.James Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1801 in TN.I know nothing about this James and have not been able to trace him. All I know is he never lives in Henderson County, Kentucky as I have found no record for him.


8.William Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1801 in TN.William married several times and had several children by each wife.He died in Henderson County, Kentucky.His descendant was used for the DNA project.


9.Catherine Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1810 in Henderson County, Kentucky she married John Hibdon.John Hibdon was from Warren County, TN in fact in the 1830 census he is next to Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk who was Catherine's uncle.They move back to Henderson County, Kentucky.Catherine died in Henderson County, Kentucky.


Children of John Hurst/Hust/Husk and Nancy Junell are:


1.Absalom Abraham Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1818 in TN.Absalom is living mostly in Henderson County, Kentucky. He has several children.

2.Valentine "Felty" Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1820 in TN.Valentine died in Henderson County, Kentucky in 1846 he left a verbal will leaving his assets to his brother George.

3.George Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1824 in TN.George married Almira Horton in Henderson County, Kentucky.The had one daughter George Ann Hurst/Hust/Husk born Nov. 1, 1852.George died a few years later as his wife remarries.


Timeline for John: born Virginia about 1765; 1791-1795 Sumner County, TN; 1795 to ? TN; 1805 to 1818 in Henderson County, Kentucky; 1818 to 1829 Warren County, TN; 1830 Sumner County, TN; 1835 to 1841 Henderson County, Kentucky.



William Hurst/Hust/Husk (son of James) was born between 1765-1770 in Virginia.


He married Elizabeth Tadlock (daughter of Thomas Tadlock who was aneighbor to James Hurst/Hust/Husk) they married in Greene County, TN October 29, 1791.This is a year after her father moved next door to James Hust.William lives in TN until he moves to Christian County, Kentucky 1800.He moved back to TN for a short time and back to Kentucky.He lived in Christian and Trigg Counties in Kentucky.William died in Trigg County, Kentucky 1840.


In an article published 1890 by someone who knows William Hurst/Hust/Husk.This is from Pioneers of Trigg County, Kentucky by Cyrus Thompson Chapter 4 Husk, Adams and McCain Families;

"William Husk his family acquaintances without intended disrespect frequently referred to him as Old Billy Shuck.He was one of the earliest settlers of that section and when it was Christian County, coming, as I believe from Virginia.He was without education but was a good man plain in dress.Two sons that I remember Isaac and Lewis."

The Husk farm was settled by Sevier Tadlock.This was long before the first cabin was erected within a mile of the town of Cadiz.William Husk afterward bought this tract of land and can be classed with the early settlers.The history of Trigg County, Kentucky.


Elizabeth died by 1814 and William remarried Nancy Rhoads April 21, 1814 in Christian County, Kentucky.


There are many deed records for William and Elizabeth in Christian County, Kentucky with the Tadlock's and many for William and second wife Nancy in Trigg County, Kentucky.


Trigg County,Kentucky will book B page 286

Renunciation of Will of William Husk, deceased.

I hereby renounce my right to administer on the estate of my late husband, William Husk, in favor of Robert Baker and am willing that you appoint him.May 12th 1840.Nancy Husk.


will book B page 289 lists his property.


Will book B. page 352

Division of the Estate of William Husk, deceased

We, the commissioners, have divided the land of William Husk, deceased, to wit:

To Lewis Husk- three hundred dollars worth of land to make him equal in land with the other heirs in the advancements which they have already received.The remainder of the land is divided in six equal parts, and given to George Gardner, Madison Adam, John Humphries, Isaac Husk, Alson Watts and Lewis Husk.Given under our hands this 19th day of July 1841.


Kain A. McCaughan, Comm.

John Jones, Comm.

Charles Faulkner, Comm.


Children of William Hurst/Hust/Husk and Elizabeth Tadlock are:


1.Catherine Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1792 in TN she married Robert Hawkins June 21, 1807 in Christian County, Kentucky.Catherine died before her father.The George Gardner and Madison Adams listed in her fathers will are her sons in law.

2.Elizabeth Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1797 in TN or KY not sure.She married John Humphries May 27, 1814 in Christian County, Kentucky.

3.Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1796 in TN he married several times and died in Trigg County, Kentucky./

4.Temperance Hurst/Hust/Husk married Abram Watts February 7, 1819 in Christian County, Kentucky.

5.Lewis Hurst/Hust/Husk born about 1811 in Kentucky he married Lucinda Minton in Christian County, Kentucky 1832.



Valentine "Felty" Husk (son of James Hurst/Hust/Husk) was born about 1770 in Virginia.


He first married Nancy Moore April 30, 1789 in Greene County, TN security on the bond was Thomas Tadlock.The bond has Felty Husk.He married second probably in Kentucky Elizabeth Hacker.I am not sure when Nancy died but before 1800 as Valentine's son George was born October 31, 1800 in Kentucky and a biography for him lists his mother's father as William Hacker.Valentine shows up in records with all three spellings for last name Hurst/Hust/Husk.I will not go into all the children of Valentine Husk as many folks have a tree for him online.I would say any children born after 1800 are with his second wife.Valentine's youngest brother married for the first time in 1802 Ohio County, Kentuckyto Nancy Hocker/Hacker.I would say she is probably a daughter of William Hacker as well.Valentine is the first in our line with the name Valentine "Felty"as far as I know only him and his descendants have this name.Except for his brother John who named a son Valentine "Felty"it is not a common name for Hurst/Hust/Husk's.Valentine died in Daviess County, Kentucky 1826.There has been a lot written about him and his descendants so I won't go into any of that except to say that his second father in law William Hacker was born in Stafford County, Virginia.His parents were married there in the Overwharton Parish and him and his brother John's birth and the parentsí marriage are recorded there.This is important to point out because the Hursts from this parish and our Hurst are a perfect DNA match.How the DNA project works is it is at www.familytreedna.comthe Hurst family DNA project.The last name of Hurst, Hust, Husk, Herst, Hurse etc can participate.I have through my line talked with many people who went with the Husk and Hust spellings and they all knew and were told by grandparents etc that the name was Hurst first and that in the family was pronounced more like Hust which lead to Husk and Hust.Anyway through my research I knew and wanted to prove what branch of Hursts we came from.I found a descendant of John Hurst/Hust/Husk who was still living in Henderson County, Kentucky.Thanks to the efforts of his wife Lena, Warren Hust provided the DNA sample for the test.We could trace Warren back to John with a clear paper trail so he was the best hope at proving what we already felt.Anyway the Y DNA is passed from father to son.So to be a part of the DNA project you must be a male with the last name of Hurst/Hust/Husk etc.We got the results back and our Hurst/Hust/Husk from Henderson County, Kentucky were an exact match to the Hursts of Stafford County and Shenandoah Counties Virginia.So to sum it up I don't know who James's parents were, at least I can't prove it but I do know that he is related to the Hursts in the same parish as William Hacker.So Valentine Husk's dad James would have known William Hacker and the families would have known each other.



Nancy Hurst/Hust/Husk (daughter of James)was born in Virginia about 1772.


Nancy married William Shepherd May 23, 1793 in Greene County, TN security Joshua Tadlock.I am not sure where Nancy went.There is a William Shephard in Christian County, Kentucky the same time as William Hurst/Hust/Husk.



Absalom Hurst/Hust/Husk (son of James) was born January 19, 1774 in Virginia.


Absalom I am not sure who his wife was or where he married.He moved between Kentucky and TN several times.He shows up living in Christian County, Daviess County and Henderson County, Kentucky.He lives by each of his brothers William, Valentine, and John but only for a couple of years with each one.He shows up also in Warren County, TN on a deed record with other brother Isaac.He moves to Ralls County, Missouri and stays there for a while.He died in his daughters home in Davis County, Iowa after 1850.Absalom had several children.



Elizabeth Hurst/Hust/Husk (daughter of James)


Elizabeth married Isaac Caldwell December 14, 1795 in Sumner County, TN.Absolum Hust, BM.I don't know much about Elizabeth I do know that some of John's grandchildren married Caldwell's.



Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk was born about 1781 in Virginia.


He married first Nancy Hacker 1802 in Ohio County, Kentucky.He is living there in 1802 and 1803 tax list.He moves to Sumner County, TN and marries for a second time to Sally Booth daughter of Isaac Booth on December 28, 1804. Nancy must have died young?Isaac is in Warren County, TN and stays there until about 1835.In the 1820 census there is Isaac in Warren County, TN listed as Hust.James is listed as James Husk and next door to him is an Isaac Booth and on the other side is Sylvia Brown.Anyway from land and tax records from Warren County, TN I believe that James died in Warren County, TN between 1820 and1824.There are no wills in the county for that time period.Isaac leaves in 1835 and moves first to Ripley County, Missouri then to Oregon County, Missouri.By 1850 he is married again and some of the Booth's follow him to Missouri.Isaac died in Missouri date not known.Isaac had many children.


Kentucky Time Line to formations of counties


Henderson County from Christian County 1798

Hardin County from Nelson County 1792

Ohio County from Hardin County 1797

Daviess County from Ohio County 1815


Our Hurst/Hust/Husks in these counties of Kentucky.


Tax Lists names appear as written on tax record. Some years were missing from the records.


Hardin County, Kentucky tax list

1797: Feltey Husk

1798: No tax record


Ohio County, Kentuckytax list

1799: Phelty Hust

1800: Fetly Husk

1801: Canít read

1802: Felty Husk and Isaac Husk

1803: Phelty Hurst and Isaac Hurst

1804:Felty Husk

1805: Felty Husk

1806: Valentine Husk

1807: Felty Husk

1808: Vallintine Hust

1809: Valentine Hust

1810: No tax record

1811: No tax record

1812: Valentine Husk

1813: Valentine Husk

1814: Valentine Hurst


The Isaac Hurst/Husk listed in the tax record with Valentine ďFeltyĒ would be his brother.This Isaac married in Ohio county, Kentuckybond Isaac Hurst married Nancy Hocker June 16, 1802 Ohio County, Kentucky bond signed by Isaac Hurst, John Hubbard.Consent by James Hurst for Isaac.Isaac is in Sumner County, Tennessee by 1804 as he married Salley Boothe December 28, 1804 there.Nancy Hocker must have died.


Daviess County, Kentucky tax list

1815: Volentine Husk

1816: Volentine Husk

1817: William Husk and John Hust (very hard to make out some of the pages so Valentine was probably there.

1818: Valentineand William

1819: Valentine Husk, William Husk, Absolum Husk

1820:William and Absalom Hurst

1821: Absolum and William

1822: Valentine and George Husk

1823: Valentine, George and William Husk

1824: Valentine and George Husk

1825 George, William and Valentine

1826Volentine, George and William Husk

1827 William, George and Elizabeth Husk


Absolum Hurst/Hust/Husk was brother to Valentine.George and William listed are sons of Valentine. Absolum, William and Valentine all are shown in the 1820 census as Hurst.



Christian County, Kentucky tax list

1800: William Husk and Absolom Husk and James Huks

1801: William Husk

1802: William Husk

1803: William Husk

1804: William Hust

1805: Hard to read

1806: William Husk

1807: William Husk

1808: William Husk and Absolum Husk

1809: William Husk

1810: Not there

1811: William Husk

1812: William Husk

1813: William Husk

1814: William Husk

1815: William Husk


I did not do later years.This William Husk is a brother to Valentine Husk.This William later moves to TriggCounty, Kentucky and died there.


Henderson County, Kentucky tax list

1804: No Hurst/Hust/Husk

1805 to 1806: Missing records.

1807: John Husk

1808: No record

1809: John Hust

1810: Isaac Hust and John Hust

1811: John Husk, Absalom Husk, Isaac Husk.

1812: John Husk, Isaac Husk

1813: John and Isaac Husk

1814: John Hust and Isaac Husk

1815: John Husk

1816: John and Isaac Hust

1817: Isaac Hust, John Hust

1818: John Hust


1819 to 1828 no Hurst/Hust/Huskís in Henderson County, Kentucky

1829: Isaac Hust is back.Isaac went to Missouri for a time as some of his children where born there between 1824 and 1826.I believe he went to Missouri as did his uncle Absolum.

I have up to 1846 for Henderson County, Kentucky but it is all of Johnís children, grandchildren etc.

1840:My g/g/g grandfather Doke (son of Isaac shows up in the tax record as Doke Hurst in Henderson County, KY) this is a year after his father died.Doke later marries his first cousin Nancy McCoy in 1841 in Spencer County, Indiana.


This John is brother of Valentine.The Isaac listed is his son.The Absolum listed in 1811 is the same brother listed with Valentine in Daviess County and William in Christian County.


My line is James Hurst/Hust/Husk

his son John Hurst/Hust/Husk

his son Isaac Hurst/Hust/Husk

his son Doke P. Hurst/Hust/Husk

his son Arvis Uriah Hurst/Hust/Husk

his daughter Mary Jane Hurst/Hust/Husk (my great grandmother).



Janet Dryer