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My earliest known Lobbs lived in the north of the County of Cornwall, England. William Lobb was christened 22 Nov 1732 in St. Breock, the son of Richard and Catherine (Rescorla) Lobb who married in St. Breock on 12 Oct 1728 (Phillimore Transcripts - St. Breock Parish Registers).

Children of Richard and Catherine Lobb:
Richard Lobb chr. 6 Jan 1727/28 in St. Breock (m. Judith Boscombe?)
William Lobb chr. 22 Nov 1732 in St. Breock
Catherine Lobb chr. 29 May 1734in St. Breock (m. John Buscombe?)
Elizabeth Lobb chr. 28 Sep 1743in St. Breock
(Above information from "Forefathers St. Breock Baptisms 1715-1840")


William Lobb and Mary Pedlar both of the parish of St. Breock married on 10 October 1759. J. Cotton, Clerk officiated and the marriage was witnessed by Will Pedlar and Richard Olver(?). William signed and Mary made her mark. Their son, Richard, was born on 26 February 1776 in St. Breock.

Children of William and Mary Lobb of St. Breock:

Thomas Lobb chr.7 Nov 1764 in St. Breock
William Lobb chr.22 May 1767 in St. Breock
Philippa Lobb chr.25 Oct 1769 in St. Breock
John Lobb chr.12 Oct 1772 in St. Breock
Richard Lobb chr.26 Feb 1775 in St. Breock (parish register of St. Breock - CRO)
Mary Lobb chr.8 Jun 1777 in St. Breock
Charles Lobb chr.11 Jun 1780 in St. Breock
(Above information from "Forefathers St. Breock Baptisms 1715-1840")


Richard Lobb, farmer, of St. Breok (sic) married Anne Roos (the daughter of William Roose and Hannah Chilcott of St. Endellion) on 4 August 1798 in St. Endellion (Phillimore's parish register IGI film #0564355 Batch #M002371).

The 1841 Census of Cornwall, Parish of St. Kew shows the following:

Richard Lobb - 60 - farmer
Hannah Lobb - 60
Thomas - 70
Henry Wilce - 15 - Agricultural apprentice
Elizabeth Lobb - 20 - servant
Richard Lobb - 25
William Lobb - 4
Mary Lobb - 25
Ann Lobb - 2

Hannah Lobb, as she was known, died on 25 Oct 1851, and is buried in the parish church in St. Endellion. Richard was living at Hendra in St. Teath at the time of his death on 23 Jan 1861. It is possible that he lived with a relative who farmed there. The current owner, Eddie Roose, purchased Higher Hendra from the National Trust about 1940. The National Trust had received the farm as a bequest from a Mrs. Billings (nee Roose), so perhaps an in-law.

Children of Richard & Hannah Lobb:
William Lobb chr.6 Oct 1799 in St. Endellion
Jennifer Lobb chr.22 Jul 1804 in St. Kew
Mary Hannah Lobb chr.20 Apr 1806 in St. Kew
Philippa Lobb chr.25 Oct 1808 in St. Kew
Richard Lobb chr.1 Mar 1812 in St. Kew
Hannah Chilcott Lobb chr.30 Apr 1815 in St. Kew


Richard Lobb and Mary Ann Cowling (chr.17 May 1812 in St. Tudy, daughter of Samuel Cowling and Nancy Worth) both of St. Kew were married by Banns on 19 May 1836. John Glencroft officiated and the witnesses were William Knight and Matilda Cowling (sister of the bride). Both Richard and Mary Ann signed their names.

The children of Richard & Mary Ann Lobb were:

William Lobb chr.8 May 1837 in St. Kew d.14 Jun 1887 in Gerrans

Ann Lobb chr.4 Mar 1839 in St. Kew

Richard Samuel Lobb chr.25 Jul 1842 in St. Kew d.19 Jun 1926 Gerrans

Hannah (Anna) Lobb chr.16 Aug 1845 in St. Kew

Margret Kate Lobb chr.25 Jul 1850 in St. Minver

John Lobb b.Bet. 31 Mar-27 Dec 1851 in St. Teath, chr.25 Jul 1855 in St. Minver (father farmer at Treglyn)

The 1851 Census of Cornwall, Parish of St. Kew shows the family living on Tregaer Farm.

Schedule 007. Address Tregare.

LOBB, Richard, head, M, 39, farmer of 130 acres employs 1 labourer. Born in St Kew.
LOBB, Mary Ann, wife, M, 39, wife, St Tudy
LOBB, William, son, U, 14, son at home, St Kew
LOBB, Ann, dau, , 12, daughter scholar, St Kew
LOBB, Richard Samuel, son, , 9, scholar, St Kew
LOBB, Hannah, dau, , 6, scholar, St Kew
LOBB, Margret Kate, dau, , 2, , St Kew
GARD, John, serv, U, 23, servant, St Kew
KENDLE, Alice, serv, U, 35, house servant, St Kew

The 1856 Cornwall Directory shows Richard Lobb, Farmer, Great Treglin, St. Minver

The 1861 Census of Cornwall, Parish of Gerrans shows the family living at Tregaire Barton ("A History of the Parish of Gerrans 1800-1914 - Part 1 - Farms and Farmers" by Hilary Thompson)

"Tregaire Barton - This is the demesne farm, the largest and most important of the farms which passed form the Bishopric of Exeter to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1853 and was sold to the Williams family of Caerhays in 1951. It is the site of the palace of the Bishops of Exeter before 1066. The secular side of Gerrans life was for centuries centred here. The Bishop was lord of the manor and patron of the advowson of the Church. Bishop Bronescombe consecrated a chapel here, dedicated to the Holy Cross, in 1260. The bishops ceased to visit Tregaire after 1450 and the palace became the barton farm.

The granting of copyhold leases by the bishops, whereby the three lives named in the leases could successively assume the property, often underleasing, led to a much quoted dispute between Nosworthy and Trevanion. This was carried on throughout the second half of the 17th century. Successive lawsuits found in favour first of one then the other. Finally Nosworthy's title of Tregaire was confirmed but both parties were financially ruined. Nosworthy retired to the continent and died at Dunkirk in 1701. Hugh Trevanion, son of Hugh, the litigant, was so impoverished that he was forced to sell Treluggan and, through the offices of Hugh Boscawen, Privy Councillor, was promoted to be one of the Poor Knights of Windsor.

The lease of the barton was granted to Nicholas Kempe of Rosteague in 1711 and was renewed in 1765. John Laskey is shown to have sub-leased the farm in 1790, when he paid Poor Rate and Land Tax on his holding. In 1833 the Kempe lease ws transmitted to the Bishop and was taken by the Hills of Tregassick. Edward Hayes Hill, son of Peter Hill of Tregassick, took possession of the farm. The Hill lease appears to have continued until 1905, when Richard Hayes Hill, the last 'life' died. The Hills flourished here: in 1851 the acreage was 350 and ten labourers were employed. In addition to the family, three farm servants, a shepherd and a house servant were living in the farmhouse. By 1856, however, Kelly's Directory recorded Richard Williams as the farmer and by 1861 Richard Lobb had arrived from St. Kew. On census night his household consisted of himself, his wife, three sons, two daughters, one visitor, one house servant, one blacksmith and two carters. Samuel Lobb had taken over from his father at Tragaire by 1880. On the death of Richard Hayes Hill the Lobbs assumed the lease from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and remained at Tregaire until 1919.

In 1908 61 acres of Tregaire were leased to Cornwall County Council as small holdings. By 1905 the Ecclesiastical Commissioners had found that the old buildings of stone, cob and slate were much neglected and the homestead badly arranged. It was then recommended that most hsould be replaced with buildings of concrete. This was subsequently carried out. Further repairs to the farmstead were required following bomb damage during the second world war."

The 1881 Census Gerrans, Cornwall, England, shows the family living at: Tregear

Marr: Age: Sex: Birthplace:
Richard LOBB W 69 M St Kew, Cornwall, England, Rel: Head, Occ: Farmer
Samuel LOBB M 39 M St Kew, Cornwall, England, Rel: Son, Occ: Farmer
Jane LOBB M 30 F Perran, Cornwall, England, Rel: Sons Wife,
Richard LOBB 1 M Gerrans, Cornwall, England, Rel: Grand Son
John DAVIES U 19 M Gerrans, Cornwall, England, Rel: Servant, Occ: Farm Servant (Indoor)
Benjemin JULIAN U 16 M Veryan, Cornwall, England, Rel: Servant, Occ: Farm Servant-(Indoor)
Catherine BUDDLE U 21 F Phileigh, Cornwall, England, Rel: Servant, Occ: General Servant
(Source: FHL Film 1341554 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2307 Folio 14 Page 9)


John Lobb was born at St. Teath and christened at the Parish of St. Minver in 1855 while his father farmed at Treglyn Farm. As the youngest son of Richard & Hannah, his prospects would have looked very poor. His older brother, Sam, took over the farm at Tregaire Barton in Gerrans from their father. William, the oldest, had married Elisabeth Ellen Blewett, so he may possibly have become involved in the Blewett Bakery (still in operation in 2001). John was fortunate to find a bride in Elizabeth Adams, the only child of James & Margaret (Mitchell) Adams who were farming at Pollaughan in Gerrans. They were married on 30 Mar 1871 (Source: FHL Number 246794 Dates:1838-1895).

John & Bessie were staunch Methodists. John was a Lay Minister in the Methodist church. He was also noted as Relieving Officer in the 1891 census ("A History of the Parish of Gerrans 1088-1914 - Part 1 - Farm & Farmers" by Hilary Thompson). She also says:

"By 1881 John Lobb had married Elizabeth Adams and was farming there, his household comprising his wife, six children, his parents-in-law James Adams and wife, together with a child's maid and a farm servant. In 1891, while still farming Pollaughan, John Lobb was described as Relieving Officer. He now had fifteen children, and his father-in-law, now a widower, continued to live with him. John Lobb had taken possession of the farm by rack lease for 14 years in May 1874 from Richard Pendarves Johns. Following the death of Richard Pendarves Johns, the last of his line at Trewince, Pollaughan was sold to its tenant farmers, the Lobbs. John Lobb and his wife had a total of twenty-one children, eighteen of whom survived childhood. He therefore enlarged his house considerably. The new wing was built with bricks from the works at the neighbouring farm of Metherscollyn."

Census Cornwall - 1881
Census Place Gerrans Cornwall

John LOBB head Farmer of 200 acres aged 29 born St Teath
Elizabeth LOBB wife aged 28 born Gerrans
Arthur J J LOBB son Scholar aged 9 born Gerrans
Florence M LOBB dau Scholar aged 7 born Gerrans
Annie LOBB dau Scholar aged 6 born Gerrans
Richard S LOBB son scholar aged 4 born Gerrans
Beatrice LOBB dau aged 3 born Gerrans
Elsie LOBB dau aged 1 born Gerrans
James ADAMS wife's father retired farmer aged 66 born Perranzabuloe
Margaret ADAMS wife's Mother aged 68 born Crantock
Elizabeth WOODWARD Servant aged 22 born St-Just
Annie ROWE child's Maid aged 14 born Tregony
James HOOPER aged 17 Farm Servant Indoors born Gerrans

All the children of John & Bessie Lobb:
Arthur John James Lobb b.26 Jul 1871 m. Bertha Jane Doak d.4 Jul 1928 Winnipeg, MB, Canad
Frederick Richard Lobb b.1872 d.Mar 1873
Florence Mary Lobb b.1873 m.(Jack) John Davies Bassett d. 2 Sep 1955 (Stonewall, MB, Canada
Annie Lobb b.1875 m. Mr. Newton d.1952 Los Angeles, California, USA
(Sam) Richard Samuel Lobb b.1876 m. Laura ?? d.1957 Gerrans, Cornwall
Beatrice Lobb b.1878 m. Phil Little d.1937
Elsie Lobb b.1878 m. Giles Little (brother of Phil) d.1965
Margaret Lobb b.1881 m. McGann d.25 Nov 1972 Gerrans, Cornwall
Frederick Lobb b.1881 m. Annie Tweddell d.1973 Edmonton, AB, Canada
Jessie Lobb b.Abt. 1882 d. 1956 New Westminster, B.C., Canada
Ernest Harold Lobb (twin to Jessie) b. abt 1882 d.1883 Gerrans, Con.
Fanny Lobb b. 1884 m. George Thomas d.1934 New Jersey, USA
Carrie Lobb (Fannie's twin) b. 1884 m. Bertram Blewett d.23 Dec 1975 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wesley Lobb b.1886 m. Ada Scott d.8 Nov 1981 Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Gertrude Lobb b.28 Sep 1887 m. Hamilton Hunter d.5 Oct 1933Winnipeg, MB, Canada
John Lobb b.1889 m. Chrissie Crewes d.17 Jan 1973 Gerrans, Cornwall
Fletcher Lobb b.1890 m. Olive Reynolds d.1979 Manitoba, Canada
Ivy Lobb b.1891 d.21 Apr 1973
(Pat) Lily Lobb (twin to Ivy) b. 1891 m. Ridgers d.26 Nov 1969 Gerrans, Cornwall
Gwendolyn Lobb b. 1894 d.1919

With such a large family, it's not surprising that there was little opportunity for the younger members in Cornwall. The first to emigrate to Canada was Arthur, who left in 1894 at the age of 23, having studied business in England. He worked as a ranch farmhand for a few years before taking up stock raising in Reaburn, MB. He later settled in Meadow Lea (Woodlands), MB, marrying Bertha Doak in 1901. He was a prosperous businessman, farmer and a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Manitoba.

The second child to emigrate was Florence in 1897. She married Jack Basset and they had two children. Florence was ill after the birth of her daughter and the family returned to Cornwall in 1901. They returned to Manitoba in 1902, this time bringing two siblings of Florence's with them - Fred (age 21) & Gertrude (age 15). Perhaps Gertrude came to help her older sister out with the children. Whether or not she ever planned to return to Cornwall, Gertie stayed and married Hamilton Hunter.