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Mary Ann Campbell Stewart<>


I have been researching about 25 years. Am President Emeritus of the Connecticut Ancestry Society. Limited now to the books I have on my shelf (some Ct. town histories, genealogies of Ordway, Tiffany, Lyman etc.). Plenty of "how to" books plus personal knowledge of how to find some things in Ct. Can still contact Ct. Gen. Society for advice with difficult Ct. research. This is the oldest (not the biggest!) Gen. society in Ct.!


Jonathan (m. Clemence Hosmer) Thomas (m. Mary----) Gideon (m. Rebecca Ordway) Samuel (m. Hannah Clarke) Walter (m. Mary Tiffany) Jedediah (m. Sarah Marie Reeves) Edward Freeborn (m.Adeline Cox) Harry Bruce Landon (m. Anna Laura Middleton) Florence Edith (m. Walter Scott Campbell) Mary Ann Campbell (m. David Livingston Stewart,Jr.)

Glenn Allan Bristow<>


Raised in Patchogue, Eastport and East Moriches, LI, NY. Ex-submarine sailor. BS in Marine Biology, Southampton College of LI, University, Southampton, LI, NY. MS in Population Dynamics and Ecolgy, University of Maine at Orono, Maine. Dr. Sci. Zoology (Parasitology), University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway. Currently assistant professor of parasitology, University of Bergen.

Five years experience, area of expertise (if any): Early New York State (particularly NYC and LI) families, and, early New England families who either moved to New York or New Jersey.

GenServ has my GEDCOM on my ancestors and I have a growing number of my surnames on ROOTS RSL including most of my New England/NY/NJ lines.


10th great grandfather Ralph of LI, NY via John, John, Wilson, Nathaniel, James, and, Sarah.

Sandy B. Hunt<>


Approximately 40 years of genealogy work the old fashioned way and ten on computer.


HUNT, Thomas/ Powerstock, ENG/ 1530-1606


The following material is available for look-up, "*" indicates publications that can be reproduced in entirety:

Genealogy of the Name and Family of Hunt--T. B. Wyman-1862- indexed

Strong Family UPDATE Vol III- Strong Family Association-1992- indexed

Supplement to the Genealogy of the Lyman Family-Lyman Coleman D. D. 1872 compiled and Edited by Margaret S. Lyman 1995-492 pages copyrighted.-indexed

*NORTHAMPTON HUNTS 1550-1997-S. B. Hunt with pedigree charts 1996

*Pedigree Supplement for above MS. Pioneer History of Wise County Texas-Cliff D. Cates 1907 Higginson Catalogues

*The Early Beebe Families of VT-Mitchell J. Hunt-1995

*The Hunt Families of Royalton VT-Mitchell J. Hunt-1991

*The Hunt Families of Halifax, VT-Mitchell J. Hunt-1987

*The McSpadden Family Ancestry-Joseph L. Haw III-1940?

*The Hunt Families of Woodstock VT-Mitchell J. hunt-1989

"The Hunt Families of the Eastern Townships of Canada- Mitchell J. Hunt-1991

*The Hunt Families of Barnet VT-Mitchell J. Hunt 1993

*The Ancestors and Descendants of Daniel Hunt of Ryegate VT- Mitchell J. Hunt -1977
[files:  danhunt.doc, 62,464;, 17,233]

"The History of the Hunt Family NJ-Jessie Sinclair-1900

*The Early Families of Sharon CT and Surrounding Areas-Mitchell J. Hunt-1992

*Evaluation of the Consuelo Furman MS on Ralph Hunt of LI-M.J. Hunt-1990-index

*Corrected Genealogy of Col. Jonathan Hunt and Rowan Co., NC Siblings-M. J. Hunt -1996

*Thomas and Cecilia Hunt of Stamford and Westchester NY-George T. Fish 1903 Edited by Mitchell J. Hunt-1987

*Corrected Genealogy of Captain Ziba Hunt of Duxbury MA, CT&NY- Mitchell J. Hunt 1994

*The Mysterious Beebe Families of Beebe, VT-Quebec-Mitchell J. Hunt-1989

*Hunt Family Records- J. Montgomery Seaver-American HGSociety- 1929, furnished by Courtney Tompkins-1997

*Documentation for Hunt Family Genealogy 1550-1997-provided by Barbara Hunt Colegrove. (1917-1994).

10,000 misc computer entries on Hunts.on PAF, Family Origins and Brother's Keeper.


Donald Franklin Hunt <>


I'm 55 years old, a Retired Army Seargent First Class (1981) Signal Corp. I Worked as Quality Assurance Manager for 12 years at Fusion Systems Corporation and for the last four years as Manager of Quality Audit and Calibration For Fusion Semiconductor in Rockville Maryland. I have a AS from SUNY and and am registered as a Internal ISO 9000 Auditor by the Iternational Registry of Certificated Auditors. On the geneology vein, I don't consider myself an expert but I have been knocking around for a few years. I have some resources here such as several volumes of Hinshaw's books and a few other sources of Quaker history in the east coast area. I am a member of the SAR and would be happy to supply my # if anyone wants to get a copy of my line. There are a great many lines of Quaker Hunt's that I haven't worked as my time is limited.  I have been looking for info on a brother of my great grandfather by the name of James Hunt who was in the Army and died at Fort Mckavit Texas in 1875.


I am descended from William who married Mary Woolman in New Jersey in 1720. I have been looking for info on he and Mary in this area as I believe they died just north of where I live here in Maryland. I have also been looking for info on a brother of my great grandfather by the name of James Hunt who was in the Army and died at Fort Mckavit Texas in 1875.

Mitchell J. Hunt <>


Mitchell J. Hunt was born in Derby Line, Vermont in 1918. He received his Masters Of Arts degree in 1938 from the Bay Path Institute, Springfield, Massachusetts. His other credentials include a BA from the University of Vermont, 1949; MPA Wayne University, Detroit Michigan; Volker Fellow 1950; Major USAF (Ret); Graduate AFOCS 1944; AF Command and Staff College; Industrial College of the Armed Forces; Civil Defense Management and Radiological Courses at Penn State University. Mitchell is a former newspaper publisher, magazine and book writer and editor; former USAF Historical Officer researcher, writer, editor and publisher of numerous books and articles on state and local government in Pennsylvania. He has also authored several books and articles on HUNT and related families. He is a member of numerous historical and genealogical societies.

Address Mitchell J. Hunt, 503 Church st., Willow Grove PA. For inquiries, further information and E-Mail send to Col. Sandy Hunt, (Mitchell is not on E-Mail. He invites your snail-mail inquiries or send info to Sandy.)


Mitchell is a seventh-generation Vermonter from the Amesbury MA Line of Hunts.

Judy Gustafson<>

All you want to know about MORMONS
Judy, who resides in Danville California, is a great grand daughter of Tarlton Lewis, the first Bishop of Parowan. Parowan is the pioneer town of Iron County Utah founded in 1851 by Apostle George A. Smith, located southeast of Salt Lake City. She has HUNT connections and is an expert on Capt. Jefferson Hunt of Mormon Battalion fame. She graduated from Brigham Young University and is now spending time answering questions about Mormon HISTORY and Genealogy.





A CD-Rom called INFOBASE containing a vast amount of Mormon historical and Early Church Membership Records is in her files as well as many books on Mormon history. She will do key word and name searches on Mormon matters. Judith is delightful to talk to and she answers her messages without delay.

Lisa Hunt Rawlings<>


I'm not sure that I'm qualified enough to be listed as an "experienced researcher" alongside all the others listed. I've only been doing genealogy for about four years. I do enjoy being able to help others almost as much as finding information on my own line.

I'm 33 years old and live in Springfield, Illinois. I work for the General Assembly here on the House Republican Staff. I can practically throw a rock and hit our State Archives Building, so it's very easy for me to run over on my lunch hour and do research.


I have traced my line back to JOSEPH HUNT, who died in Halifax Co. in approx. 1756. My line is as follows: JOSEPH>AMBROSE>COLEMAN, SR.>COLEMAN, JR.>GEORGE C.>WILLIAM MCCAGER>VERNER>GLENN>MYSELF.


Hunt Family History, prepared by the American Genealogical Research Institute. It has listed all Hunt heads of household, by county from the census of 1790. Many Hunt immigrants prior to 1800. Some have dates, ship names, destination points, and places of origin. It also has a list of many Hunts who served in the Revolutionary War.

A History of Halifax Co. Virginia, by Wirt Johnson Carrington

I would also be glad to look up specific requests for people at the Illinois State Archives. I can also obtain obituaries from several Illinois papers, if given the exact date and location.

Lallie Dozier Benkoski <>


30 years research. Extensive genealogical library inherited. Member Southwest Georgia Genealogical Society, Albany,GA


Constantia Hunt 1794-1858 Columbia Co GA m Green Jones Dozier Thomas Hunt died after 8 July 18l9 Columbia Co GA m Isabella Lovelace Columbia Co GA Henry Hunt Sr.

Also on my computer: Fitz M. Hunt 2nd Lt Jane (or Janet) Hunt m William Lovelace 28 May 1810 Columbia Co My record of Hunt Family in Coweta Co GA do not seem to be related to me.

Found at Washington Memorial Library, Macon, Ga. "RUF HAIGHT EDDY SUMNER HATCH and ALLIED FAMILIES. Genealogical and Biographical by Alpha H. Ruf / American Historical Society, Inc. N.Y 1932 i have pages l06 - 109 giving coat-of-arms and some lineage from 1273A.D Cambridge shire, England.


Connie Hunt, Ph.D, DAC, Puyallup Tribal Member <>


I'm relatively well versed in all of the 557 Federally Recognized Tribes (with a few pending) and some of those that are only recognized by States or that are now considered no longer in existence.  I am knowledgeable in traditional marital patterns and behaviors, language groups, cultural practices, as well as historical adaptations to the dominant population.  I work in the tribal communities every day and am acquainted with enrollment, benefits, and restricted access to Indian files.

My current genealogical research is focused on the Descendents of Col. Jonathan Hunt.  I am a descendent of his son Charles.  The Hunt's in my family came to Oregon via wagon in 1850 (according to documentation).  Eventually, a Hunt married a Puyallup Indian, and I am one of the resulting children.
I am doing genealogical research in Oregon where I was born and currently reside.  I am a member of the Oregon Historical Society (where apparently I have been doing research the hard way).
I have lived in South America, Africa, Canada, and the US.  I have traveled in Europe and Australia.
I hope that I can be helpful in your inquiries surrounding your American Indian ancestors.


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