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H U N T  O R I G I N excerpt from "The Hunt Families Of Vermont" by Mitchell J. Hunt

J O H N  H U N T map maker of the Popham Beach, ME settlement in 1607.

T H O M A S  H U N T captain of one of John Smith's ships, 1614.

E D M U N D  H U N T the first known Hunt to settle in the New England 1634-5.

R A L P H  H U N T pioneer at Long Island, first appears across the East River from Manhattan in 1652.

R I C H A R D  H U N T  Richard Hunt, bailiff of Shrewsbury, ENG and his descendancy through son Thomas of CT. (ca 1652)

J O N A T H A N  H U N T one of the first to clear land in the territory which became Vermont (ca.1750).

D R .  D A N I E L  H U N T part 1, part 2 of Hopewell, NJ who followed his brothers Jonathan and Gersham to NC (ca. 1760)

J A M E S  H U N T Revolutionary War soldier from Granville, NC (b. 1765)

J A M E S  H U N T one of Ulster county's valued citizens and leading farmers(b.1782).

D A N I E L  D U R H A M   H U N T  son of Abel Hunt of Barren Co., KY (b. 1791), Mormon pioneer.

W I L L I A M  H U N T letter by William, son of Peter and Hannah Hunt, Kortright, NY. (b. 1798).

T H O M A S  H U N T born in Orange Co., IN., 1821, is a son of James and Ruth (Clark) Hunt.

E S L E Y  H U N T born  in Greenville County, S.C., 1816, eldest son of William Lacy and Keziah McClanahan Hunt

S A N F O R D  B.  H U N T  editor of the Newark Advertiser (b. 1825)

U R I A H  H U N T director of schools in the 14th district in what is now Washington Co., Tennessee (b. 1828).

J O H N  A U S T I N  H U N T  born in Ireland, served in the Union Army during the Civil War (b. 1828)

M E M U C A N  H U N T  letter from the Sec'y of State to the General regarding Annexation of Texas (1837)

D A N I E L  N E W C O M B  H U N T  first mayor of the present attractive little city of Redfield (b. 1843)

J.  W.  H U N T  from Owen County, Ky., son of Enoch and Elizabeth (Ball) Hunt (b. 1845).

R A T H B O N E  J O H N  "R. J."  H U N T born 1846 in Romulus, Seneca Co., NY, son of Henry Hunt and Caroline Louise Rathbone.

J E F F E R S O N  H U N T Utah pioneer and captain of the Mormon Battalion, 1847.  see also the settlement of San Bernardino

H U N T  P O L I T I C I A N S Govenors, Judges, Senators, State and U.S. Representatives who were Hunts.

W I L L I A M  H.  H U N T one of the first settlers of western Wise County Texas (ca.1850).

J O H N  R O B E R T  H U N T transcripts of letters sent from MA to family in Nova Scotia, ca 1850.

G E O R G E  C.  H U N T manager of the Hunt Abstract and Investment Company, of Rapid City, SD, a native of Boston, Massachusettss (b. 1850).

 J O H N  R.  H U N T  letters written to his mother from Saco, ME (ca. 1850)

J O H N  E.  H U N T one of the most enterprising and progressive farmers of Pennington county, SD, (b. 1859).

G E O R G E  R.  H U N T emigrated, in the 1860's, from Southern Illinois to Minnesota and Kansas.

B E L L E  H U N T daughter of William Hudson Hunt, poet and author of Lone Star Nights. (ca 1860)

U R I A H   H U N T  L E T T E R written from Philadelphia, 11 mo., 29, 1862 to a "Respected Friend"

J A M E S  F.  H U N T letter written to his brother John Green Hunt, 1863.

I S A A C   S.  H U N T recalls building sod houses on the Kansas prairie at the turn of the century.

W I L L I A M  S.  H U N T  son of William Tallmadge Hunt (b. 1881)

S A N F O R D  B.  H U N T son of William Tallmadge Hunt (b. 1881)

L E O N  R.  H U N T son of Isaac, born 1925 in Bazine, KS.

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