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WILLIAM BAKER was born between 1805 and 1807 in either  KY,  MO, or TN. His father and mother according to the 1880 census were both born in KY.  He died Nov 1880 in Franklin Co, TN.  He married 1st  DIANNAH "ANNIE" Unknown circa 1828 in TN.  She was born circa 1806, and died around 1851 in Franklin Co, TN.  They had ten children.  The maiden name of his first wife Annie is unknown.

He married 2nd FERIBY E. HOWARD on 7 Nov 1857 in Franklin Co, TN and had eight children.  Feriby (Ferriby)Howard was the daughter of ROBERT HOWARD and FRANCES A. Unknown. Feriby Howard was born 1836 in Franklin Co, TN, and died Feb 1881 in Franklin Co, TN a member of the Alto Methodist Church.  She married first Matthew S. Swan son of Edward Swan Sr.  At the death of Matthew Swan his sister Elizabeth Swann Baker Brannon Farmer took widow Feriby Swan to court and claimed her dower lands and all the estate of Matthew S. Swan.  When Feriby Howard Baker died her brother Dr. Thomas J. Howard of Rusk Co, TX came and took her young orphan sons to Texas but left baby Joseph Baker in Franklin Co, TX where he was raised by the Partin family. 

William H. Baker and Feriby Howard Baker are buried in Baker cemetery, Alto, TN in unmarked graves. William Baker first appears in the 1839 Coffee Co, TN tax list and 1840 Coffee Co, TN census next door to Thomas Wilson,  Abner Bryan (Bryant) and Benton C. Stonestreet. In the 1850 Coffee Co, TN census, 12th District  he is next door to Rev. William Conn, John Wilson, Abner Bryant and David S. Long.

  In 1854 William Baker applied for a homestead in District 9.  The 147 acres located on Elk River adjacent to Rachel Herrod, Daniel Finch and  James B. Stovall.  In 1858 William and wife Feriby Baker sold their property to James M. Morris born 1802 in KY. James M. Morris sold this property to Abner Baker in 1864 who later sold it to his father William Baker in February 1880 and at that time the property was adjacent to George Thomas, Henry Partin and John Wilder. 

William Baker's parents are unknown after many decades of genealogical research although his line does DNA match that of the Humphrey Baker family.

Children of WILLIAM BAKER and 1st wife DIANNAH "Annie" Unknown are:

i. GEORGE T.  BAKER, b. 1829  TN; d. Bef. Aug 1852, Franklin Co, TN md Elizabeth Swan sister to Matthew S. Swan.  They had one son George Washington Baker born 1849 who removed to Jackson Co, AR.

ii. SAMUEL BAKER, b. Between 1829 - 1831, TN; d. 14 Nov 1881, New Market, Madison Co, AL md Elizabeth Partin daughter of Carney Partin.  Served CSA 32nd TN Inf. Co. K. Buried in Baker Cemetery New Market, Madison Co, AL

iii. WILLIAM  G. BAKER, b. 31 Dec 1832, TN; d. Mar 1892, Coffee Co, TN md Salina Cox.

iv. JOSHUA JONES BAKER, b. 18 Mar 1834, TN; d. 08 Feb 1917, Prairie Plains, Coffee Co, TN md Mary Jane Francis Buckner daughter of Marion L Buckner and Sarah J. Brinkley.  Served CSA 32nd TN Inf. Co. K.  Buried in Baker Cemetery on Buckner Farm at Alto, TN. Calvin Dorris webpage:

v. ABNER BRYANT BAKER, b. 1839, Coffee Co, TN; d. Nov 1880, Franklin Co, TN (died within a week of his father);  Never married.  Served CSA  2nd TN 2 Cav

vi. JAMES BAKER, b. 1840; d. before 1881.

vii. ELIZABETH CAROLINE BAKER, b. 1843, Coffee Co,  TN; resided by 1870 in Cannon Co TN and 1880 Rutherford Co, TN md George Taylor son of William and Sarah Taylor.  Elizabeth Caroline Taylor  last appeared on the 1920 Grundy TN census living with daughter Fannie Morgan.

viii.   ROBERT RUFUS ANDERSON BAKER, b. 26 Mar 1844, Coffee Co,  TN; d. 11 Oct 1918, Coffee Co, TN md Sabina Elizabeth Thompson daughter of William B.Thompson and his wife Caroline.

ix. MARY BAKER, b. 1845, Franklin Co, TN.

x. HENRY PORTER BAKER, b. 1847, Coffee Co, TN; d. 09 Jan 1888, Coffee Co, TN md Mary Jane Wilson daughter of Thomas B. Wilson and wife Nancy. Buried in Baker-Partin Cemetery, Alto, Franklin Co, TN.  Widow Mary Jane Baker removed to Texas. She resided with grown children and died in McLennan Co, TX.

Children of WILLIAM BAKER and 2nd wife FERIBY HOWARD:

xi. MANERVA ANN BAKER, b. 05 May 1859, Franklin Co, TN; d circa 1939 md George Wileman son of Levi Wileman and wife Mary Clover. 

xii. DAVID B. FRANKLIN BAKER, b. 16 Feb 1862, Hawkersville,  Franklin Co, TN; d. 17 Sep 1940, Cherokee Co, TX md Susan "Sudie' Frances Smith. Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery near Joinerville, Rusk Co, TX

xiii. ANDREW JACKSON BAKER, b. 06 May 1866, Franklin Co, TN; d. 23 Dec 1924, Anson, Jones Co, TX md Mary Frances Jordan daughter of Dennis Rivers Jordan and Sarah Frances Burns.  Buried in Mt. Hope, Anson, Jones Co, TX

xiv. ULYSES S. BAKER, b. 06 Mar 1867, Franklin Co, TN; d. 07 Jun 1939, Panola Co, TX md Mary "Mollie" Lee Jackson.  Buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, Pinehill, TX

xv. MARION B. F.  BAKER, b. 17 Mar 1871, Franklin Co, TN; d. 06 Nov 1949, Gregg Co, TX md 1st Mollie Smith and 2nd Ethel Jewel Taylor.  Buried in Summerfield Cemetery near Longview, Gregg Co, TX

xvi. ELIZABETH ANN BAKER, b. 22 Feb 1874, Franklin Co, TN; d. Feb 1939, Tracy City, Grundy Co,  TN md James Oliver.  Descendant James Baker

xvii. SARAH "SALLIE" BAKER, b. 07 Mar 1878, Franklin Co, TN; d. circa 1946, Hamilton Co, TN, md William B. Keasler.  No children.

xviii. JOSEPH "JOE" BAKER, b. 26 Jan 1881, Franklin Co, TN; d. 03 Nov 1938, Franklin Co, TN md Elenor Lindsey. Served in the Spanish American War  Pvt Co. K, 7 Regt. Inf .  Buried in Baker Cemetery, Alto, Franklin Co, TN.

There are other Baker families in the area census which might be related to William Baker.  We are searching for any descendants and information on the following Baker  families.  Please contact us if you descend from one of these men:

1850 Coffee Co, TN census: 

3rd District: JAMES BAKER born 1809 TN
wife Mercy born 1814 TN with children: Elizabeth 10, Andrew 9, Lucinda 7, Mary 5, John 3 and Sarah 4 months. James removed by 1860 to Lawrence Co, Missouri and by 1870 Mercy is a widow in Dallas Co, TX, 1880 Wise Co, TX and before 1900 son John T. Baker removed to Armstrong Co, TX.

8th District: WILLIAM BAKER born 1806 KY a carpenter, wife Jane born 1820  NC and children: Elisha  17, Sinnah 15, Nancy 14, John  12 ,Stephen  9, twins- William 3, Wiley  3, Thomas Seals (Seale) born 1790 KY. This family removed by 1860 to White Co, TN, 1870  Wilson  Co, TX and by 1880 Jane is a widow in Wilson Co, TN. 

1850 Franklin Co, TN census:

2nd District:  JOHN BAKER born 1785 Burke Co ,NC wife Mary GENTLE.  This couple removed from Madison Co, KY to Cumberland Co, KY then Franklin Co, TN.  Their children were:  William Bakerborn 26 Jan 1806, Ervin Baker born 1810 md Sabrina Heslip,  Mary born 1811 md Samuel Bridges, Catherine b 1814 md Benjamin Brown, Nancy b 1816 md a Barrett, , Elijah Baker born 1818, Melinda born1821md Thomas S Houston, Levina born 1822 md Richard Andrews and Elisha Baker born 1833.

3rd District: JOHN E. BAKER born 1790 Manufacturer

9th District:  SARAH A. WILEMAN BAKER born 1803 GA widow of SAMUEL BAKER and children: Mary Ann Baker born 1830, Nancy born 1832, Robinson (female) born 1834 and John Baker born 1842 (not the son of Samuel Baker). William B. Miles born 1810 NC is listed in the 1850 census in Sarah's household.  In 1860 census she also has these young children living with her Caroline born 1850, Frances born 1829 (female), Salina born 1843, George Baker born 1848, and Susan born 1849.  

9th District: Mary "Polly" BAKER born 1785 TN in household of Elizabeth Gibson born 1815 TN. Elizabeth appears to be the young widow of Green Gibson, with children Nancy J Gibson born 1838 and Mary Gibson born 1840.

14th District: JOHN BAKER born 1795 TN. First wife was a Brazier daughter of Rev. Elijah Brazier, second wife was Cynthia Johnson Frame, widow of John Frame. Cynthia was the daughter of Benjamin Johnson. Known children were Eliza born 1831, Nancy born 1835, Elizabeth born 1837, Salina born 1839, John Baker born 1841, Samuel Baker born 1843, Jackson Baker born 1844, Henry G. Baker born 1847, Sarah born 1845 and George W. Baker born 1849.

1860 Coffee Co, TN Census:

6th District: JAMES M. BAKER born 1828 AL wife Mary born 1828 TN with children: James Baker born 1854, George Baker born 1856, Mary Lucretia born 1857, Virginia born 1861, Fannie born 1864, Roanna born 1866. 1870 Coffee Co. census 4th District list James occupation as a Blacksmith.

City of Tullahoma: CHARLES BAKER born 1796 TN Brick Mason wife Cynthia b 1795, Caroline Baker 1817 TN, Elizabeth Baker born 1843,and Thomas Copeland born 1845 farm hand.

1860 Franklin Co, TN Census:

6th District: BENJAMIN BAKER born 1815 TN wife Nancy born 1823 TN children: Daniel Baker born 1840, James Baker born 1845, Betsey E. born 1848, Gemina A. born 1857.

Other Baker men found in these county records that are unidentified:

Nancy Purdom, I.H. Arnolds, Robert Sharp, Jonathan Spyker, John Hopkins Sr.

R. H. Oliver, Andrew Webster


Thomas Hopkins, Adam Harmon, W.R. McDaniel

Thomas L Dennison

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