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Will of Henry John Vaughan of Cwmyoy, Monmouthshire - 16 March 1575

This is an index entry to the LDS Film Catalog and abstract of this will proved in the Consistory Court of the Archdeaconry of Brecon, Diocese of St. David's taken from the LDS transcriptions on microfiche.

Testator/-trix:Henry John Vaughan
Residence:Cwmyoy, Monmouthshire
Date of Will:11 February 1575
Date of Probate:   16 March 1575
Comments:Requested burial at Cwmyoy Parish Church
LDS Film:104430 Bk 3 <== Click this link to see the LDS Catalog Entry

People mentioned:

Name    Relationship    Occupation    Residence    
Lewis ap Richard            
Harry ap Richard    nephew        
James ap Richard            
Jane verch Richard            
Mereley verch Richard            
Jonet verch Richard            
Children of John William Meyrick            
Margaret verch John Meyrick    child of John William Meyrick        
Alson verch John Meyrick    child of John William Meyrick        
Sons (names not given) Meyrick    child of John William Meyrick        
Richard    son        
Richard John Phillip            
Nicholas Thomas ap Richard            
Robert William price            
Lewis Vaughan            
John William Watkins            
Lawrence William Browyd            
Thomas Watkins            
James Bedarn            
John David            
Nicholas ap Harry            
Watkin ap Prosser            
Phillip Rees            
Thomas William ap Gwillim            
Lewis Phillip Rees            
Rees John Howell            
Watkin William James            
Howell Bayly            
Watkin Prichard            
Edward ap Rees            
Harry ap Rees            
William Tallbod            
Jenckyn Thomas Powell            
Thomas John ap Rees            
Thomas William Watkins            
William Thomas ap Gwatkyn            


Name    Relationship    Occupation    Comments    
Richard    Son        


Name    Relationship    Occupation    Comments    
John Parry            
Roland ap Rees            
Gwalter ap Howell            
Thomas Jenckin            of Cwmyoy
George William            
James Prichard            
William Badarn            


This data has been transcribed from the LDS Microfiche Index and Will Abstracts.
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