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Will of William Vaughan of Talgarth, Breconshire - 27 May 1774

This is an index entry to the LDS Film Catalog and abstract of this will proved in the Consistory Court of the Archdeaconry of Brecon, Diocese of St. David's taken from the LDS transcriptions on microfiche.

Testator/-trix:William Vaughan
Residence:Talgarth, Breconshire
Date of Will:23 June 1773
Date of Probate:   27 May 1774
LDS Film:104434 <== Click this link to see the LDS Catalog Entry

People mentioned:

Name    Relationship    Occupation    Residence    
Elizabeth Prosser    Dau        Cathedine, Breconshire
Thomas Vaughan    son of eldest son John Vaughan, Gr-son        
John Vaughan    eldest son    (mentioned as father of Thomas Vaughan)    
Walter Vaughan    Gr-son        
Margaret Vaughan    dau of eldest son, John Vaughan, Gr-Dau        
Elizabeth Vaughan    dau of eldest son, John Vaughan, Gr-Dau        
Ann Vaughan    dau of eldest son, John Vaughan, Gr-Dau        
Sible Vaughan    wife of eldest son, John Vaughan, Dau-in-law        
William Vaughan    Son        
Walter Vaughan    Son        
James Vaughan    son of son John Vaughan, Gr-son        
Ann Watkins    Gr-Dau        
William Watkins            
Benjamin Watkins    Gr-Son        
Thomas Vaughan    Youngest Son        
Benjamin Watkins    Son-in-law        


Name    Relationship    Occupation    Comments    
William Vaughan    Son        
Benjamin Watkins    Son-in-law        


Name    Relationship    Occupation    Comments    
Charles Price            
Walter Bevan            
John Thomas            

Places mentioned:

Property also in Cathedine, BRE (mentioned in conjunction with Elizabeth Prosser)


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