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IGI Batch Numbers for Rhode Island, USA

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Some towns/counties are listed in the IGI under more than one state/province. Where batch numbers for a town/county with the same name have been found in a different state/province as well as this one, that state/province appears in the "Other States/Provinces" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that state/province's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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Barrington, Bristol
C502021  1636-1850  M502022  1636-1885  
C502022  1851-1876  
Bristol, Bristol
C502031  1636-1850  
Burrillville, Providence
   (Civil)C512471  -1747
M512471  1785-1895  

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Charlestown, Washington
C501891  1636-1850  M501892  1766-1885  
C501893  1747-1850  
Coventry, Kent
C501901  1636-1850  M501901  1636-1850  
C501902  1851-1876  M501902  1851-1852
Cranston, Providence
   (Civil)C512451  1722-1848  M512451  1748-1885  
C512452  -1818
C512453  1869-1876  
Cumberland, Providence
C501911  1636-1850  M501911  1636-1850  

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East Greenwich, Kent
C501921  1636-1850  M501921  1636-1850  
C501922  1851-1876  M501922  1851-1865  
East Providence, Providence
   (First Baptist Church)C506991  1794-1875  
Exeter, Washington
C501931  1636-1850  M501931  1732-1885
C501932  1713-1876
C501933  1765-1850  

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Foster, Providence
   (Civil)C501941  1636-1850  M501941  1636-1850  
C501942  1798-1876  M501942  1850-1885  

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Hopkinton, Washington
C502091  1636-1850  
C502092  1765-1850  

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Jamestown, Newport
C500951  1636-1850  M500951  1636-1850  
C500952  1850-1876  M500952  1852-1883  
Johnston, Providence
C512491  1722-1850
M512491  1722-1885

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Little Compton, Newport
C500991  1636-1850  M500991  1636-1850  

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Middletown, Newport
C501041  1636-1850  M501041  1636-1850  
C501042  1851-1876  M501042  1708-1719

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Narragansett, Washington
   (Saint Pauls Church)C507001  1718-1875  M507001  1718-1875  
New Shoreham, Newport
C501121  1636-1850  M501121  1636-1850  
Newport, Newport
C501111  1636-1850  M501111  1636-1850  
C501112  1851-1872
M501112  1851-1869
   (First Baptist Church)M519881  1772-1835  
   (Society Of Friends)C525051  1638-1808  M525051  1638-1808  
   (Trinity Church)C519891  1709-1785  M519891  1711-1785  
North Kingstown, Washington
   (Civil)C501951  1636-1850  M501951  -1835
C501952  1770-1876  
C501954  1760-1850  
North Providence, Providence
   (Civil)C519911  1874-1875  M519911  1874-1885  

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Pawtucket, Providence
C501961  1636-1850  M501961  1636-1859  
Portsmouth, Newport
C501241  1636-1850  M501241  1636-1850  
C501242  1851-1862  M501242  1851-1856  
Providence, Providence
   (Church Records)M525011  1786-1829  
   (Civil)C500011  1636-1850  M500011  1636-1850  
C500012  -1813
M500012  1851-1858  
C500013  1857-1861  M500015  1699-1850  
C500014  1867-1871  M500016  1850-1856  
C541071  1871-1876  M500017  1857-1870  
C541072  1847-1864  M500018  1862-1866  
J541073  1862-1867  M500019  1699-1850  
K541073  1862-1867  

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Richmond Twp, Washington
C512511  1729-1876  M512511  1729-1885  
Richmond, Washington
C502131  1636-1850  
C502132  1759-1850  

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Scituate Twp, Providence
C501971  1636-1850  M501971  1636-1850  
C501972  1793-1800
M501972  1850-1885  
Smithfield Twp, Providence
C501981  1636-1850  M501981  1636-1850  
   (Civil)C519901  1719-1851  M519901  1725-1851
C519902  1819-1875  M519903  1851-1885  
South Kingston, Washington
C502141  1636-1850  M502141  1706-1885
C502142  1693-1876  
C502143  1769-1850  

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Tiverton, Newport
C501451  1636-1850  M501451  1636-1850  
C501452  1851-1876  M501452  1851-1854

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Warren, Bristol
C502171  1636-1850  M502172  1636-1850  
C502172  1851-1861  
Warwick, Kent
C501991  1636-1850  M501991  1636-1850  
C501992  1871-1876  M501992  1851-1882  
West Greenwich, Kent
C502001  1636-1850  M502001  1636-1850  
C502002  1852-1876  M502002  1851-1885  
Westerly, Washington
C502011  1636-1850  M502011  1818-1885  
C502012  1796-1876  
C502013  1772-1850  
Woonsocket Twp, Providence
C512501  1867-1876  M512501  1867-1879  

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