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While this research started out to trace the HUGHES line, it quickly spread to other families
      and now contains over 8,000 names which are all searchable by surname.

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Notable individuals included in this file are:

As you well know, the further you go on your family tree, the more mysteries you run into. This tree is no different. Can you help solve some of the mysteries?

         The Mystery Man with the Beard...........see photo hereCould this be David Craig Russell or
            David Currie Russell.

           William HUGHES and his wife, Susannah, settled in Amherst County, Va. near Harris
           Creek in 1769. Can you help locate their origin or Susannah's maiden name? Could
           Susannah have been Susannah Ball, daughter of Valentine Ball and Susannah Lewis?

           Alexander McKinnon moved his family from Moore Co, NC to McNairy Co, TN by
           wagon train about 1847. Who were his parents? And why did so many families make
           this move? Could Alexander's father have been Norman McKinnon?

           John Anderson Massey brought his family from Georgia to Arkansas by wagon train
           during the late 1800's. Do you have information on this family?

           "Trader" Hughes was the first permanent settler in Amherst Co. Va. He and his Indian
           wife established a trading post on the north side of the James River, west of the
           Tobacco Row Mountains. He has been the subject of my research for a number of
           years and I have been unable to connect him to my direct line of Amherst Co
           HUGHES' who settled on the east side of the Tobacco Row Mountains. He is finally
           entered into this database through a proven connection, not with my HUGHES line, but
           through his wife's side. His wife was a niece to Pocahontas. She married into the
           ROLFE family and from there the connection goes to the BOLLING family, then LEE,
           BALL, GLASSCOCK, MUSE, McKINNON and finally me. If you have any information
           on any additional children of "Trader" Hughes and his wife, please contact me.

(Photos of the following individuals appear on their individual page in the data base.)

Articles and Group Photos

The Adventures of Charles Beverly Hughes in California

More photos and articles regarding Charles Beverly Hughes

History of Montezuma, Tennessee

Clemmons Family Photo, circa summer of 1914

Visit to the HUGHES Property in Amherst Co, Va.

North Union Presbyterian Church, Gibson Co, Tn, 1910
(North Union Photo courtesy Bob Nichols, Union City, Tn)

Finding Davy Crockett's First Cabin Site

Midway School, Clinton, Hickman Co, Ky, 1905

Massy's Boarding House, Searcy, Arkansas, ca.1904

Hunter Family Newspaper Clippings

     Many thanks to all who helped supply information for this database. They are to many to list but are greatly appreciated.


Compiled by B. Venson Hughes

Member:  Tennessee Genealogical Society
Member: Idyllwild Area Historical Society

Germantown, Tn.  38138-6009





"Bridging the Generations"

Photo  by Alex Hughes

(C) 2002


     This work represents over 40 years of research on our family history.  It will never be complete.  I have strived to make it as accurate as possible but errors can occur.  You are invited to send any corrections or additions to the compiler.

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