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       FATHER:   Socrates Hubbard                                                                                    

                 bir:   18 Mar 1844                               Schoharie Co, NY

               mar:   17 May 1877                              Montrose, Monmouth Co, NJ

               dea:   12 Mar 1907                               Englewood, Bergen Co, NJ

           Father:   Paul Hubbard Dr[1]                                                                                      

          Mother:   Elizabeth Margaret Dominick                                                                     

      MOTHER:   Helen Greenwood Wheelock[2]                                                                    

                 bir:   1851                                          

               mar:   17 May 1877                              Montrose, Monmouth Co, NJ

              resd:   1907                                          Englewood, Bergen Co, NJ

              resd:   1925                                          Paris, France

                                                            Street    246 Boulevard Raspail

               dea:   26 May 1925                              Paris, France



 CHILDREN     X indicates ancestor of preparer

  1   |   Name:      Laura Hubbard                                                                                       

  F   |        bir:      1877                                       



Individual biographical text for Socrates Hubbard


New York Times, March 13, 1907 Commander Socrates Hubbard, USN, died yesterday at his home in Englewood, NJ.  He was born in New York.  In 1861 he was appointed Acting Midshipman at the Naval Academy.  He was graduated in 1865, and for two years was on the Swatara in the West Indian Squadron.  He became Ensign in 1866, and Master two years later, when he was on the Guerriere, the flagship of the South American Squadron.  The following year he received his commission and took part in the Darien expedition. He was Instructor at the Naval Academy from 1876 to 1880.  He was promoted to Lieut. Commander in 1879, and was retired with that rank in 1888. For a time he was stationed at the New York Navy Yard.  He was assigned to special work on the Powhattan in 1886 and 1886.


Individual biographical text for Helen Greenwood Wheelock



      June 14, 1904, Francis H. Southwick, residing at 31 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, NY, makes a sworn statement before a notary public, that she was present at the marriage of Helen Wheelock and Socrates Hubbard, that the marriage was performed by the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, on 17 May, 1877, at Montrose, New Jersey, that neither have been previously married, and that they have lived together as man and wife until present time.  This statement was submitted 23 May 1907 with Helen G. Hubbard's application for a widow's pension.

      June 16, 1904, Edward S. Arnold, residing at 152 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY, makes a sworn statement the same as the preceding statement. This statement was also submitted 23 May 1907 with Helen G. Hubbard's application for a widow's pension.

      March 20, 1907, a US Navy Department Report of Death, was completed stating that Commander Socrates Hubbard died March 12, 1907, 9:00 pm at his home in Englewood, NJ, and that he was buried in Greenwood cemetery.  Edwin Holman, MD, stated that the deceased had been under his care for the past three years and that he died of diabetes mellitus and chronic nephritis.

      March 22, 1907, Cosby M. Chester, Rear Admiral, USN, retired, of Washington, DC, makes a sworn statement essentially the same as the preceding statements.

      March 24, 1907, Luther G. Billings, 64 years old, a Pay Director in the US Navy (retired), of Chappaqua, NY, makes a sworn statement that he has known Helen G. Hubbard for 42 years and has known Socrates Hubbard for about 30 years.  The remainder of the statement is the same as the preceding statements, except he was not present at their wedding and that Helen G. Hubbard has not remarried.  Witnesses signing the statement were Marguerite Storrs Valentine and Laura E. Billings.

      March 27, 1907, Helen G. Hubbard, 56, residing Englewood, Bergen Co, NJ, files a Declaration Of A Widow For Original Pension.  She declares that she is the widow of Socrates Hubbard who was appointed at Newport, RI on 21 Dec 1861 as a midshipman in the US Navy.  The remainder of the application contains the same information presented above.  Additionally, she declares that Socrates Hubbard was born March 18, 1844 at Athens, NY, that she was married under the name of Helen Greenwood Wheelock, and that there are no children under the age of 16.  This indicates that their daughter Laura was born before 1891.  The application was witnessed by Laura F. Wheelock, residing at 161 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY, and Florence W. Vidaud, residing at the same address, who both swear that they have known her for 40 years.  Application filed April 4, 1907.

      May 2, 1907, Socrates Hubbard's medical history is compiled and submitted to the Pension Office.  The report indicates that his diabetes first appeared May 19, 1885, while he was stationed at the Navy Yard in New York City.

      May 7, 1907, Helen G. Hubbard is granted a pension of $30.00 per month.

      June 23, 1925, the American Consular Service in Paris, France, returns a letter containing her pension check to Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC, stating that Helen G. Hubbard, of 246 Boulevard Raspail died in Paris, May 26, 1925, and that a report of her death was furnished to the Department of State in a letter dated June 10, 1925.

      November 10, 1928, Harris and Price Law Offices, Suite 517, Guitar Bldg, Columbia, MO, writes to the Commissioner of Pensions, Dept. of the Interior, Washington, DC, that they are trying to locate the widow Helen W. Hubbard or the daughter, Laura Hubbard of the late Commander Socrates Hubbard.  They do not state a reason except to say that it is important to contact them as soon as possible.

      November 17, 1928, the Commissioner of Pensions, Winfield Scott, in a letter to Harris Price Law Offices, states that Mrs. Hubbard is deceased, that at the time she filed for a pension her address was 33 Chestnut St, Englewood, NJ, and that the address of the daughter is unknown.




Event Note: death event on 12 Mar 1907


New York Times Obituary Index, Commander Socrates Hubbard, March 13, 1907, page 9, column 6.


Relationship to Father: first cousin 3 times removed


[1]. History of Boone Co, Missouri (1882; Ramfre, Cape Girardeau, MO, 1970), (hereafter cited as Boone Co, MO History); Edward Warren Day., 1000 Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895 (Harlan Page Hubbard, New York, 1895), (hereafter cited as Hubbard History, Day); and Socrates Hubbard., The Life and Memories of Socrates Hubbard (Private journal, commenced 13 Dec 1856, Quincy, Adams Co, IL), (hereafter cited as Socrates Hubbard).

[2]. Lt Cmdr Socrates Hubbard; Certificate 18728, can 721, bundle 1; Navy Dependents ; filed 4 Apr 1907. (hereafter cited as Widows Pension).